Top 11 AI Meme Generators for Hilarious Memes

Humor knows no boundaries, and memes have become the universal language of laughter on the internet.

Whether you want to make your friends laugh or convey a witty message, AI meme generators have emerged as a convenient and fun tool for meme creation.

Let’s dive into the world of AI meme generators and introduce you to 11 of the best options available today:

Memes Made Easy: 11 AI Meme Generators You Should Try

1. is an AI-powered meme generator that specializes in converting text into memes. It supports over 110 languages, making it highly accessible for a global audience. The platform is designed for marketers, educators, influencers, and anyone looking to use memes for personal or professional branding.

Main Features:

  • Quality Template Database: Offers high-quality images without watermarks and upscaling quality. It avoids offensive or NSFW templates.
  • True AI Meme Generation: Generates memes using AI, rather than just being an image editor.
  • Social Media Friendly Export: Allows exporting memes in ratios suitable for different social media platforms.
  • Custom Watermark: Users can brand their memes easily.
  • Meme APIs: Provides APIs for building custom meme applications or bots.

How to Use:

  • Input text in natural language to generate memes automatically.
  • Choose or upload a meme template for specific topics like startups or crypto.
  • Export memes in social media-friendly dimensions.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Multilingual support, high-quality templates, social media optimization, and API access.
  • Cons: Limited to meme generation, may not offer extensive image editing tools.

Best For: Ideal for marketers, influencers, sales reps, and educators who want to engage their audience using humor and memes.

Pricing: Offers a free trial with no credit card required. There’s a 20% discount for the first 50 users.

2. Simplified AI Meme Generator

Simplified’s AI Meme Generator is a tool that allows users to create memes instantly by providing simple text prompts. It’s designed to generate humorous content quickly and is suitable for various users, including marketers and social media enthusiasts.

Main Features:

  • Instant Meme Generation: Creates memes quickly based on text inputs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy customization of memes with options for captions, fonts, and colors.
  • Trending Content: Covers pop culture references and everyday moments.

How to Use:

  • Select “AI Meme Generator” on the Design Dashboard.
  • Input the meme topic and click “Generate.”
  • The AI generates a meme in seconds.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Fast and easy to use, customizable, relevant to current trends.
  • Cons: May lack depth in customization compared to specialized image editors.

Best For: Great for individuals and businesses looking to create quick, engaging, and trendy memes for social media and marketing.

Pricing: Free to use with no credit card required.

Simplified AI Meme Generator

3. Imgflip AI Meme Generator

Imgflip’s AI Meme Generator is a versatile tool that uses AI to generate captions for memes. It offers both a classic model for more random, humorous outputs and a GPT-based model for more coherent captions.

Main Features:

  • Two AI Models: Classic model for random humor and GPT for coherent captions.
  • Large Template Database: Trained on popular meme templates from Imgflip users.
  • Custom Prefix Text: Allows influencing the generated text by specifying prefix text.

How to Use:

  • Choose between the classic model or GPT version.
  • Click on a meme to generate a new caption.
  • Save and submit the best memes to the AI Memes stream.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Offers two different AI models for varied humor styles, large database of templates.
  • Cons: Limited free usage for the GPT model, potential for encountering vulgarity due to unfiltered training data.

Best For: Suitable for users who enjoy experimenting with different styles of humor and meme creation.

Pricing: Provides 10 free generations per month; requires a Pro or Pro Basic subscription for more.

4. DeepArt

DeepArt is an AI meme generator that stands out for its artistic approach. It uses AI algorithms to transform images into various artistic styles, offering a creative twist to meme making.

Main Features:

  • Artistic Filters and Effects: A wide range of artistic styles to apply to images.
  • Style Customization: Users can adjust the intensity and style of filters.
  • High-Resolution Downloads: Allows downloading memes in high resolution.

How to Use:

  • Choose an image for your meme.
  • Apply artistic filters and effects from DeepArt’s collection.
  • Customize the intensity and style as desired.
  • Download the high-resolution meme.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Unique artistic meme-making capabilities, high-quality image outputs.
  • Cons: Advanced features are limited in the free plan, and premium plans are required for full benefits.

Best For: Ideal for users looking for a unique, artistic twist in their memes, such as digital artists and creative marketers.

Pricing: Offers a free plan with basic features. Premium plans start at $5.99 per month.

5. is an AI-powered meme maker that transcends traditional templates and image editing, offering a fully AI-generated meme experience. It is designed to create unique memes based on text inputs.

Main Features:

  • AI-Powered Meme Creation: Generates memes using advanced AI algorithms.
  • Text-Based Input: Users can type or paste any text to create memes.
  • Social Media Optimization: Memes are optimized for sharing on leading platforms.
  • Unlimited Creative Variations: Allows generating multiple meme variations from the same text.

How to Use:

  • Input the desired text for your meme.
  • Let the AI generate a meme image based on your text.
  • Download or share the meme directly from the tool.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Fully AI-driven, creative possibilities from text, optimized for social media.
  • Cons: Lacks templates or editing features, output quality may vary, longer generation times.

Best For: Ideal for users who want to experiment with AI-driven creativity in meme making, such as social media marketers and content creators.

6. Clipmax

Clipmax specializes in creating video memes, offering a unique platform for crafting meme videos or mashups with robust editing tools.

