9 Best Budget Apps for Couples to Manage Money in 2024

Managing finances as a couple can be both rewarding and challenging. The need for transparency, collaboration, and organization is paramount.

Fortunately, there are several best budget apps for couples that can streamline your financial management and promote a harmonious financial relationship.

Let’s delve into the world of these 9 exceptional budget apps designed specifically for couples.

Best Budget Apps for Couples

9 Best Budget Apps for Couples: Financial Harmony Made Easy

1. Honeydue: Couples Finance

Honeydue is a popular personal finance app designed specifically for couples. It facilitates easy tracking of balances, budgets, and bills, promoting transparency and communication in financial matters.

Main Features:

  • Shared and individual bank account tracking.
  • Customizable monthly spending limits and categories.
  • Bill reminders and payment notifications.
  • Emoji-based communication for transactions.
  • Expense splitting and settling up features.
  • Bank-level security with encryption and multi-factor authentication.


  • Encourages open financial communication between partners.
  • Comprehensive tracking of joint and individual finances.
  • User-friendly interface with customizable features.


  • Some users report issues with bank connectivity and transaction updates.
  • Limited to major U.S. banks.

Best For: Couples seeking a collaborative tool to manage their joint finances and improve communication about money.

Pricing: Free with optional in-app purchases for tips.

2. MoneySpaces: Budget for Couples

MoneySpaces is a versatile budgeting app designed for families, couples, and roommates. It allows users to create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists with ease.

Main Features:

  • Create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists.
  • Collaborative features for commenting and managing financial spaces.
  • Customizable for various budgeting needs like allowances, shared expenses, and event planning.
  • Secure data storage with iCloud and CloudKit.
  • Simple and intuitive interface, similar to a personal finance notes app.


  • Flexible and customizable for different types of budgeting needs.
  • Easy collaboration and sharing with family, friends, or colleagues.
  • Secure and private data handling.


  • May not have advanced budgeting tools for complex financial planning.
  • Limited to Apple ecosystem users.

Best For: Families, couples, and groups looking for a simple and collaborative way to manage shared budgets and expenses.

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases for premium features. Yearly Subscription at $8.99, Family Yearly Subscription at $19.99, and Family Monthly Subscription at $4.99.

3. Balance: Budget for Couples

Balance is a fast and user-friendly budgeting app for couples, inspired by the traditional Japanese kakebo method. It’s designed to make tracking couple finances and expenses effortless.

Main Features:

  • Quick and easy setup for couples to track finances.
  • Define and monitor a monthly shared budget.
  • Blazing fast categorization system for expenses.
  • Track finances in various categories with favorite category selection.
  • Early bird promo with a trial and discounted yearly premium subscription.


  • Fast and efficient expense tracking.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Inspired by the effective kakebo budgeting method.


  • Limited features in the free version.
  • May not support complex financial planning needs.

Best For: Couples who prefer a straightforward and quick method to manage their shared budget and expenses.

Pricing: Free 7-day trial with a 30% off on yearly premium subscription.

4. Mint

Mint is a versatile budgeting app that offers comprehensive financial management tools, making it suitable for couples who want to track their spending and manage various accounts.

Main Features:

  • Syncs with bank accounts and credit cards to track income, purchases, and savings.
  • Automatic categorization of transactions with customization options.
  • Savings goals creation and investment tracking.
  • Alerts for ATM fees, budget overruns, and suspicious transactions.
  • Monthly bill payment tracker with reminders.
  • Credit monitoring service.
  • Educational tools like a loan repayment calculator.


  • Free to use with a wide range of financial management tools.
  • Automatic transaction categorization saves time.
  • Customizable alerts and savings goals.


  • Some users report ads and glitches in the app.
  • Transactions may be assigned to the wrong category.

Best For: Couples looking for a comprehensive app to manage their finances, track spending, and set savings goals.

Pricing: Free.

5. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is a budgeting app based on the zero-based budgeting system, ideal for couples who want to allocate every dollar they earn to specific categories.

