Bloom App Review: Your Guide to Self-Guided Therapy

In an era where mental health awareness has gained significant traction, innovative solutions have emerged to cater to the increasing need for accessible therapeutic tools. One such solution is the Bloom app, a revolutionary self-therapy tool that employs the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

This comprehensive Bloom app review, we will explore the app’s features in depth, shed light on its functionality, and offer a balanced perspective based on real user reviews.

Bloom App Review

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Ease of Use and Interface
Content Quality and Effectiveness
Feature Diversity
Affordability and Value for Money
Technical Performance and Reliability
Overall User Satisfaction


Bloom App emerges as a valuable self-therapy tool, leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles to enhance mental wellness. It’s praised for its user-friendly interface, diverse features like journaling, mindfulness exercises, and expert-led video lessons.
While effective in fostering self-awareness and managing anxiety, some users noted high pricing and occasional technical glitches.
Despite these drawbacks, Bloom is well-received for its incremental approach to mental health improvement, offering flexibility and convenience.
It’s a promising option for those seeking accessible, self-guided mental health support, though it may benefit from more personalized content and improved technical reliability.


What Is the Bloom App?

Bloom is an innovative application that describes itself as a ‘self-therapy’ tool, centered around the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Despite the app’s focus on CBT skills, it is essential to highlight that it does not provide access to a licensed therapist. Instead, it offers a self-guided platform for learning and honing CBT techniques.

Bloom prides itself on its interactive video lessons guided by experts, designed to reduce anxiety and stress, promote self-love, and much more. The app’s user-friendly activities, journals, mindfulness, and breathwork exercises are ideal for beginners. The non-intimidating approach in teaching CBT skills fosters a supportive environment that motivates continuous practice.

The interactive video lessons, curated by licensed CBT psychologist Seth Gillihan and guided by certified CBT coaches Mike and Sherinta, come with a concise summary explaining the lesson’s focus and the intended audience. This summary helps you to choose a lesson that aligns with your needs. The lessons are complete with in-video activities intended to help you understand how your thoughts and emotions impact your daily life.

Bloom App

What Does the Bloom App Do?

Bloom app’s multifaceted approach integrates guided journaling, digital programs, and breathwork exercises, providing a comprehensive therapeutic experience. The app allows you to explore self-support methods that foster positivity and happiness, enhancing the quality of life.

A significant focus of Bloom is cognitive behavioral therapy – a psychological treatment modality that challenges and transforms thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Users can learn more about coping strategies and emotional regulation, which significantly influence their behavioral patterns over time.

Research has shown that CBT is effective in improving a broad spectrum of mental health issues, including anxiety disorders, addictions, and depression. Importantly, CBT offers a non-invasive method of reshaping your mindset to promote healthier lifestyle habits. For instance, if your goal is to increase physical activity, Bloom can provide daily activities to foster consistent motivation, encouraging small habits like morning walks and slow jogging. Regular use of the app fuels inspiration for such lifestyle changes.

How to Use the Bloom App?

Before accessing any features, you need to create an account on Bloom. Following account creation, you will answer a series of questions covering topics from personal health goals to familiarity with CBT. Completing this brief quiz ensures that the app’s features are customized to your specific needs.

Upon account creation, a prompt may appear offering a 7-day free trial. This trial is available exclusively for individuals opting for the yearly subscription. If you prefer to explore the free version of the app, simply dismiss the prompt to access features such as grounding techniques and journals.

Key Features of the Bloom App

Bloom stands out among meditation apps for its multifaceted benefits. It offers a valuable opportunity to prioritize your mental health and master new calming techniques. Specifically designed for individuals dealing with mental health issues, Bloom serves as an effective form of online therapy.

1. Journaling

Bloom offers four different journals for users. These include gratitude, daily intention, morning, and evening journals. Regularly documenting your thoughts can be a therapeutic and uplifting treatment for mental health conditions. Bloom encourages mood journaling as a beneficial mind-clearing exercise. Holding on to anxious thoughts can exacerbate your mental state, leading to further complications.

2. Mindfulness Exercises

Bloom provides mini-lessons designed to promote mindfulness. These lessons may revolve around quotes, mantras, or personal subjects. Each mindfulness exercise only takes a few minutes to complete. Research suggests that mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that effectively prevents emotional overstimulation.

3. Breathwork Sessions

Beginners can start with basic breathing techniques every morning and night. These professionally designed exercises aim to alleviate anxiety symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. Users have the flexibility to choose which breathing lessons to incorporate into their daily routine.

4. Video Lessons

Bloom offers a plethora of expert video lessons addressing long-term burnout, chronic stress, anxiety, confidence, and self-esteem issues. Users can view these videos daily to learn more about self-management techniques that help to mitigate negative emotions.

