Brass App Review: Creativity Unleashed on Your Phone

The world of mobile device customization has come a long way, but with the Brass App, users are offered an entirely new level of personalization. This lively and interactive application allows users to modify their phone’s interface through the creation of custom icons, widgets, and personalized themes.

In this in-depth brass app reviews, I will dive into the features and functionalities of the Brass App, discussing its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and the pros and cons according to user reviews. If you are someone who craves a fresh, unique look for your phone or wants a platform to unleash your creativity, the Brass App might just be the answer you’re looking for.

What is Brass App?

Brass App is a highly interactive and lively application that introduces an element of fun to the customization of your mobile device. As a user, you are given the freedom to aesthetically modify your phone’s interface through the creation of your own icons and widgets, a process that is surprisingly straightforward and only involves a few simple steps. For individuals who frequently find themselves itching for a fresh, new look on their phone, the Brass App might just be the answer to their prayers.

However, this app’s ability to customize doesn’t stop at merely selecting which image to use for your icons and widgets. It takes customization a step further by allowing you to tailor background colors, font styles, and even animations to your liking. This added layer of flexibility makes it an ideal platform for those with a creative streak, offering them a chance to regularly infuse a sense of personal flair into their phone’s appearance. Therefore, Brass App is more than just a customization tool—it’s a portal for your creativity to breathe new life into your phone’s look.

Brass App Review

Feature Highlights of the Brass App

1. Icon Packs

With the Brass App, you gain access to a remarkable selection of over 1,700 custom Brass icons, which include a variety of premium packs exclusive to subscribed members. Nonetheless, if you prefer to stick to the freely available options, you’ll find the selection still impressively extensive. Brass streamlines the process of creating custom icons and home-screen layouts for your Apple devices, a simplicity you’ll truly appreciate once you dive into crafting a unique appearance for your iOS device.

2. User-friendly Customization

Brass enables you to edit images to reflect your preferred style or to generate blank canvas icons. Once you’re satisfied with your designs, the Brass iPhone app automatically compiles a .zip file of all your icons for seamless installation onto your iPhone. It’s then a simple matter of sharing, selecting shortcuts from the menu, and adding to your home screen to complete your new app icon design. To sweeten the deal, Brass provides complimentary downloadable templates to kickstart your custom design journey.

3. Personalized Themes

Despite the iPhone’s well-deserved praise for ease of use, vast app selection, and sleek design, it has one significant shortfall – the lack of customizable themes. Brass rises to the occasion, enabling you to design a tailored theme for your iPhone through a straightforward process. Utilizing innovative technology, Brass allows you to upload images to the app, set them as backgrounds, and harmonize colors using their color-picker tool for a visually cohesive look. The process is smooth and transformative.

4. Tailored Widgets

If you’re weary of scrolling endlessly to find essential information like the day’s temperature, your next appointment, or your step count, Brass’s custom widgets will prove invaluable. These widgets enable customization of your home screen, offering instant access to vital details at a simple glance.

5. Home Screen Customization

Brass puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your iPhone experience. It empowers you to curate a home screen that truly mirrors your priorities and interests. The app thoughtfully considers your most used apps, your digital content preferences, and even your work and personal phone usage. It utilizes this insight to provide strategic advice on app positioning on your home screen. Moreover, Brass ensures a harmonious color scheme between your apps and wallpaper, alongside correct icon shapes and sizes for a neat, uncluttered aesthetic.

6. Intuitive User Interface

Designed with simplicity in mind, Brass boasts an intuitive and straightforward interface. Its easy-to-follow instructions facilitate smooth creation of your icons and widgets. Moreover, unlike many other apps, Brass refrains from unnecessary in-app purchases or ads, providing you with a user-friendly experience free from intrusive upselling or constant reminders to upgrade. The focus remains firmly on providing you with a quality feature set for an optimal customization experience.

How to Use Brass App?

Here is a detailed guide on downloading and using the Brass app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, allowing you to customize a myriad of themes, widgets, and icons.

This guide applies to all iOS devices running iOS 14.1 or newer versions. Please ensure your device is updated to iOS 14 or later, as this is a prerequisite for utilizing the icons and themes provided by Brass. You can update your device via Settings > General > Software Update (or General > Software Update on your iPad).

1. Downloading the Brass App

(1) Navigate to the app store on your iOS device.

(2) Type “Brass” into the search bar, then hit the download button or install icon to add it to your device.

(3) Upon completion of the download, tap ‘open’.

Brass offers immediate access to its features without necessitating a sign-up, enabling you to delve into theme creation upon first login.

2. Customizing Available Themes and Icons on Brass:

The Brass interface features four tabs at the bottom: Themes, My Themes, Widgets, and Settings.

  • Themes: This tab showcases all themes available for customization.
  • My Themes: This tab lets you create and access your own themes.
  • Widgets: This tab allows you to select from a range of customizable widgets.
  • Settings: This tab lets you modify app settings.

To customize themes and icons on your iPhone home screen, follow these steps:

(1) Begin by tapping the Themes tab and browse through a variety of options, including minimalist themes, and more.

(2) Upon selecting a theme, tap the ‘set up theme’ button to proceed.

(3) Next, Brass will prompt you to install a collection of app icons (that match your chosen theme) on your iPhone. To do this, tap ‘Install Icons.’

(4) On the subsequent screen, select ‘Continue free with ads’ at the page bottom.

(5) If you’re not interested in unlocking additional features, examine what’s freely available and tap Continue.

