Hily Reviews-AI Helps Matching and Improves Dating Safety

Hily is an acronym and is short for “Hey, I Like You”. It was launched in 2017 as an online dating and social discovery app.

Like many people, the first time I notice Hily is in 2019, via most downloaded app chart on App Store and Google Play in US. At that time, Hily has gather over 5 million users. And now, Hily has more than 19 million users worldwide.

So, what make the online dating app so popular? Why is it different? We will now take a look at several areas of the Hily dating app to provide you with an in-depth review of the service.

Hily Reviews


Security and Privacy
AI and Matching System
User Interface and Experience
User Base and Diversity
Messaging and Communication
Pricing and Subscription Options


Hily stands out in the crowded field of dating apps with its strong focus on security and innovative use of AI for matching. The app’s verification process and risk score assessment provide a safer dating environment. Hily’s AI-driven system effectively pairs users based on deeper compatibility, not just appearance. The app’s interface is engaging, incorporating social media-like features such as Stories.
While its user base is growing, it still lags behind larger apps in terms of diversity. Hily’s free version is functional, but the premium subscription offers more features.
Overall, Hily is a promising choice for those seeking meaningful connections in a secure platform.

Hily Reviews

What is the Hily app?

The Hily app, co-founded in 2017 by Yan Pronin and Alex Pasykov, is a dating application that stands out in the crowded dating app space through its use of machine learning. The name “Hily” is an acronym for “Hey, I like you.”

The app’s matching AI focuses more on compatibility than attractiveness, looking for mutual interests and identifying people with a higher probability of matching. The algorithm learns from user interactions, including dialogue, likes, photos sent, and more. The more a user engages with Hily, the better their matches should become. Hily also includes features like mutual opt-in for messaging, compatibility tests, and video-based features like live streams.

Who Is Hily app for?

Hily is primarily a casual dating app that has grown rapidly since its launch in 2017. It’s designed for people looking to make fast and fun connections. According to Hily’s data, its members engage in numerous conversations, go on many dates, and start significant numbers of relationships annually.

The app is particularly appealing to those interested in casual dating that might potentially become serious. Hily uses AI technology to improve match quality based on user interaction, making it more suitable for users who prefer matches based on interests and personal preferences. The app is also noted for its active and motivated membership base, making it a good choice for users seeking rapid and responsive interactions.

How to Use Hily Dating App

First of all, let’s see how to use Hily dating app and so we can explore and find its unique features next step.

Step 1. Install Hily, sign up and fill in your profile. Then, set your search criteria and start looking for love, relationship, friends and fun.

Step 2. You may find new people in Finder. Once there is a mutual like – you will be able to chat.

Step 3. To add your Story, visit the Stories & Streaming section, press Add, hold the button to record the video and let it go when your best shot is on!

Step 4. To start a Live Stream, visit the Stories & Streaming section and go live.

Hily Reviews: What We Like

😊 Security and Privacy

We believe security is the most important “feature” for all dating and social networking apps.

Security is everything!

Setting up a Hily account requires you to link your Facebook or Snapchat, submit a live photo, or send a photo of your ID. All users pass handpicked moderation and profile verification. These requirements make it much harder for scammers or bots to create profiles.

Each user also gets a private ‘risk score’ assessment, as part of the app’s commitment to user safety. The factors making up the score include activity, verification, depth of dialogue, possible complaints against the user, and more. If the score is too high a user gets banned.

Hily Security and Privacy

😊 Hily Uses AI and Identification to Improve Safety and Potential Matches. 

Hily’s machine learning helps to identify and show you users with similar interests and taste. It analyses your profile and the swipes you’ve made. The system is self-learning: the more you swipe – the more Hily learns about your relationship preferences. Geolocation and appearance should not be the only criteria to find the right person. HILY pairs people up by their lifestyles, backgrounds and interests. So, you spend more time dating people who are relevant and waste less time on total dating flops. Hily also claims its AI blocks inappropriate messages and the infamous dick pic.

😊 You can See Who Has Liked Your Profile without Paying

Hily users know exactly who liked them, who checked their profiles and when someone read their message. The best part that all of these are free.

