10 Best Bill Reminder Apps to Keep You on Track

Navigating through the maze of adult responsibilities, bill payments stand out as a constant challenge. It’s all too common to lose track of due dates or feel swamped by the sheer number of bills piling up each month. The stress builds up, doesn’t it? You might even find yourself paying late fees more often than you’d like to admit. But here’s a game changer: technology has thrown us a lifeline in the form of bill reminder apps.

These handy tools are more than just reminders; they are your personal finance assistants. Imagine having a bill organizer that not only keeps your bills in check monthly but also ensures you’re never late on payments. That’s exactly what a bill tracker app does. And we’re not just talking about any app, but the best bill tracker apps in the market.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving deep into the world of bill reminder apps. We’ve sifted through the plethora of options to bring you the top 10, evaluating them on their features, user-friendliness, and effectiveness. Whether you need a straightforward solution to keep track of your bills or a robust app to take control of your entire financial landscape, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s embark on this journey to financial punctuality and clarity together, and find the perfect app to keep track of bills, ensuring a smoother financial future.

Best Bill Reminder Apps

10 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android and iOS 2023

1. Mint

Mint is a free, easy-to-use, and popular bill reminder app for Android and iOS that allows you to track your bills and pay them directly through the app. It is a free money manager and finance tracking app. You can easily track and pay your bill, expenses, payments, and others for free on your smartphone. It helps you create a bill reminder so you pay the bill on time and avoid paying fines for the bill.

Pros of Mint App:

  • Comprehensive Financial Assistance: Many users find Mint extremely helpful in managing their finances, providing a wide array of tools and features to assist in budgeting and financial tracking.
  • Free to Use: Mint stands out as the best free option available for budgeting, with many features like bank synchronization that are locked behind a paywall in other apps.
  • Attractive Interface: The app is praised for its nice aesthetics, though this is a subjective point and some users may find it a bit challenging to navigate.
  • Useful for Budgeting: Despite some criticisms, users acknowledge that the app is helpful for budgeting purposes.
  • Long-Term Usability: Some users have been using Mint for a long time, indicating that it has long-term usability and can be a reliable tool for financial management.

Cons of Mint App:

  • Rigid User Interface: Users have pointed out that the UI is a bit too rigid and some tasks require going to the website, which offers an inconsistent experience from the app.
  • Connectivity Issues: There are recurring connectivity issues with certain financial institutions, and these issues are not well documented or understood, making them challenging to fix.
  • Inaccurate Financial Tracking: Users have reported errors in setting budgets or goals, and inaccuracies in debt and transaction displays, which undermines the app’s reliability.
  • Limited Customization: The app limits users to its predefined categories and lacks some basic modern app functionalities, such as data entry and report printing.
  • Annoying Reminders and Recommendations: Users find it annoying that the app treats them like new users almost every time, showing repetitive instructions and recommendations. There are also complaints about the app recommending accounts that cannot actually be connected to.
  • Issues with Specific Features: Some features, such as the “set a goal” function and credit card payment tracking, do not work properly, which can be a major drawback for users relying on these features.
  • Decreased Usability Over Time: Users have reported a decrease in usability over time, with issues like having to re-enter credentials frequently and not being able to view past transactions.
  • Challenges in Navigation: While the app is aesthetically pleasing, some users find it a bit challenging to navigate and locate specific features like goals.

2. Prism

Prism is another great bill reminder app that allows you to track your bills and receive reminders when they are due. Besides serving as a reminder, it also acts as a bill organizer, helping you to keep all your bills in one place.

This app is user-friendly. You just need to add all your bills. Then, you need to add your bank account. In the last step, you can select the payment day for each bill. Once you have added your bill to Prism, the app will automatically track your bill.

This app sends a reminder of the due date to help you avoid late bill payments. In fact, you can use this app to pay all your bills. So, in just a few seconds, you can easily do the work related to bills. Moreover, this app supports more than 1000 bills. So, you can easily view all your bills in one place without wasting your time. Very simple, isn’t it?

Pros of Prism App:

  • Long-Term Usability: Some users have been utilizing Mint for several years, indicating its long-term usability and reliability in managing finances.
  • Helpful in Financial Management: Users have found the app instrumental in overcoming financial anxiety, improving credit scores, purchasing homes, and saving money.
  • Simplified Interface: Mint is praised for its easy-to-use interface, providing a simplified scroll calendar of due dates with the option to pay all in one place, which stands out compared to other bill tracking apps filled with distractions.
  • Effective for Bill Payment and Budgeting: Users love the app for helping them ensure all bills are paid and for assisting in budgeting.
  • Search for a Long Time: For users who have been searching for a comprehensive bill management solution, Mint has proven to be a valuable find.

Cons of Prism App:

  • Syncing and Compatibility Issues: Users have reported ongoing issues with syncing billers and incompatibility with certain billers, leading to frustration and the need to continually update biller information.
  • Decline in Quality After Ownership Change: Since being purchased by new owners, users have noticed a significant decline in the app’s performance, with frequent issues with billers and a lack of reliability.
  • Lack of Notifications and Support: There is no notice when a biller connection is lost, leading to missed bills and late fees. Users also report a lack of resolution and support when issues are reported.
  • Limited Biller Information Storage: Users would like the ability to store more information related to the biller, such as account numbers and contact information.
  • Need for Manual Bill Addition: Some bills need to be manually added due to a lack of current coverage, which can be an inconvenience for users.

