What Is BTS and TXT Weverse?

Today (July 8th, 2019), Weverse announce that they have hit 1 million in BTS Weverse!

(#BTS 위버스 가입 100만 돌파 기념 깜짝 이벤트!)

Weverse is a new word for many people, but BTS and TXT members’ fans must know this app.

BTS Weverse

What’s Weverse – Weverse WiKi

The Weverse application is a global fan community platform launched by beNX, an entertainment platform company that’s a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. It is an app exclusive for Kpop star. You can now interact with fellow BTS or TXT fans all over the world with this app.

  • Slogan: Join Weverse to meet your favorite artists!
  • Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and website
  • Supported language: English, Japanese, Korean
  • Artists: Tomorrow X Together (TXT)and BTS  (防弾少年団)
  • Highlights:
    1. This app gets exclusive updates from BTS and TXT via text messages, videos and photos.
    2. The most exciting for international fans — is that there’s a built-in translator that will allow international fans to translate artists’ posts into their preferred language.
  • Events
    1. On July 1, Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS, announced, “BTS’s official fan community ‘BTS Weverse’ has opened.”
    2. Just in time for their 100th-day-anniversary celebration as a group following their debut, TXT opened their new official fan community on June 11 through WeVerse!

How to Sign up/Log in for BTS and TXT Weverse

Step 1. Download Weverse from App Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Open the App on your phone and click “Login in/Sign Up”

Step 3. You can login with the email you previously used for Weply, Big Hit Shop,TXT Universe, or Armypedia.

Step 4. If you have no any of the account listed above, you can sign up one with you email. Then verify your email. You can also use your social media account, like Twitter.

Step 5. Now, you can join the TXT Weverse or BTS Weverse to see their updates. It is like Facebook. You can visit their Timeline to see their posts. You can also see their “Stories”. It is like Instagram Stories/Moments.

Weverse App

Is BTS Weverse better than FanCafe?

It is all about language. FanCafe’s content is exclusively in Korean, which made it very hard for international fans to get involved in the community. In contrast, Weverse is created for mainly international fans.

In conclusion, Weverse provides more options for fans who don’t speak fluent Korean. However, for people speak Korean, FanCafe is also a good app to follow their favorite artist.

Weverse Translator

Bottom Line

With Weverse, there will be a direct way to communicate with TXT, BTS and their fans from all over the world. Also, there will be exclusive content. Have fun!

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