14 Apps Like Flipagram – Best Flipagram Alternatives

Flipagram is a well-known photo and video editing tool that allows to make slideshows, add music and make videos in a range of styles. However, there is no Flipagram app anymore.

In 2017, Flipagram was bought by Chinese news-apps firm Toutiao (ByteDance) and now the new app is called Vigo Video.

And in October, 2020, ByteDance shut down Vigo Video and Vigo Video Lite. While ByteDance didn’t offer much explanation as to why it’s shutting down the Vigo apps, it supposedly doesn’t want to maintain another short video property when TikTok is doing so well across the world.


Vigo Video is an app similar to TikTok which is different from Flipagram. So if you are looking for some apps like Flipagram, then here we sharing some good apps similar to Flipagram.

14 Apps Like Flipagram You Should Try

1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the best video editor app. It has all video editing features: edit video with music, edit videos with transitions, add video to video, combine video clip, add music to video, add music to text, make video longer, and so on. 

Like Flipagram, it can also make video with song and pictures, then you can share the video to YouTube, TikTok or Instagram – just take a look at any of the 1,385,907 #vivavideo posts on Instagram!

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2. TikTok

TikTok is short-form videos platform which provides you endless amount of videos customized specifically for you. This app is popular all over the world for the real, interesting, and fun videos it brings.

However, do you know that TikTok is also an editing tool. You can easily edit your videos with millions of a sea of free music clips and sounds. Many songs become popular with the popular videos in TikTok. The integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app. Maybe, TikTok is an app better than Flipgram.

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3. Snapchat

If you’ve been using Flipagram, you’ll find Snapchat’s stories feature extremely similar to the way Flipagram shares images and videos. However, in Snapchat app, the images and videos in a story will automatically fade after 24 hours. It also offers the ability to add custom music to the background of a video, but the stories feature is also clearly the inspiration for Flipagram. Snapchat also has many other cool features, including the chat function, with snaps that can only be viewed once, and more.

4. KineMaster 

Like VivaVideo, KineMaster is a full-featured video editor. It has powerful tools that are easy to use, like multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects, and so much more! The free version lets you export the video to 720p but with a watermark.


5. Wondershare Filmora Go

One of my favorite video editors is Filmora Go. Filmora Go is a video editor that lets you add effects, templates, your favorite music and more to your videos. It also lets you turn your photographs (and screenshots) into video clips with music and text.

The good thing is that the app does not add a watermark on your videos, nor does it have a time limit for the videos you can edit. However, it does add a short Filmora Go clip at the end of each video you edit with it. 

BTW, Filmora Go has a PC version which is called Filmora.


6. Triller

Triller is a social video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. It has the “AI-powered” editing feature which means that users can film multiple takes of themselves, and the app will automatically string the best parts of the clips together to make something that resembles an actual music video. You can look your best with 100+ filters and personalize your videos with text, drawings and emojis.


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7. Slideshow Maker

The only similarity between Slideshow Maker and Flipagram is the fact that Slideshow Maker also allows users to create slideshows from images and add custom music to them. The app does not have its own “in-app” community to share the slideshows with. However, you can easily share the slideshows you create as videos, on platforms like YouTube, email, etc. The app also allows you to add stickers, filters, and more to the photos in your slideshow. It’s definitely a fun way to create slideshows that you can share with others, with ease.

8. Animoto

Animoto is a paid, cloud-based service that allows you to easily create polished slideshows & marketing videos from your own photos, video clips, music, etc. This app may not be the first choice of professional videographers, but it is perfect for newbies or beginners and intermediate level. 

The best, Animoto offers free use of this application to those who are in the education industry and it also offers Animoto Plus for classroom use. 


9. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is an app which lets you create videos of yourself that are dubbed over with audio from songs, movies, TV shows and internet trends. You can share these videos, known as Dubs, with your friends, watch their videos and explore other trending videos.
The fun part is that it’s now a tool that could start a Dubsmash competition, and you can start challenging colleagues and making conventional communication in messengers more spectacular.

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10.  Quik

Quik app is designed to speed up the editing process so that you can capture, edit, and post incredible videos on the fly.  It searches your video footage to find great moments, can automatically trim and edit your clips, and the app can even add transitions. However, you can still manually edit your clips if you want more control over your video edit.

11. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is the best video collage, slideshow maker, and live video wallpaper app with over 15 million users. 

With PicPlayPost, you can create slideshows with music using photos, videos, gifs, collages, and stickers!

– Create and edit up to 30 minute slideshows, with up to 365 pics, videos, live photos and gifs

– Stitch multiple collages together and create multi-collage slide shows with specially designed transitions

– Add multiple background soundtracks

– Add animated text: multiple text boxes you can customize with color, font, animation. You can also pin text to a moving object and change the perspective.

– Supports multiple ratios

– Effortlessly add video or picture collages to slideshow

– Create GIF slide show

– Stickers from Giphy – Add multiple GIF stickers. You can pin stickers to a moving object.

– Watermark: Add text or image logo as watermark


12. Movavi Clips

Movavi has ample options for editing slideshows, photos, videos and more. Everything you need to create an epic YouTube video or an engaging Instagram story is right here: intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, combined with powerful tools and HD-quality export. You get multiple editing tools, like cropping, rotating, trimming, plus you can enhance your videos with unique color filters, transitions and themed stickers. Create a fabulous slideshow with pictures from your albums and free music tracks from the built-in library.


13. Scoompa Video

Scoompa Video is a slideshow and video maker for Android that has an intuitive interface with limited free options. You can easily import from your saved photos or from the web, and Scoompa offers highly customizable slideshows. You can choose from hundreds of stickers to include in your design. Plus, you can import your own soundtrack. It offers easy gestures making the app easy to figure out and navigate. There are lots of text options, including dozens of fonts to choose from.

14. Instagram

Instagram is probably the closest an app that can get to Flipagram, in terms of the features it offers and the way it’s designed. Instagram will allow you to share multiple images in the form of stories, a feature that Flipagram offers as the main way to share things with your followers. While you can’t add custom music to your videos and image slideshows on Instagram, the feature is very similar. The similarities between Flipagram and Instagram are intriguing. Aside from the already similar naming options, the interface of the two apps is also very similar.

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Final words

These are the 14 best apps like Flipagram. Most of them are good video editing and slideshow apps. With these apps, you can add your own music to your videos easily. At present, the most popular apps like Flipagram would be TikTok. Just choose the one that meets your needs.

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