Get Fit and Healthy with 10 Best Weight Gain Apps

Unless you have an eating disorder or rickets, being very skinny doesn’t pose any kind of health problem. However, there are many reasons to gain weight, such as increasing muscle mass if we want to improve our physical condition. Or simply for aesthetic reasons if we are somewhat self-conscious.

In any case, in today’s post we are going to recommend the best apps to gain weight.

10 Apps to Gain Weight That You Will Love

1.  8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Would you like to have a personal trainer on your mobile phone? This is precisely what 8fit offers.

8fit is an app that allows us to create training routines and design diets to gain weight, lose weight or maintain it.

You can create your own personalized training routine based on your needs. Best of all, you can do a complete session at home without having to go to the gym or look for specialized equipment. It also offers the HIIT model, which is a high-intensity interval training plan that will only take you 20 minutes a day.


2.  adidas Running: Track Cardio

One of the most popular apps to record all the exercise we do at the end of the day. Runtastic is capable of measuring the number of steps, the distance covered or the speed.

It also has a calorie calculator so you can measure the calories contained in your food. This way you can control everything you eat.

adidas Running

3.  FitMenCook

Created by Kevin Curry, this app offers us more than 600 recipes that are perfect for improving our physical condition and gaining weight in a healthy and progressive way.

All these recipes are very easy to prepare, cheap and delicious, so you don’t miss junk food. The app also integrates a food calorie calculator, so you can know exactly how many calories you consume per day and make adjustments around it.


4.  MyFitnessPal

By providing the largest and most accurate food guide in the world, MyFitnessPal is a great app for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. MyFitnessPal shares many important tips on how to prepare food, choose what to eat, how to prepare meals and comes with calorie counters, which allows you to track the calories of millions of foods to optimize the weight gain routine.

With a large online community, you’ll find inspiration, motivation and tips to stay healthy.

Want to know more about MyFitnessPal?Here is my full MyFitnessPal review.


5.  MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate is designed to track your calories so you can measure how many calories you need to gain weight and stay healthy. With a simple and clean interface, this app is easy for anyone to use.

MyPlate has tons of features, like the comprehensive food database and a barcode scanner to track food in seconds. You can also track your weight over time to determine if your calorie intake is enough.

This app requires you to submit profile information that allows you to receive personal daily calories to reach your goal. One of the best features is the 24/7 support from the MyPlate motivational community, who will be there to share their inspiring stories and advice.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

6.  Weight Track Assistant

This is another useful tool to help you keep track of daily weight and review progress. Many people use it to lose weight, but it also works well for weight gain. It has the ability to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage to tell you if you are overweight, fair weight or underweight.

What can this app do for you? Weight Track Assistant can track your weight 3 times a day and provide detailed weight statistics for easier analysis. Your weight is displayed in a weight chart, allowing you to intensively check your progress.

Please note that this app only available on Android.

Weight Track Assistant

7.  Calorie Counter – Asken Diet

This is a popular weight loss app, but you can use it as a great weight gain tool. Get advice from dietitians and follow personalized diet plans to gain more weight.

Asken Diet features water tracking to keep you hydrated. The nutrient tracker is also available to count calories, vitamins, fiber, and protein that you get from the meal plan. Thanks to food information that makes food choices much easier.

Asken Diet

8.  Weight Gain Exercise 30 days

This is a great app to help you gain weight and build muscle. It comes packed with an exercise routine and diet plan, allowing you to live a healthy life while gaining extra weight. There are also tips and diet ideas from professionals to achieve the goal faster.

In addition to meal planner and exercise planner, this app includes a list of foods to gain weight. You can also take advantage of the daily meal reminder to make sure you have meals at the perfect time.

For more insights on apps that focus on muscle building, check out our Muscle Booster App Review.

Weight Gain Exercise 30 days

9.  Lifesum

Lifesum is a well-designed app that focuses on different types of popular diets like ketogenic or high-protein instead of just veg and non-veg. It comes with a weight tracker, a large calculator, and an extensive food journal to help you understand what you need to eat and why.

There are plenty of recipes on your board to help you get started. The entire app is designed to motivate you to use it more and the more you use it, the more you will be on the right track towards your goal. While there is a section dedicated to workouts, Lifesum places more emphasis on tracking food intake. Most impressively, the app will help you develop healthy habits, which is what we should really be aiming for.

Does Lifesum really work? Please read the Lifesum review.


10. Progress Body Tracker & Health

Last but not least, you will have this app to gain weight. This tracker can be customized according to your preferences. With a personalized progress report, it allows you to check the progress of various aspects such as body weight, body fat percentage, BMI and much more.

This app makes it easy to gain weight. Best of all, it just might be the best app for maintaining your overall health. It also has features to share your success story with friends and family.

Progress Body Tracker


If you’re below average on the weight scale and looking to gain more lean muscle, then you’ve stumbled upon the right guide. Consider downloading the apps I’ve mentioned above and trying them out for yourself.

The hardest part of any fitness routine is getting started. So push yourself to get started and keep doing it because results don’t come overnight.

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