5. Sleep Section

One of the most appreciated features of Bloom is its sleep section. Here, users find tools like nature sounds and guided meditations designed to promote better sleep. You can also listen to calming music intended to soothe your mind and eliminate negative thoughts. Research has shown that calming music can affect the nervous system, slowing breathing, reducing heart rate, and stabilizing blood pressure. These physiological changes can assist in falling asleep faster.

6. Daily Reminders

Subscribers to the Bloom app will receive daily reminders. These notifications are incredibly useful in maintaining consistency with the program. For instance, if you haven’t completed any breathing exercises during the day, Bloom will send a timely alert to your phone.

Bloom App Cost

1. Bloom App Free Version

Yes, the Bloom app offers a free version with limited content. This version includes daily CBT activities and journals, as well as some mindfulness and breathwork exercises.

2. Bloom Premium

The Bloom Premium app subscription is priced at $14.49 per month, $59.99 per year, or $399.99 for a lifetime subscription. At present, there is a seven-day free trial available exclusively for the yearly subscription. The premium subscription unlocks all the interactive, expert-guided video lessons in the app.

Pros and Cons of Bloom App

Bloom has garnered a significant amount of praise and positive feedback from its users, as evidenced by its remarkable rating of 4.8 out of a perfect score of 5.0 on the App Store. The high rating suggests that a vast majority of its users have a favorable opinion about the app and have thus given it glowing reviews.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive perspective on the Bloom app, I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort into reading and collecting every available review from the App Store. These reviews, each one an invaluable piece of feedback from real users, serve as direct insights into the app’s performance and user experience.

By carefully analyzing these user reviews, I’ve been able to compile a summary that underlines both the pros and cons of Bloom app. Let’s check.

Pros of the Bloom App According to User Reviews:

  • Incremental Change: Users appreciated the step-by-step approach that Bloom takes. The app’s structure allows users to practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques at their own pace, resulting in incremental yet meaningful progress.
  • Self-awareness and Mindfulness: Many users reported increased self-awareness and mindfulness after using the app. They found the journaling features especially useful for understanding their emotions and triggers better.
  • Effective Tools and Techniques: The app’s tools and techniques, such as breathing exercises, have helped users manage symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. Users also appreciated the daily intention setting and check-ins.
  • Flexible Daily Usage: Some users noted the flexibility of the app, allowing them to use it at any time and place, which they found beneficial compared to the weekly sessions typically associated with traditional therapy.
  • Overall Improvement in Mental Health: Several users reported a significant improvement in their mental health conditions after using Bloom. They experienced less anxiety, reduced frequency of panic attacks, and an increased ability to cope with daily pressures.

Cons of the Bloom App According to User Reviews:

  • Pricing Concerns: Some users felt the pricing, especially the lifetime subscription cost, was too high. They suggested a more affordable one-time payment option to make the app accessible to more users.
  • Technical Glitches: Some users reported occasional technical glitches. These included issues with the journal prompt popping up randomly during video sessions, issues with music not looping correctly, and difficulties with screen orientation.
  • Inability to Review Past Entries: A common concern among users was the inability to review past journal entries. Users wanted to reflect on their previous entries to track their progress and see if they had achieved their daily intentions.
  • Limited Compatibility: Some users were disappointed that the app is not compatible with computers. They had difficulties typing long journal entries on their mobile devices and would have preferred a desktop version.
  • Lack of Personalization Based on MBTI: One user expressed disappointment that the app did not offer more personalized sessions based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types, as suggested by the app’s advertisements.
  • Repetition of Content: A user reported that some content, specifically ‘The Morning Show’ part, repeated for several days instead of offering a new one daily as advertised. This repetition led to frustration rather than the intended calming or motivating effect.

Who Is the Bloom App Suitable for?

The Bloom app is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to manage their emotions and thoughts. It supports self-management and mindfulness through its varied features. Those committed to making lifestyle changes may find Bloom instrumental in reducing feelings of anxiety or depression. For people uncomfortable with in-person therapy, Bloom offers a platform to gain control over daily habits. The app’s interactive features allow you to document mood changes, providing insight into your mental health progress over time.

Bloom App Review Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Bloom app emerges as a promising tool for individuals seeking to better manage their emotions, thoughts, and overall mental well-being.

With its user-friendly interface and a variety of features ranging from journaling to breathwork sessions, Bloom provides a comprehensive platform to foster mental wellness. Although the app has its drawbacks, as highlighted by some users, its ability to provide a step-by-step approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, encourage mindfulness, and offer flexible daily usage is well appreciated.

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