Best Photo Editing Apps and Software for Your Business in 2024

Being an entrepreneur, you should always look for new ways to promote your business and bring in as many customers as possible. Developing a detailed marketing strategy, doing meticulous SEO analysis, teaming up with micro-influencers – are arguably integral steps to establish in the field.

However, one thing often gets overlooked, and that’s the visual representation of the business. Many think that working on this component requires plenty of time, effort, and finances, while in fact, it’s not demanding at all.

Actually, there are many photo and video editing apps and software can help you do up your visuals. Then, how to choose the best one? Below, you can find a handful of best photo editing apps that will let you improve your photos and break into new areas.

Things to Figure Out Before Looking for A Photo Editing App

Before looking at the following best photo editing apps we picked for you, it is recommended to step back and figure out why you need an editing application in the first place. Make sure you acknowledge the niche your business falls into, what visuals it contains, and what filters your competitors use. It will allow you to cross out conventional approaches and come up with something unorthodox but equally effective.

Selecting The Right App: Heavy Hitters in The Photo Editing World of Apps

There are more than 1,000 photo editing apps in the market. However, not all photo editing apps are created equal. Some are better than others in areas like filtering, retouching and adding color. Some are easier to use while some need professional skills. Here, we have picked five prototypical photo editing apps that contain top features.

With no further stalling, let’s usher in!

1. VistaCreate

Best photo editing app for: Templates

VistaCreate (ex- Crello) is an online graphic design tool that allows anyone to quickly create content for social media, blogs, marketing, advertising, and much more without professional design skills. There are 60,000+ ready-made static and animated templates that are updated on a weekly basis and allow you to easily create beautiful designs. You can edit visuals directly in VistaCreate, remove background, add your texts, images, music, and brand elements.

You can use it in any browser or download the VistaCreate app for iOS or Android and design unique content for your business whenever the inspiration strikes you. All creators, entrepreneurs, social media managers, and designers can activate the Starter plan of VistaCreate to test and use the tool for free. With VistaCreate anyone can become a creator even with no professional skills or hired designer.


2.  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Best photo editing app for: Precise fine-tuning

If you are looking for something more proficient, you will unlikely find a better app than Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Yes, Adobe isn’t only available on PCs. It has a list of excellent tools for smartphones. But let’s focus on Lightroom CC. What does it offer? Lightroom CC encompasses all the best features photo editing apps could ever have. You can crop your photos, balance contrast, and perform other actions.

But what makes the app stand out from the crowd is its smart filters. These are game-changers, especially if you are on the go and don’t have enough time to do all the things manually. Such filters fix any flaws and can change raw photos impressively.


Best photo editing app for: Filters

VSCO is a widely known photo editing app that has gained huge success thanks to Instagram. You may not see it, but a good deal of photos on Instagram use VSCO filters and/or the app’s other features. And that shouldn’t be surprising, as the app is a golden chest for those who take photos using smartphones.

Foremost is that using VSCO is as easy as walking in the park. The design is very intuitive and straightforward, so you will always find the desired filter, speaking of which – there are tons of them! No, really. The app contains various filters, from viral film camera effects to something out of the ordinary.


4.  Snapseed

Best photo editing app for: Precise editing for beginners

Although the mentioned apps are potent players in the photo editing area, and there might seem no app to outperform them, Snapseed is the tool that can prove us wrong. Being Google’s brainchild, it has demonstrated a rapid increase in uses lately. And that’s understandable. Snapseed introduces new features religiously, improving people’s experience and making them want to use the app and test its new options.

In a nutshell, Snapseed comprises dozens of filters, so you don’t need to spend time creating one. But if you want to design something unique, well, you better buckle up, for Snapseed will take you on a memorable journey. In other words, you can let your imagination run wild with Snapseed; it allows for creating filters, adjusting specific areas, blurring the background, etc. And all that without paying a dime.

5. Instagram

Best photo editing app for: Instagram users

If you lead a blog on Instagram, you don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel and look for photo editing apps. Instagram has embedded photo editing features, which are reasonably good and can help you perfect your photos in the blink of an eye.

Indeed, it doesn’t have a wide array of options, like the above tools. But what puts Instagram on the list of fantastic photo editing apps is the info it provides behind the visual part. Precisely, Instagram gives insights that can help you understand how your followers perceive visual content. Thanks to that, you’ll learn what photos people long for and how to provide them with such visuals. Besides, you can always take a quick snap, use filters, and roll out a Story to draw the needed attention.


Have You Decided Yet?

Choosing a photo editing app is not the easiest task. Apart from the features, it’s crucial that the app is user-friendly and meets your primary requirements. For example, if you are looking for a high-power raster-based program, then Adobe Photoshop is an obvious choice. However, if you want a simple editor that can get the job done fast, get VistaCreate. You will have a finished product in less than thirty minutes, ready to share on socials or get printed into physical copies.

Provided are helpful, exclusive, and free photo editing apps. Make sure to try them all out to find the app that suits you the best.

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