TouchCopy Review-Is TouchCopy Safe and Workable

With us storing so much information on our iPhones these days, paying for more iCloud storage or waiting for slow wireless syncing speeds can be frustrating. TouchCopy is one of the best choices on transferring files between your iOS device and computer.

This post will make a full review of TouchCopy (formerly iPodCopy) and introduce some best alternatives to you. Let’s check is TouchCopy really workable.

TouchCopy Review


Easy to install and use
Useful features


After testing and reviewing TouchCopy, I don’ think it is good iTunes alternative that can help you transfer and manage iPhone/iPad data efficiently. It has less features, but it is as expensive as or even more expensive than its competitors.

TouchCopy Review

What is TouchCopy?

TouchCopy is a product by Wide Angle Software, a UK-based developer, with more than 15 years of experience of developing and selling software to consumers all over the world.

This software is designed to help you perform content transfers between your iPod or other iOS device and your computer. It is compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad versions and allows you to backup multimedia files, apps, messages, contacts, audio books, call logs, calendars and so on.

What All Features TouchCopy Offers?

1. Transfer Music from iPhone / iPod / iPad to Computer/iTunes

TouchCopy allows you to transfer Music, Video, Playlists and Podcasts from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer or iTunes. There are dedicated buttons ‘Copy to PC’ and ‘Copy to iTunes’ for that. It copies the music and restores all song data like album art, ratings, artists name, and play counts.

Touchcopy Transfer Music

2. Save iPhone SMS, WhatsApp and iMessages

You can also use TouchCopy to save your iPhone SMS, WhatsApp and iMessage conversations to your computer as HTML, PDF or a text file. Your iPhone messages can even be printed directly through TouchCopy.

3. Backup iPhone Photos and Videos

TouchCopy lets you view and copy your iDevice photos to your computer, including photos and videos taken on your device’s camera.

4. iPhone File Manager

The software automatically detects the connected iOS device, enabling you to browse content using its intuitive interface. It displays all the music files (and recognizes music metadata, artists, albums and cover arts), podcasts, photos and allows you to view and manage calendars, contacts, notes, memos and more. You can view, manage, copy or delete these files on your iOS device from computer.

Is TouchCopy Safe

When I install and use TouchCopy, I didn’t find it contains viruses, adware, or spyware.

Note: There are some cracked versions, and official websites are not liable for the content of these versions. As a result, people may unintentionally download cracked versions and then identify the risks of using cracked software.

TouchCopy Free Vs Paid

The software is available as a free trial download, allowing up to 100 iPod songs or videos to be copied. The full version costs $39.95, giving access to all functionality, free customer support, and free software updates. Also, you can “rent” it for a year for $29.95.

TouchCopy Pros and Cons


  • Clear reports of what’s been copied, what hasn’t
  • Backup iPhone photos, videos and call logs
  • Save iPhone SMS, WhatsApp and iMessages to your computer
  • iPhone File Manager: add, copy, delete files on your computer


  • Need iTunes before transfer
  • Interface is confusing and outdated
  • Slow to recognize – It took a few tries of me plugging and unplugging my iPhone before TouchCopy would recognize the device.
  • Too expensive

Best List of TouchCopy Alternatives

After testing and reviewing TouchCopy, I don’ think it is good iTunes alternative that can help you transfer and manage iPhone/iPad data efficiently. It has less features, but it is as expensive as or even more expensive than its competitors.

Here, I listed 4 TouchCopy alternatives that can be used as iPhone Transfer or iPhone manager.

1. iMazing

iMazing is one of the most popular and widely used iPhone manager software out there. It helps you with all things iPhone, like data transfer and migration. I recommend iMazing as the overall best pick, especially if you are primarily looking for an iTunes alternative.

Check the full review of iMazing.

2. iExplorer

iExplorer is designed to enhance the way you manage an iPhone. It features many handy options, such as browsing and extracting backups from Apple devices or iTunes. Files can be easily transferred between computers and devices via drag-and-drop in Explorer.

Check the full review of iExplorer.

3. iMobie AnyTrans

AnyTrans for iOS is another excellent option when you are looking for TouchCopy alternatives. AnyTrans can transfer any kind of music libraries, apps, other media files etc. It is an easy to use app and has the ability to restore and rebuild music libraries while offering easy and excellent connectivity with a variety of devices.

Check the full review of iMobie AnyTrans.

4. EaseUS MobiMover

MobiMover is another worthy consideration if you are looking for useful iPhone transfer software. Backing up and transferring with MobiMover couldn’t be simpler. 

Check the full review of EaseUS MobiMover.

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