Top 10 Apps Like StarMaker to Sing Karaoke Songs

Are you looking for a great karaoke app like StarMaker that you can use at home, parties or on the move?

We’ve compiled a list of the best karaoke apps like StarMaker. All of these Karaoke apps can provide you with a large selection of songs to try out and master. 

Let’s dive in.

Apps Like StarMaker

TOP 10 StarMaker Alternatives

1. Smule

Smule is one of the best apps like StarMaker out there for both Android and iPhone users. 

Smule is an American music app initially released under the name Sing! Karaoke. With the Smule app, you can sing the way you want and create your favorite music along with your friends as well. Be it solo or duet, you can sing your favorite songs and also apply some audio effects or even video filters to make the song entertaining. 

Main Features:

  • Choose to sing LIVE or record
  • Sing a duet, solo, or join a group performance
  • Star in your own music video
  • Express yourself with creative audio and visual filters
  • Choose from more than 10M karaoke songs in your favorite genres, across languages

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $2.99)


2.  The Voice – Sing Karaoke

Have you heard of NBC’s reality singing competition, The Voice? Well, the network has capitalized on the show’s popularity and released its own karaoke app.

This Karaoke singing app has a good collection of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One feature that differentiates The Voice from other Karaoke singing apps is that the more songs you sing; the more songs get unlocked from a list of top performing artists around the world. This app also helps you add different audio effects and also enables sharing your performances on social media.

Main Features:

  • SING KARAOKE for free from a huge library of songs.
  • RECORD your favorite songs with our amazing voice and visual effects.
  • SHARE your creations with 100M+ singers on our platform.
  • DUET with singers from all over the globe.
  • WATCH amazing covers, like, comment and interact with other singers.

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $7.99)

The Voice - Sing Karaoke

3.  Karaoke by Yokee

Yokee is another karaoke app smiliar to StarMaker that allows users to have an entirely private karaoke experience on their smartphone.

Yokee presents its users with an extensive library of licensed songs from US publishers in some twenty languages, as well as access to YouTube’s database of sing-along videos. Everything from classical opera to pop, rock and country genres are represented on the platform so that users can really test out their range.

The big one-up for Yokee over other more traditional karaoke platforms is that you can record your sing-along sessions and send them to your friends. The downside is that this fun feature doesn’t come free of charge. 

Main Features:

  • Search for songs from an endless catalogue of karaoke music
  • Sing, record and share your version of your favorite songs
  • Listen to your friends’ performances
  • Yokee Karaoke app now has more than 1m monthly active users

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $2.99)

4.  KaraFun

More than 44,000 karaoke songs around the world are accessible to you in a few flicks of your finger. KaraFun is one of the best StarMaker alterntaives out there, and you can start belting out anytime, anywhere.

By turning on the lead vocals, you can sing along with the singer’s voice. The app will allow you to adjust the pitch to sing in a lower or higher key. You can even connect your device to any Chromecast-compatible device or to any video projector or TV and enjoy your favorite songs. Also, you can add your favorite songs to a convenient location and save them offline.

Main Features:

  • 44,000 karaoke songs available
  • Control each vocal track individually
  • Add any track to your favorites
  • Works with Chromecast
  • Offline Mode

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free (Pass VIP – $6.99)


5. SingPlay

If you can’t find your favorite songs on StarMaker, then SingPlay will come to your aide. This app lets you convert music files saved on your Android smartphone into karaoke by removing vocals in real-time. Select a song, remove the vocals, and record your own voice with the track.

With SingPlay, you have the power to be the artist and the producer on your way to becoming a Karaoke star!

Main Features:

  • Enjoy singing with or without the original vocal
  • Record your singing with the original music in the background
  • Record only the part of the song that you like
  • Adjust the TEMPO and PITCH controls as you want
  • Save your recordings as MP3 files

Available on: Android

6. Singa

With Singa, you can easily find a song you want to sing with a list of over 80,000 high-quality songs with karaoke lyrics to choose from. No need for expensive karaoke equipment or sneaking over to a karaoke bar.

You can also adjust the karaoke song pitch to a level that suits your singing perfectly. Once you are done recording your song, you can share your work with your friends on different social media platforms.

Main Features:

  • Song library of more than 80,000 high-quality songs
  • Sing karaoke at home or hit the stage at Singa-powered venues
  • Adjust the song pitch to suit your vocal range or turn on guide vocals
  • Song queue and pop out player guarantee the best karaoke party

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad


7. WeSing

WeSing, from Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent, is a social karaoke app, thriving as many KTV venues around Asia close during the pandemic.

WeSing allows you to easily record your vocals, add filters and effects, and share privately or with friends. If you only like one part of the song, the ‘section’ feature can let you sing just that portion. If you want to work with another artist or karaoke sing with a friend, the ‘duet’ feature can let you tag team the song from any number of music categories you love.

Main Features:

  • Sing along to new and classic songs with music and lyrics
  • Record and edit your karaoke songs with a large selection of special effects
  • Duet with your friends and favorite artists
  • Have fun with your friends by Online Scoring and online recording sharing
  • Make albums for your own songs

Available on: Android, iPhone

8. Singing Machine Karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke is another fun karaoke app selection that will give you plenty of musical choices, along with the ability to record, edit, and replay the tracks you sang at varying audio qualities. One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to collab with your friends and favorite artists. 

Main Features:

  • 50,000+ songs from today and decades past in many languages and genres including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, country, Latin, and more
  • Disney favorites including Frozen, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and the Descendants.
  • Pre-made party mixes in a variety of themes including “Party Time,” “Karaoke #Hits,” “Totally ‘80s,” “Disco Party,” and “Motown Classics”

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

Singing Machine Karaoke

9. MiXiT – Sing Karaoke 

MiXiT is a karaoke app with a social element. It contains a number of hits from various artists. They can sing, record, and even video of you singing the song. With this you can also upload your own music and with the voice removal function of the app you can sing it yourself. 

Main Features:

  • Sing solo or create a duet with your favorite stars
  • Edit your audio with cool effects such as: reverb, speaker, echo, a capella, chipmunk, yodel etc
  • Use cool looks and filters to give your music video that extra special touch
  • The only karaoke app with 3D sound effects!

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

10. MagicSing Karaoke

MagicSing features more than 200,000 song choices from different countries in a litany of languages. It highlights the various elements of music and singing by allowing users to alter the tone, tempo, and melody so that the song can be tailored to each unique singer! It provides a voice search function and a wide-range of musical genres from gospel music to the latest pop songs.

Main Features:

  • It provides a voice search function
  • Includes a wide range of musical genres
  • Supports key changes, tone, tempo, and melody
  • Uses a small amount of data
  • The latest songs are automatically updated

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad

MagicSing Karaoke

Summing Up

So there you go! Those are 10 more apps like StarMaker for iPhone and Android. Hopefully these karaoke apps can make your day brighter.

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