iMazing Review 2023: Does It Work for iOS Data Transfer and Backup

There are many iTunes alternatives and we find iMazing. We use 2 days to test iMazing to better understand how this software works and write down the iMazing review to share what we have discovered.

Let’s jump right in.

iMazing Review


Ease of Use


I would say iMazing is a great alternative to iTunes because it’s simpler and more efficient. However, it is not easy-to-use enough as it should be and you should pay for it.
Before buying we would recommend to go for its trial version.


What is iMazing

iMazing, developed by DigiDNA, is designed to transfer music, files, messages, apps and more from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer, Mac or PC. Manage and backup your iOS device simply without iTunes.

This software can run on both Windows and Mac.

Software NameiMazing
Latest VersioniMazing 2.14.4 (October, 2021)
Supported LanguagesEnglish,German,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Russian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese,Korean
Supported OSWindows 7 or higher & macOS 10.9 or higher
Installer Size114 MB (Windows)
Installation Size262 MB (Windows)

Key features:

  1. Back up your iPhone and restore data.
  2. Transfer photos, music, and other files between iPhone and computer.
  3. Transfer data between iOS devices.
  4. Manage apps.
What is iMazing

How to Use iMazing – Main Features of iMazing

First, you need to download iMazing from the official website and install it on your Windows computer or Mac.

Second, connect your iOS device to the computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

Use iMazing

As the app is mainly for backing up and restoring data, transferring files and managing apps, I have tested all of these main features one by one and here’s the details.

Note: iMazing supports both PC and Mac and I tested the Windows computer on my Windows 10 computer. The UI and function may be a little different for each OS.

Transfer Files Between iPhone and PC

iMazing can transfer photos, videos, music, and other media contents between iPhone and Mac/PC. One of the best feature is that it can transfer files through USB as well as through Wi-Fi which means that you don’t need to connect a lightning cable every time you need to transfer contents.

In our test, the main problem is that the speed is really slow while handling large volumes of photos and videos.

Additionally, though you can export most of data from your iPhone to computer, you cannot transfer photos, messages, notes, etc. from computer to your iPhone. Here’s the details:

Supported DataExportImport
Music & VideoYesYes
Call History & VoicemailYesNo
Contacts & BooksYesYes
Voice MemosYesNo
iMazing Transfer

Transfer Files Between iOS Devices

This is a handy feature for those who just got a new iPhone 12/11/X. iMazing can help you transfer all the data saved on your old device to the new phone. You simply choose what types of data and even apps you want and iMazing will transfer them all to your new phone quickly without iTunes hassles.

Backup your iOS Device and Restore if Necessary

If you need to backup your devices, iMazing can help you to backup an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer or to an external drive. Then, you can restore it if needed.

What I must mention is that it can automatically backup an iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi. Though both iTunes and iCloud allows you to backup iPhone wirelessly, iMazing may have its advantages.

 iTunesiCloudiMazing Mini
Choose LocationNoNoYes
Backup HistoryNoNoYes

Note: iMazing Mini is iMazing’s menu bar app. It is packaged inside iMazing, so if you already have iMazing 2, simply make sure you are up to date and you should have iMazing Mini already.

When your PC or Mac and the iOS device are under the same Wi-Fi network, iMazing will automatically take the backup of your data. It has backup archiving option. It allows you to automatically clean the backups older than a specific time period. You can encrypt your backup using a password or leave them unencrypted if you wish.

Manage Apps on your iPhone/iPad

This is a feature that iMazing has advantage with its competitors. This software allows you to manage your iOS device apps directly from a computer. Unlike other iPhone managers, it can install apps directly from the app store. You also can manage your app store library and uninstall/install any apps on your device. You can sort the app library by Name, installed status, Size, or Download status; click one of the column headers to sort by its criterion.

Step 1. Launch iMazing on your computer and connect your device.

Step 2. Select your device in the iMazing sidebar, then click Manage Apps.

Step 3. iMazing displays the apps on your iPhone or iPad, as well as its “app library.”

Step 4. Install purchased apps from the iTunes Store.

iMazing Manage App

Is iMazing Safe?

On software itself aspect, iMazing is safe. I downloaded the newest version of iMazing on my computer and the antivirus software didn’t detect any virus or adware. Windows did ask me if I am sure that I want to install the software and I confirm it because my antivirus didn’t find anything suspicious.

On operation level, iMazing is safe to use too. When deleting something, the software always need your double confirmation.

iMazing has been around for years and millions of users have tested it. There is rare complains about the safety of iMazing.

iMazing Free Vs Paid

iMazing is not free, but you can have a free trial version before purchasing.

The free trial version allows you to preview iMazing’s many features. Everything is accessible, but it restricts the amount of items which you can transfer. Backing up and restoring apps is not limited.

The pricing for the different types of iMazing licenses is listed below for your convenience.

  • Single License (for 1 computer): $44.99.
  • Universal License (for 2 computers): $49.99.
  • Family License (for 5 computers): $69.99.
iMazing Free

iMazing Review: My Ratings

Ease of Use: 3.5/5

iMazing is not quite easy of use.

After installation, it requires you to install Apple drivers or iTunes for running and it will restart again.

iMazing Install

Also, I use more than 30 minute to download and install all software or drivers that needed to make iMazing run normally. Worse, I have to reinstall the software. If I don’t want to write this iMazing review post, I will give up at the beginning.

However, after successful installation, its user interface is straightforward to manage your device.

Effectiveness: 4/5

As we have discussed previously,iMazing is capable of automatic backup scheduling, browsing and editing your backups, exporting your iPhone messages, transferring all sorts of files between your computer and iOS devices. Overall, it does the iPhone management work well.


The price of iMazing single computer license is a bit higher compared to some of its competitors such as Dr.fone Phone Manager. Though the license has no time limit.

Support: 4/5

Click “Help”at the top menu, you will be directed to the “Guides” page. Here you can learn how to use iMazing in details. Also, iMazing have FAQ pages that can answer some frequently asked questions. If both the Guides and FAQs cannot solve your problem, you can send them an email.

I haven’t found the phone number in its official website.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

To sum up, I would say iMazing is a great alternative to iTunes because it’s simpler and more efficient. However, it is not easy-to-use enough as it should be and you should pay for it.

Before buying we would recommend to go for its trial version. Try it once and share your experience with us through comments and share.

If you find iMazing cannot meet your requirements, you can try iExplorer or iMobie AnyTrans as the alternatives.

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