3. Money Lover

Money Lover is a popular app that helps you track your money on your smartphone. You can keep track of your expenses and easily understand where, when and how much you spend your money. You can also use this app as a bill reminder app to create a reminder for different bill payments. It’s also a notepad app that allows you to create a note or reminders on your phone. You will be able to manage your personal and family finances on your smartphone.

Pros of Money Lover App:

  • Long-Term Usability: Some users have been using the app for several years, indicating its long-term reliability in managing finances.
  • Useful for Expense Tracking and Budgeting: Before the recent updates, users found the app very useful for tracking expenses, setting budgets, and viewing reports.
  • Intuitive and Modern UI: The app is praised for its intuitive and modern user interface, making it user-friendly.
  • Great for Long-Term Planning: Users find the app great for keeping track of expenses and making long-term financial plans.
  • Functional Free Version: The free version of the app is considered great and functional for users.

Cons of Money Lover App:

  • Disliked Major Update: A major update to the app has caused frustration among users, with lost categories, budgets, and functionalities, making the app seem complicated and less user-friendly.
  • Lost Data and Transactions: Users have reported losing years of data and transactions after the update, causing significant inconvenience.
  • Issues with Budgeting Function: The budgeting function has been modified, removing the total budget view and only providing a breakdown, which has disappointed long-term users.
  • Disorganized Categories: The categories have become disorganized and separated, making it harder for users to find and log items.
  • Lack of Total Balance Display: The latest update removed the total balance display in the budgeting menu, making it difficult for users to estimate their available balance.
Money Lover

4. Due

Due is another bill reminder app for Android and iOS users that allows easy access to your smartphone. You can easily create a reminder for payments, billing date, and others on smartphones using this app. Reminder can help you pay the bill on time so you can avoid additional charges. Along with these, you can also track your budget and save easily on your smartphone.


5. Wallet

Wallet is one of the best bill reminder apps to help you manage personal finances. It has everything you need to save money, track income and expenses, plan for the future and more. It’s no wonder it has received the Editor’s Choice award on the Google Play Store.

When it comes to features, Wallet has many to offer. Automatic bank updates allow for secure and automatic transactions that are then categorized in your budget. Planned payments, as one of its main features, help you pay bills on time.

Insightful reports are among the useful features it brings to the table. It offers charts and a financial overview that are easy to understand, even if you have no experience in management or accounting. With this feature, you’ll know which sector needs to be simplified.


6. Fudget

Over 1 million people have trusted Fudget to manage their personal finances and now it’s your turn. This is an amazing app that helps you track spending, save money, pay bills on time, and more. With a beautiful and simple interface, you won’t spend a lot of time learning how to use it.

You’ll love how easy it is to manage personal finances. Start by creating a list of income and expenses and check your balance at the bottom. Quick and easy entry allows you to edit income and expenses instantly.

Additionally, Fudget allows you to repeat the same budgets in the future so you don’t have to enter them manually. Just tap the star on an expense or income and it’s a recurring income/expense.

The security of your information is a priority. That’s why it features password lockout and login to keep your financial information safe. This app is available for free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version for more features like no ads, calculator, and themes.

7. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

Spendee is a money and budget tracker app for Android and iOS users. You can easily manage your income and expenses with this app. It is an app where all your money will be tracked with your permission so that you can easily manage your bills and budget.

You can also sync your bank account securely so all your income and expenses are automatically added and categorized. One of the best features of this app is providing the option to add cash expenses manually.


8. Mobills

Mobills is the best way to keep your finances on your smartphone. It is a popular and easy to use finance manager app for android and iOS users that helps you to easily track your expenses and payments on your mobile. You can also manage multiple accounts and manage them all at the same time in this app. Along with this, it also allows you to create a reminder for different offline bill payments.


9. Monefy

This is a popular bill reminder app available for Android and iOS users. This app has small file size, simple interface and you can use it easily. If you don’t want to miss your bill payment date, all you have to do is add a bill payment reminder. So this app asks you to pay the bill before the due date.

If you want to save on your expenses, this app can help you too. You can track your spending and this app gives you tips to save money. Then you can also easily edit, add or remove your spending data with the app.


10. Spending Tracker

This app can manage all your bills and remind you before the due date. So this app can save you from overdue bills and save your money. Not only can you add your budget and compare it to your spending, but you can also easily track your savings.

The best thing about this app is the flexible time frame. So you can keep track of your weekly, monthly and even yearly expenses. In addition, this application also has beautiful and interactive graphs to visualize your financial situation.

Spending Tracker


In conclusion, bill reminder apps can be a great tool for managing finances and avoiding late fees. They serve not just as reminder tools but also as apps to keep track of bills, ensuring that your financial health is always at its best.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. The 10 best bill reminder apps discussed in this article offer a range of features, from simple reminders to comprehensive financial management tools. By evaluating the features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness of each app, you can select the one that best fits your lifestyle and financial goals. Whether you are looking to simply stay on top of your monthly bills or take control of your finances, there is a bill reminder app out there that can help.

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