Main Features:

  • Zero-based budgeting system where every dollar is assigned a job.
  • Syncs with bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Customizable spending categories.
  • Educational resources including budgeting advice and workshops.
  • Personal customer support.
  • 34-day free trial and free 12-month subscription for students.


  • Helps users get out of debt and save money effectively.
  • Educational resources and personal support enhance the budgeting process.
  • Free trial and student subscription offer.


  • Costs $84 per year or $11.99 per month after the trial.
  • Setup process may be longer than other apps.

Best For: Couples focused on getting out of debt and who prefer a hands-on approach to budgeting every dollar they earn.

Pricing: 34-day free trial, then $84 per year or $11.99 per month. Free 12-month subscription for students.

6. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a budgeting app that uses the envelope system, making it suitable for couples new to budgeting or those who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Main Features:

  • Digital envelope system for budgeting.
  • Manual input of transactions.
  • Free version allows creation of 20 envelopes.
  • Premium version with unlimited envelopes and additional features.
  • Money management courses and resources.


  • Encourages proactive budget management.
  • Digital envelopes help save for specific goals.
  • Educational resources available.


  • Manual entry of transactions can be time-consuming.
  • Free version limited to 20 envelopes.

Best For: Couples new to budgeting or those who prefer a manual, envelope-based system to manage their finances.

Pricing: Free version available. Premium version at $70 annually or $8 monthly.

7. Monarch Money

Monarch Money is a comprehensive budgeting app designed to cater to the needs of couples and individuals alike. It offers a range of features to manage personal finances effectively.

Main Features:

  • Tracks all your accounts in one place, including bank accounts, investments, and debts.
  • Provides a complete picture of your net worth.
  • Customizable budgeting tools to set and track spending goals.
  • Offers insights into spending patterns and financial health.
  • Secure data encryption and privacy protection.


  • Comprehensive financial overview with account aggregation.
  • Customizable budgeting and goal-setting features.
  • User-friendly interface and insightful financial analytics.


  • Subscription fee required for full feature access.
  • May be more complex than simpler budgeting apps.

Best For: Couples and individuals looking for an all-in-one financial management tool to track their complete financial picture.

Pricing: Subscription-based with a free trial available.

8. Simplifi

Simplifi by Quicken is a streamlined budgeting app that offers an easy way for couples to manage their finances. It focuses on simplicity and user experience.

Main Features:

  • Connects all your accounts for a consolidated view of your finances.
  • Customizable spending plans with real-time updates.
  • Tracks upcoming bills and subscriptions.
  • Provides savings and investment tracking.
  • Offers personalized insights and financial reporting.


  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Real-time tracking of expenses and budgets.
  • Personalized insights for better financial decisions.


  • Requires a subscription for full access.
  • May not offer as much detail as more complex budgeting tools.

Best For: Couples looking for a straightforward and user-friendly app to manage their day-to-day finances and budgeting.

Pricing: Subscription-based with a free trial available.

9. The Knot

The Knot is a unique budgeting app specifically designed for couples planning their wedding. It offers tailored features to help manage wedding-related expenses.

Main Features:

  • Specialized budgeting tools for wedding planning.
  • Tracks wedding expenses and payments.
  • Customizable wedding checklist and timeline.
  • Vendor management and recommendations.
  • Integration with wedding website and guest list.


  • Tailored specifically for wedding budgeting and planning.
  • Comprehensive tools for managing all aspects of wedding expenses.
  • Useful for coordinating with vendors and managing guest lists.


  • Limited use outside of wedding planning.
  • May not be suitable for general budgeting needs.

Best For: Couples in the process of planning their wedding and looking for an app to manage wedding-related finances and organization.

Pricing: Free to use.

Empower Your Financial Journey Together

As a couple, choosing the right budget app can significantly impact your financial success. Each of these apps offers unique features and advantages. Consider your joint financial goals, communication style, and preferences when making your selection.

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