Apps Like Brainly: 20 Alternatives for Learning Support

Undeniably, Brainly has become an indispensable tool for students worldwide, thanks to its exceptional interface and a thriving community dedicated to knowledge sharing. Still, there is a rich trove of e-learning applications that offer a blend of similar functionality and unique features, capable of enhancing the learning experience in their distinctive ways.

In this article, we will explore 20 such apps like Brainly, which can either complement Brainly in your learning journey or serve as valuable alternatives. These apps, each offering a unique take on digital learning, are shaping the future of education and proving to be strong contenders in the world of e-learning platforms.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your learning resources or find a new go-to educational app, you’re sure to find an app that fits your needs in this comprehensive roundup of apps like Brainly.

Apps Like Brainly

20 Brainly-Like Apps: Smarter Learning Solutions

1. Quizlet

Quizlet stands out as a unique learning app that makes study sessions fun and interactive. It offers various study modes such as flashcards, tests, and study games, making it different from Brainly’s Q&A model. However, like Brainly, Quizlet has a strong community where users can share and find study sets on various topics. This makes it a fantastic tool for memorizing facts, vocabulary, formulas, and more.

Features: Various study modes (flashcards, learn, write, test, match), user-generated study sets, and competitive study games.

Best for: Students who want to make their study sessions more interactive and fun, and those aiming to improve their memorization skills.


2. Socratic by Google

Socratic combines AI with educational content to help students with their homework. Students can take a photo of their question, and Socratic will find the best resources for an answer. Like Brainly, it covers a wide range of subjects. However, its AI-powered search and the integration of academic resources sets it apart.

Features: AI-powered homework help, voice recognition, subject guides, and resources from top educational websites.

Best for: Students who prefer learning through a variety of resources and want quick answers to their academic questions.

3. Photomath

Photomath focuses specifically on helping students understand and solve math problems. Users can take a picture of handwritten or printed math problems, and the app will provide a step-by-step solution. Although it doesn’t have Brainly’s wide range of subjects, its specialized focus and innovative approach to problem-solving make it an excellent resource for math students.

Features: Camera calculator, handwriting recognition, step-by-step explanations, and animated instructions.

Best for: Students who struggle with math, regardless of age or education level.


4. Chegg Study

Chegg Study is another excellent Brainly alternative, providing expert homework help, step-by-step textbook solutions, and on-demand tutoring. The platform’s vast range of subjects includes math, business, physics, engineering, and more. It differentiates itself from Brainly by providing textbook solutions and a service to ask experts, though it still maintains a community-focused approach.

Features: Expert Q&A, step-by-step textbook solutions, and on-demand tutoring.

Best for: College students or those studying advanced topics needing detailed solutions or personalized tutoring.

5. Bartleby

Bartleby is another platform like Brainly that offers homework help. The key feature that sets Bartleby apart is its comprehensive textbook solution feature. It provides step-by-step textbook solutions for a multitude of subjects. However, unlike Brainly, Bartleby doesn’t operate on a community-driven Q&A model but instead focuses on expert assistance.

Features: Textbook solutions, expert Q&A, writing assistance, and citation help.

Best for: High school and college students looking for detailed solutions and writing help.


6. Coursera

Coursera is a remarkable online platform that offers professional courses from renowned universities and institutions worldwide. It provides structured courses, including video lectures, readings, and quizzes. Coursera differs from Brainly in its format and objectives, focusing more on career-oriented learning rather than peer-supported homework help.

Features: Professional courses from top universities, quizzes, peer-graded assignments, and shareable course certificates.

Best for: Professionals seeking career advancement and individuals wanting to acquire new skills or knowledge in specific fields.

7. EdX

Like Coursera, EdX offers high-quality courses from top universities and institutions. It has a vast subject selection, from humanities to computer science. Although it doesn’t share Brainly’s interactive Q&A format, its emphasis on self-paced learning and professional development courses makes it an excellent alternative for those seeking more advanced studies.

Features: Access to courses from top universities, video lectures, quizzes, and certificates of completion.

Best for: Those interested in higher education or professional development courses in various fields.


8. Duolingo

Duolingo, a language learning app, is unlike Brainly in terms of its purpose. However, it employs a community-based model where users can interact, share, and learn. Duolingo uses gamification to make language learning fun and interactive. Its unique strength lies in its broad range of languages and fun, bite-sized lessons.

Features: Over 30 languages to learn, personalized learning, immediate grading, and rewards for meeting learning goals.

Best for: Individuals interested in learning new languages in an enjoyable, game-like manner.

9. Yup Homework Help

Yup Homework Help, as the name suggests, is another app designed to help students with their homework. It provides 24/7 support in Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Like Brainly, it’s interactive, but it differs by offering help via one-on-one tutoring sessions with experts rather than a community-driven approach.

Features: 24/7 tutoring, photo uploading, and secure and anonymous communication with tutors.

Best for: Students who need instant homework help in Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

10. Slader

Slader provides textbook solutions for college and high school students. It operates on a community-driven model like Brainly, allowing students to contribute and validate solutions. While it lacks Brainly’s Q&A approach, its comprehensive textbook solutions and step-by-step answers make it a powerful learning aid.

