Swagbucks Review-Is Swagbucks Worth It in 2024?

When it comes to making money online, an app that has been catching a lot of attention is Swagbucks. However, there are a lot of question regarding the legitimacy, safety, whether or not it actually works and whether you can really make money using Swagbuck.

In this Swagbucks review post, we tend to answer these questions as well as giving you more insights on how to make the most of Swagbucks.

Let’s dive right in.

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What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a rewards website which was launched in February of 2006 and run by Prodege, based out of El Segundo, CA. You can earn points by taking surveys, playing games, shopping, watching videos and more. Then, these points can be redeemed for cash or a variety of gift cards.


Is Swagbucks Legit?

Yes, Swagbucks is legit. The rewards site has more than 20 million registered users and it has paid out over $400 million in rewards to its users.

It boasts a 4-star rating on Trustpilot with more than 17,000 reviews. And, Swagbucks’ parent company, Prodege, LLC, currently holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

Swagbucks is 100% legit and safe to use. However, one thing you need to take onboard is that by no means is Swagbucks going to make you rich. 

How Swagbucks Works

The Swagbucks rewards program is pretty straightforward.

First you need to join Swagbucks by signing up a free account. Once you’re a member, you can start to earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching video, shopping online and more. Finally, you can cash out your Swagbucks points (we call it SBs) for PayPal cash or gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Target, or dozens of other retailers.

Then, how does Swagbucks make money?

Good question.

Swagbucks makes money from companies and brands who pay them to advertise on the site and ask users to perform tasks on their behalf, like taking surveys and watching videos.

How Swagbucks Works

How to Earn Money from Swagbucks: 7 Ways

Unlike Qmee, there are so many ways you can earn rewards from Swagbucks. Here we list 7 of them. You can use one of them, several of them or all of them to make the full use.

1.     Shop Online

You can receive “cashback” for making purchases from major online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks through Swagbucks. Simply log in to the Swagbucks shopping page and click on the online retailer you wish to make a purchase from.

Earn SB points for every dollar you spend plus get access to exclusive deals and coupons to your favorite retailers.

2.     Answer Surveys

Swagbucks lists a ton of different online surveys that can be answered for rewards. Each survey will list the estimated time it’ll take to complete, the topic of the study, as well as the number of SBs you will earn.

Answer Surveys

3.     Watch Videos

Yes, you really can earn Swagbucks points just by watching a few videos.

The type of content you’re sent to view varies massively, including music, news, entertainment, pets, travel, and more. Most of the time, you don’t actually have to watch the videos — you can just let them autoplay. Sometimes, however, you’re required to rate them within a few seconds after they play.

You earn 1 SB for every 6 videos, with bonus points during promotions.

4.     Discover Offers

The Swagbucks ‘Discover’ section is one of the fastest ways of earning SB points. Various brands partner with Swagbucks to offer members trials or discounts, you can earn points by taking advantage of these offers. You earn SB points when you sign up for new services, check out free samples, and more!

Discover Offers

5.     Search the Web

Swagbucks has a search engine called ‘Swagbucks Search’. You can use it just like a regular search engine to earn bucks. You can expect to tot up around 10–20 SB points for every 10 to 20 searches, but the final total will depend on the search queries. 

6.     Play Games

Your addiction to playing games on your phone is finally about to pay off! But we hope you don’t waste money playing games whether you are earning points or not. 

You can earn SB points when you make in-game purchases through Swag buck’s partners at GSN, or play our original free games and earn randomly.

Play Games

7.     Tell Your Friends

If you have friends who would be good candidates for Swagbucks, make sure you refer them so that you can earn 10% of what they earn (as they remain active). For instance, if your referral earns 5,000 SB ($50) in their first month, you will receive a $5 bonus (500 SB) credited to your account. Simply log in to your Swagbucks account to get your unique sign up link which you can then share with friends

How to Redeem Your Swagbucks?

Are you ready to cash out?

Like we mentioned, you can exchange your SBs for cash through PayPal or gift cards. 1 SB is generally worth 1 U.S. cent.

If you’re redeeming for PayPal rewards, make sure you’ve used the same email address for both your Swagbucks account and your verified PayPal account. The transfer can take 10 to 14 days.

If you want to get gift cards instead, you’ve got a ton of options, including Amazon, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, Visa, Target and The Home Depot. There are often “sales” – where you can get certain gift cards at a discount. A Visa $100 Virtual Reward for 9,900 SB, a $50 Cracker Barrel gift card for 4,900 SB, things like that.

You can also choose to donate SBs to a charity of your choice

Swagbucks Gift Card

Swagbucks Review Conclusion: Check It Out, But Balance Your Time

Is Swagbucks worth it? It depends.

If you’re using it as a search engine, shopping portal or taking the occasional survey when you’re killing time, it is a good choice. However, if you get obsessed with it and spend day and night the finish the tasks to get more points, you’d find a job.

In a word, Swagbucks will not get you rich, but it’s a pretty simple way to get cash for doing things you might already have planned on doing.

I have given you the basic to Swagbucks and now you can check it out by yourself to get a full understanding and see if it fits your needs. Check it out, but balance your time!

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