😊 Hily Loves Stories

Hily functions very much like one of your social media accounts, so you can post pictures, status updates, or update your Story. The biggest selling point might be the short videos that you can post and view from other members.

Hily Features

Hily Reviews: What We Don’t Like

🙅‍♀️ Its User Base is still Smaller Other Popular Dating Apps

If you start running out of people in your area, Hily will still show you people you’ve swiped left on (AKA “No”) unless you increase the distance range in your preferences.

🙅‍♀️ Anyone Can Send You a Chat Request

Hily may have precautions in place against very inappropriate messages, but it can feel like a waste of time to field message invites from people you aren’t interested in connecting with.

🙅‍♀️ You can’t set your preferences to match with the same gender

So this app is not a good fit for the gay and lesbian community

🙅‍♀️ No Search Features, Only Matching and Filters Are Limited

This will make the dating app less efficient.

Hily App Users’ Reviews

To genuinely comprehend the worth of the Hily app, collecting user feedback is crucial. Consequently, instead of providing my personal views on the app’s pros and cons only, I have also examined more than 200 user reviews from both the App Store and Google Play. The goal of this analysis is to deliver a precise overview of the app’s strengths and weaknesses, as reported by its users.

Pros of Hily App

  • The app has various features and abilities to meet and interact with new people.
  • Some users find the app decent and satisfying with its unique features, such as hosting live events.

Cons of Hily App

  • Many users find the app expensive, with features requiring additional payment and paywalls.
  • There are numerous fake profiles and difficulty in canceling subscriptions.
  • Users experience intrusive ads, including pop-ups that hinder app functionality.
  • The app is considered buggy with issues like repetitive profiles, unmatched likes, and blocked profiles still showing up.
  • The app’s location settings are problematic, with users being unable to find more local matches and receiving recommendations from out of state.
  • The app lacks certain features like grid screen browsing and more precise location search options.

How Much Does Hily Cost?

The same with many other dating apps, Hily is free to use with limited features. The free membership rights include:

  • Creating your profile
  • Using Finder to view potential matches
  • Limited Likes (swipe rights) and Skips (swipe lefts)
  • Viewing Events. Includes your Matches
  • In Events, you can see when someone viewed your profile or liked you but their photo is blurred
  • Messaging with your Matches
  • Know exactly when someone read your message
  • Send unlimited private photos to your matches
  • Viewing Stories
  • Creating your own Story video

Then, Hily Elixir is the paid monthly subscription for users who want access to Hily premium features which include:

  • Profile Boosts – 3 per week (Go to the top of the lists)
  • Chat Requests – 5 per week (Send messages without waiting for a match)
  • Unlimited Rollbacks
  • Incognito mode (Only people you like or message will see your profile)
  • Extended search filters – includes Body Type, Ethnicity, Hot Users
  • Visible Likes and Visitors – (See who has liked and visited your profile, this removes the blur from photos and allows you to visit their profiles directly)
  • Be on top of the lists (Before free members)
  • Watch more hot Stories
  • Advertisement Free (Ads are disabled)

Hily’s pricing structure is slightly different than most. You can get a weekly subscription or pay for three months or one year at a time. Here are the prices:

  • 7 days for $14.99 ($59.96 per month)
  • 3 months for $4.50 per week or $17.99 per month ($53.99 total)
  • 12 months for $2.30 per week or $9.99 per month ($119.99 total)

Note: Hily also offers a free trial, so you can test out the premium features before you pay. Just be sure to cancel your subscription more than 24 hours before the trial ends.

Hily Customer Service

Customer service evaluation is an important part of this Hily dating app reviews because many people are searching for it in Google.

Hily customer support is available via telephone and email or online contact form. There is also a small FAQ section on the site with a few of the more commonly asked questions and answers.

Customer service phone number is always busy!!!

Final Thoughts…

If you’re over 18, single and looking to meet someone new, I would absolutely recommend the Hily app for you. At the end of the review of Hily app, I would emphasis again that security is the most important for e-dating. Luckily, Hily does well in this part.  

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