Features: Step-by-step solutions to textbook problems, ability to contribute solutions, and a community for solution validation.

Best for: High school and college students who regularly use textbooks and prefer community-driven learning.

11. StudyBlue

StudyBlue offers an innovative approach to learning with its extensive library of study materials created by students. It allows users to create and share digital flashcards, study guides, and quizzes. This collaborative approach is similar to Brainly, though StudyBlue leans more toward a user-generated content model, focusing on cramming and memorization strategies.

Features: User-generated flashcards, study guides, and quizzes, as well as a tool to track study progress.

Best for: Students who prefer collaborative and community-based learning, and those who benefit from using flashcards.

StudyBlue Flashcards

12. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular online learning resource similar to Brainly but with a more structured approach. The app provides an extensive library of subjects, with comprehensive courses in mathematics, science, computer programming, history, and more. Khan Academy’s strength lies in its interactive practice exercises and instructional videos, encouraging active learning. Unlike Brainly, which thrives on peer-to-peer assistance, Khan Academy provides curriculum-aligned content created by education experts.

Features: Interactive exercises, step-by-step hints, and instructional videos across a range of subjects.

Best for: Students of all ages seeking comprehensive, curriculum-aligned study material and those preferring a structured learning environment.

13. Mathway

Mathway is a unique alternative to Brainly, specifically designed for solving mathematical problems, from basic algebra to complex calculus, chemistry, trigonometry, and statistics. Similar to Brainly in its educational mission, Mathway differentiates itself by focusing solely on mathematics and offering step-by-step guides to premium subscribers.

Features: Offers a range of mathematical calculators, camera math problem recognition, voice recognition, and step-by-step solutions for premium users.

Best for: Students dealing with complex mathematics or anyone needing instant solutions to math problems.


14. Answers

Answers is an expansive platform that, like Brainly, provides solutions for school assignments but extends beyond Brainly’s scope to cover various disciplines, including history and biology. It boasts a comprehensive array of over 100 million Q&As and 10,000 study topics.

Features: Extensive library of questions and answers, community-driven solutions, and functionality to create new questions.

Best for: Students looking for reliable and comprehensive assistance with their school assignments across various subjects.

15. Quora

Quora is a well-known platform that, like Brainly, thrives on community interaction and knowledge sharing. However, it differs from Brainly by covering a wider array of topics, from science to arts and culture, making it less academically focused and more diverse.

Features: A broad range of topics, question and answer functionality, ability to follow topics and users, and accessibility across various devices.

Best for: Individuals seeking in-depth insights and discussions on a broad array of topics.


16. Course Hero

Course Hero offers a wealth of resources akin to Brainly but with more specific assistance based on textbooks. It provides 24/7 homework help supported by expert tutors, aiming to develop students’ problem-solving skills and enhancing understanding through detailed explanations.

Features: 24/7 expert help, video explanations, tips, hints, math answer scanner, course-specific documents, offline resource access.

Best for: Students needing comprehensive academic support and quick solutions for homework.

17. Gauthmath

Gauthmath is a reliable math-solving app, providing users with solutions from online tutors and math experts. Similar to Brainly’s homework assistance approach, Gauthmath is solely focused on math and offers the unique feature of photo-recognition for problems.

Features: 24/7 online tutoring, photo recognition of problems, step-by-step explanations, coverage of various math topics.

Best for: Students who need constant assistance with math homework and prefer learning through detailed explanations.

18. Symbolab

Symbolab, like Brainly, is an educational platform; however, it targets complex math problems with its professional calculator and math scanner, delivering immediate solutions across a variety of math topics.

Features: Professional calculator, math scanner, step-by-step explanations, a wide variety of symbols for calculations.

Best for: High school and college students looking for comprehensive help with mathematical problems.


19. Camera Math

Camera Math serves as a specific alternative to Brainly, focusing exclusively on math problems. By snapping a photo of the question, students receive precise solutions, emulating the community-provided answers on Brainly but focusing exclusively on math.

Features: Photo recognition for problems, covers a wide range of math topics, provides detailed solutions, and keeps historical search records.

Best for: High school or university students looking for instant and comprehensive solutions to their math problems.

20. Doubtnut

Doubtnut, like Brainly, is designed for academic assistance but with a special emphasis on science, math, and engineering subjects. The platform is unique in providing multilingual content and video solutions to problems, making it an engaging alternative to Brainly.

Features: Video solutions for problems, multilingual content, covers math and science topics, free live classes.

Best for: Students looking for comprehensive academic help, especially in science, math, and engineering, who prefer visual learning through video solutions.

Expanding Your Knowledge with Apps Like Brainly

In today’s interconnected world, educational apps have become indispensable tools for students seeking assistance outside the classroom. This article has explored a wide range of 20 apps similar to Brainly, each offering its own unique features and benefits. From collaborative platforms to subject-specific forums, these alternatives cater to diverse learning needs and foster a sense of community.

By embracing these innovative solutions, students can unlock a wealth of knowledge, engage in interactive discussions, and find the support they need to excel academically. So, let the quest for knowledge continue, empowered by these remarkable alternatives to Brainly.

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