Main Features:

  • Video Meme Specialization: Focuses on creating meme videos with trending jokes and formats.
  • Creative Video Effects: Offers animated text, graphics, emojis, and stickers.
  • Chroma Key Removal: Allows swapping backgrounds for creative effects.
  • Flexible Export Options: Supports exporting in various aspect ratios and qualities (SD, HD, 4K).

How to Use:

  • Start with a video clip (up to 60 seconds).
  • Choose a meme template and overlay text, graphics, and effects.
  • Use chroma key removal for background effects.
  • Export the meme in the desired quality and ratio.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Specializes in video memes, animated text and graphics, flexible export options.
  • Cons: Limited to 1-minute clips, requires some video editing knowledge, web-only access.

Best For: Perfect for users who want to create dynamic video memes, such as digital content creators and social media influencers.

7. Mematic

Mematic is a top meme creation app designed exclusively for iOS devices, offering an optimized experience for creating memes on iPhone and iPad.

Main Features:

  • iOS Optimization: Tailored for a seamless experience on Apple devices.
  • Extensive Template Library: Covers a wide range of popular meme genres and formats.
  • Flexible Text Options: Customizable text features for meme personalization.
  • iCloud Sync: Automatically syncs memes between iOS devices.
  • Built-in Drawing Toolkit: Allows users to draw directly on memes.

How to Use:

  • Choose a template or upload an image from your Camera Roll.
  • Customize the meme with text and drawing tools.
  • Sync your creations via iCloud across iOS devices.
  • Share directly to social media or export to your Camera Roll.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: iOS-optimized interface, extensive template library, iCloud sync, easy sharing.
  • Cons: No support for video memes, limited advanced photo editing tools.

Best For: Ideal for iOS users looking for a specialized tool for meme creation, such as iPhone and iPad users who frequently share memes on social media.

8. Quickmeme Meme Generator

Quickmeme Meme Generator is known for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to quickly create memes.

Main Features:

  • Simple Interface: Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Wide Range of Templates: Offers a variety of meme templates.
  • Customization Options: Allows customization of text, fonts, and images.
  • Image Upload: Users can upload their own images for meme creation.

How to Use:

  • Select a meme template or upload your own image.
  • Customize the meme with text, fonts, and other elements.
  • Download or share the created meme.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Free to use, simple interface, wide range of templates.
  • Cons: Lacks premium features for advanced customization, watermarked images.

Best For: Great for individuals who want a quick and easy way to create standard memes, such as social media users and casual meme creators.

Pricing: Completely free to use.

9. Imgur Meme Generator

Imgur Meme Generator offers a simple and intuitive interface for creating memes, suitable for both popular templates and custom uploads.

Main Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use.
  • Customization Options: Text, fonts, and image positioning can be customized.
  • Popular Templates: Access to popular meme templates.
  • Image Upload: Ability to upload personal images for meme creation.

How to Use:

  • Choose a popular meme template or upload your own image.
  • Customize the meme with text and other elements.
  • Download or share your meme.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Completely free, simple and intuitive interface, good customization options.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features compared to paid meme makers.

Best For: Perfect for casual meme creators and social media enthusiasts who want a straightforward tool for meme creation.

Pricing: Free to use.

10. Memeto

Memeto is a fast and efficient meme generator app known for its vast resources, including high-quality meme templates, HD images, and a large sticker collection. It’s designed for quick and simple meme creation.

Main Features:

  • Rich Resource Library: Offers HD images, diverse templates, and over 1000 stickers.
  • Personal Gallery Integration: Allows creation of memes using personal gallery photos.
  • No Watermark Restrictions: Produces clean memes without watermarks.
  • Premium Sticker Collection: Features a unique range of high-quality stickers.
  • Customizable Text Color: Enables users to modify text colors in memes.

How to Use:

  • Choose from a variety of templates or use your own photos.
  • Customize memes with text and stickers.
  • Adjust text colors for personalization.
  • Share or download your created memes.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Extensive resources, personalization options, no watermarks.
  • Cons: Free version contains advertisements.

Best For: Great for users who value speed and a wide range of resources in meme creation, such as social media enthusiasts and casual meme makers.

Pricing: Free version available with advertisements.

11. GATM Generator

GATM Generator is a top-rated meme generator app for Android users. It’s known for its stability and consistent updates, offering a wide range of editable meme templates and the ability to use personal images.

Main Features:

  • Personal Image Usage: Enables creation of memes using personal photos.
  • Vast Template Library: Provides a wide selection of editable templates.
  • SD Card Storage: Allows saving memes directly to an SD card.
  • User-Centric Design: Focused on user convenience and ease of use.
  • Quick Sharing Tool: Facilitates easy sharing of memes with others.

How to Use:

  • Select from the app’s template library or upload your own images.
  • Customize your meme with text and other elements.
  • Save your creations to an SD card or share them directly.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: User-friendly design, extensive template library, personal image integration.
  • Cons: Frequent updates may be disruptive for some users; free version includes ads.

Best For: Ideal for Android users looking for a reliable and comprehensive tool for meme creation.

Pricing: Free version with ads; a pro version is available for an ad-free experience.

Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect AI Meme Generator

With the diverse range of AI meme generators available, you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your style and needs. Whether you’re a meme enthusiast or a content creator looking to engage your audience, these tools can simplify the meme-making process and help you create memes that go viral.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of AI meme generators and start creating hilarious and shareable content today.

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