(6) It’s recommended that you download the Brass configuration profile on your device. This allows for simultaneous addition of all icons. To do so, tap the ‘Download Profile’ button.

(7) Tap the ‘Allow’ button to download the configuration profile.

(8) Once downloaded, tap ‘Continue.’

(9) To install the configuration profile, navigate to your iPhone settings.

(10) Next, tap ‘Download Profile’ under the Apple ID name. If it’s not present, go to General > tap Profiles or Profiles & Device Management > select the Brass configuration profile > and install it.

(11) Finally, tap the install button at the upper-right corner of the Brass custom icons page. If prompted, enter your passcode, then confirm the action by tapping Install at the page bottom.

Upon installation, tap ‘Done.’

(12) You can now return to your home screen to see the newly added icons. Only the free icons customized on your device will be visible.

3. Getting Widgets from the Brass App to Display on your iPhone Home Screen

(1) Tap the ‘Widget’ tab at the bottom of the Brass platform.

(2) Locate and tap on the desired widget you wish to customize. Note that you can create custom widgets within the app using the ‘My Themes’ tab, where you can use your own image and modify the color and transparency.

(3) Finally, tap ‘Add Widget’ to begin customization.

Is Brass App Free?

Brass App provides free trial version, but it is not totally free. In details, the Brass app provides a range of options to cater to different usage needs and budget preferences:

  • Free Trial: The Brass app offers a complimentary trial period initially. This allows you to explore the app’s features and services for a few days. After this period, you’re required to opt for a paid subscription to continue enjoying the services.
  • Weekly Subscription: This subscription model charges $9.08 per week, providing continuous access to the app’s features on a weekly renewal basis.
  • Monthly Subscription: With the monthly plan, you’ll be billed approximately $19.99 per month, providing a cost-effective option for regular users who prefer a short-term commitment.
  • Yearly Subscription: The yearly subscription, which costs $25.30 annually, is ideal for long-term users seeking an affordable option. This plan provides uninterrupted access to all features for a full year.
  • One-Time Payment: For users seeking a long-term solution without recurring charges, the Brass app offers a ‘billed once’ option. This involves a single payment of $39.85, granting your lifetime access to the app’s services.

The Brass premium app subscription encompasses access to an extensive array of premium icons, widgets, and wallpapers. Upon selecting a subscription, it’s set to auto-renew by default. However, you can manage or cancel the auto-renewal at any time via your Apple ID account settings. Pricing may vary based on location but will be explicitly displayed for your review before confirming the purchase.

The Pros and Cons of the Brass App

User reviews often provide the most reliable insight into a product’s strengths and weaknesses. In this section, I’ll examine the pros and cons of the Brass app based on user feedback, aiming to offer a comprehensive understanding of the application’s user experience, features, and potential pitfalls.

Pros of the Brass App

  • Access to Stunning Themes and Designs: Users praised the Brass app for its wide array of aesthetic themes and designs. It’s noted for standing out among its competitors for providing access to impressive themes without a subscription fee.
  • Free Download of Icons: A prominent feature that users enjoyed was the ability to download the app icons without needing to pay. This feature sets the Brass app apart from many other similar applications.
  • Easy Installation: Users appreciated the straightforward installation process. Once the icons are downloaded, they can be easily installed from the device settings, simultaneously adding all the icons and widgets to the home screen.
  • Customization Options: A particular highlight for users was the extensive customization options provided by the app, including the ability to change icons, use transparent widgets to match wallpapers, and more.
  • Functional and Useful: Many users found the Brass app to be very functional and helpful. They stated that, despite some complications, the app effectively revamped the look of their phone.

Cons of the Brass App

  • Frequent Ads: Users reported that the Brass app requires watching an ad for each icon downloaded. This can be time-consuming, particularly for users who want to download many icons.
  • Inconsistent Ad Loading: Some users experienced issues with the ad loading system, preventing them from unlocking and downloading icons.
  • Inappropriate Content: Concerns were raised about some of the themes being inappropriate, indicating a need for better content moderation, especially considering children might be using the app.
  • Compromised Phone Functionality: Users noted that the way the Brass app achieves aesthetic changes can cause inconvenience. The app uses shortcuts and bookmarks to link to actual apps, which can disrupt the usual phone functionality.
  • Issues with Premium Subscription: Users who opted for the premium subscription reported problems like still having to watch ads and difficulty in contacting customer service. They also expressed frustration with the absence of a feature to ‘uncheck all’ for icon selection, and the app freezing or closing unexpectedly.
  • Time-Consuming Setup: Some users found that setting up shortcuts and bookmarks can be a lengthy and tedious process, particularly given that the process is not automatic.

Final Words: Brass App Review!

In conclusion, the Brass App brings a refreshing take on mobile device customization, offering a myriad of options to creatively modify your phone’s interface. Its unique features ranging from a wide variety of icon packs to intuitive user interface, give users the freedom to express their individuality through their devices. However, like any other app, Brass also has its fair share of setbacks as seen in the user feedback. Issues such as frequent ads, inconsistent ad loading, and a sometimes inconvenient setup process are a few obstacles that might deter some users.

The Brass App is an intriguing exploration into the world of personal device customization, and while it showcases immense potential, it’s clear that improvements can be made to enhance user experience. The overall efficiency of the app will depend on your tolerance for its limitations and how much you value the creative freedom it provides. Remember, just like a brass instrument, you must learn to tune and play with it to get the best music – in this case, the best aesthetic appeal for your mobile device.

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