12 Best Apps to Add Music to Videos 2024

Isn’t it boring to watch a video without background music? Do you want to add music to a video but don’t know where to start? There are many video editing apps flooding the market, so it’s hard for you to choose a suitable app to make music video.

This article is prepared for you, with a list of the top 10 video editors with the function of adding music to videos.

Best Apps to Add Music to Videos

12 Best Apps to Add Music to Videos

1. InShot

InShot is one of the most widely used free apps to make videos with music today, since it is used to create content on Instagram. The app allows you to trim clips, put the video in fast or slow motion, add filters and insert music and text.

You can add a single track to your video and you can add multiple tracks at the same time. In addition, you can also turn any video into a soundtrack. You can edit the music, cut the song, add effects, and adjust the volume.


2. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the best free apps to edit videos on your phone and add music to them. It is very easy to use.

Its strong point is that it includes a wide variety of editing tools that will make your videos look professional. You will be able to add a lot of effects, stickers and, pay attention, you are going to love its sound effects. It has more than two hundred sound effects!


3. KineMaster

Among the apps to add music to a video, the KineMaster app can be counted as one of the best. The best editing tools can be used for free. And many of its features like video speed, filters, adding music, asset store, keyframe, etc. make the app best for such use.

If we focus on sound, you have a lot of music to choose from and also sound effects. This app also allows you to record audio to add to the video. To add a music track to your video, tap the music button, and the app will walk you through the rest.


4. FilmoraGo

If you are looking for a simple app that allows you to add music to videos, the FilmoraGo app is the one for you.

One of the best aspects of FilmoraGo is that it offers a wide range of effects and filters that are available completely free of charge. Also, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. To add new music to your video, just go to the music section, choose a song from your music library and then edit it if necessary. If you get bored with the presets, you can also download a couple of additional ringtones. Or, you can add music from your collection.


5. Storybeat

Storybeat is an interesting app that has such an automated editor that it makes it easy for you both to design the video and to add background music. It has a fairly organized menu to find the most suitable song, with the most popular songs from all musical genres, whether rock, pop, rap or reggaeton.


6. TikTok

You may be wondering why I mention TikTok in my list of apps to add music to a video. That is because TikTok is one of the best apps to carry out such a task. Not only is there a lot of pre-recorded music, sounds and songs available, but you can also include your own track between them. Apart from all this, TikTok even has a good number of filters and editing tools for you to use.


7. VideoShow

Another excellent app that allows you to add music to videos is VideoShow. It is a feature-rich app that allows you to add music to videos and experiment with different music effects, themes, and wacky video transitions.

Unlike InShot, which only has a few music albums, VideoShow packs in a horde of tracks. And the story does not end there. Music is segregated into genres. This simple feature makes searching for music easy. So, you don’t have to touch each track to see if it fits the video in question.


8. Splice

Splice features a timeline to ensure accuracy when adding background music to your videos. It will be very simple for you to edit your videos, so there is no way that the video and music will end up overlapping.

Additionally, you can record a voiceover and add it to your video using this app with additional enhancements including trimming the audio and adding sound effects as well as transitions.


9. Magisto

Looking for a modern video editor? Here it is. Magisto allows you to edit your video and add music to it. It has a photo slideshow maker with music and a video collage maker that you can choose to make your video according to your needs. When it comes to adding the music, Magisto has a library of commercially licensed music in different styles to use in your video. It also allows you to use your personal music collections.

Apart from this, this app offers great video editing features including filters, effects, face recognition, stabilization and many more. With them, you will surely create stunning videos with perfect music.


10. GlitchCam

GlitchCam has a very handy timeline for adding music to your videos and allows you to edit and cut the song as soon as you add it. You can also add fade in and fade out effects to the music and of course regulate the volume.

Other than that, GlitchCam is incredibly rich for various filters – they can significantly increase overall video quality and good music makes a nice addition.


11. Add Music To Video Editor 

This app is especially recommended for those who love to make gaming videos, record live videos and upload them to Instagram, YouTube and Vine to get likes and views.

With it, you can trim the video/audio, remove any unwanted moments from the audios, and add unlimited audio, music and voice tracks to your video. You can also record your own voice over the video, which is a great feature for making gaming videos.

Add Music To Video Editor 

12. iMovie

Are you looking for a professional app that allows you to add music to videos? iMovie is for you.

With cinematic filters, themes, and trailer templates, you can create a professional-looking video. And with built-in music and sound effects, or songs from your music library, or your own narration, you can tell a good story. With the combination of the two parts, a movie is born.



Music plays a very important role in a video. It not only makes your video interesting but also gives it a professional touch.

In fact, there are many apps that can supposedly add music to videos, but we do not know which one suits our needs. Keeping this in mind, we have selected the best apps to add music to videos that you can trust.

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