iExplorer Review 2024: Manage iPhone as a Professional

After testing iMazing and AnyTrans, we find another popular “iPhone manager” – iExplorer in the market. In this iExplorer review, we try to explain what is iExplorer, its pros and cons, price and alternatives. 

iExplorer Review Overview

Samuel White

User Friendliness


iExplorer efficiently transfers photos, videos, and songs, offering a user-friendly interface and versatile file management.
However, it falls short in performance, often being slow and prone to crashes.
Additionally, its outdated design and higher cost compared to alternatives like AnyTrans or Apowersoft make it less appealing.
Despite these drawbacks, iExplorer remains a functional tool for those not familiar with iTunes.


iExplorer Review: What is iExplorer

iExplorer is very old, which was released 10 years ago by Macroplant. When we open the iExplorer, we may be shocked by its old-fashioned design firstly.

During the past 10 years, iExplorer is a flagship iPhone manager solution in the market. With iExplorer, you can transfer media files to iTunes and export messages, contacts, notes, call history, voice memos, and other data directly to your computer and vice versa. When you buy a new iPhone, backing up your data on old iPhone and transferring data from computer from iPhone are necessary and iExplorer may help you.

Additionally, it acts as an iPhone browser that lets you manage and organize the files on your iPhone as if it was on a flash drive or on a computer.

Like many other iPhone managers, iExplorer allows users to back up their iOS devices.

Main Features of iExplorer

iExplorer is a comprehensive iPhone management tool offering several key features:

1. Music Transfer: Easily transfers music from any iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a Mac or PC and iTunes. It allows for the rebuilding of playlists and efficient transfer of tracks.

2. Export iPhone Text Messages: Enables the export and archiving of SMSs, iMessages, and text messages, including group messages, images, and attachments.

3. Disk Mounting: Functions like a USB flash drive, allowing direct access to photos and files in the iPhone’s apps or directories.

4. Export of Voicemails and Contacts: Facilitates the export of voicemails, contacts, calendar events, reminders, and notes.

5. Access to Photos and Files: Offers extensive access to files and folders on the iPhone or iPod, including those in media folders and iTunes backups.

6. Jailbreak Features: Provides advanced users with AFC2 access to the iOS device’s real root.

iExplorer supports all iPhones, iPods, and iPads, making it a versatile tool for managing a wide range of iOS devices.

iExplorer Review: Pros and Cons of iExplorer

Pros of iExplorer

  1. Versatile File Management: iExplorer is great for transferring a variety of files, including music, photos, and messages, from my iOS devices to my computer. It’s more flexible than iTunes in this regard.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which I appreciate as it makes managing my device’s content straightforward.
  3. Backup and Restore Features: It offers robust backup and restore options, which are essential for keeping my data safe.
  4. Access to iOS File System: iExplorer allows me to access and manage files on my iOS device as if it were a USB drive, which is incredibly useful.
  5. Compatibility: It works with all types of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, ensuring broad applicability.

Cons of iExplorer

  1. Performance Issues: I’ve noticed that iExplorer can be slow, especially when backing up large amounts of data or viewing them from a backup.
  2. Stability Concerns: The app has crashed on me a few times, particularly when transferring or changing many files at once.
  3. Cost: Compared to other iTunes alternatives, iExplorer is on the pricier side, which might be a deterrent for some users.
  4. Limited Free Version: The free version of iExplorer has restricted features, which limits its usefulness without purchasing the full version.
  5. Outdated Interface: While functional, the interface feels a bit outdated compared to some modern software.

iExplorer Review: Is iExplorer Safe

iExplorer is safe.

I download iExplorer from their official website and my antivirus tool doesn’t detect any malware, viruses, Trojans, adware, or spyware on it.

In operational level, all file transfer and management in iExplorer is done manually or based on the user. The software does not change, alter, add or customize your iOS device without your permission.

Also, iExplorer does not have access to your passwords, Touch ID, credit cards, and other personal information. It can only read and write data that the USB connection can get like your device name etc…

iExplorer Review: Is iExplorer Free

No and Yes.

iExplorer has a free demo mode with limited functionality. To unlock all features, you’ll have to purchase one of three licenses: Basic (1 license for $39.99), Universal (2 licenses for $49.99), or Family (5 licenses for $69.98).

iExplorer Free trial version vs Paid Version:

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version
Listen to Music & Media On DeviceYESYES
Auto Transfer (1-Click copy all to iTunes)NOYES
Transfer Music to Computer & iTunesLimited to 10 tracks at a time.YES
Transfer and Rebuild PlaylistsLimited to adding 10 tracks at a time.YES
Mount media, app & backup directories to Finder or Windows ExplorerLimit of 150 MB Data TransferYES
Mount device’s music library to Finder or Windows ExplorerSame 150 MB limit as aboveYES
Read/write to iDevice media directoryYESYES
Read/write to iDevice app directoriesYESYES
Read iDevice Backup directoriesYESYES
Read/write App iCloud directoriesYES (Mac Only)YES (Mac Only)
Create directory bookmarksYESYES
Access SMSs & iMessagesView OnlyView & Export
Access Address Book contactsView OnlyView & Export
Access VoicemailView OnlyView & Export
Access NotesView OnlyView & Export
Access Calendar events & remindersView OnlyView & Export
Access Call HistoryView OnlyView & Export
Access Safari History & BookmarksView OnlyView & Export
Access photos and videos captured using the deviceView OnlyView & Export
Access movies & music videos downloaded from iTunesView OnlyView & Transfer
Access photos and photo albums synced to the device from iTunesView OnlyView & Export
iPhoneAll Generations
iPadAll Generations
iPod TouchAll Generations
iPod Classic, Video, Photo, Nano, Shuffle…All Generations
ADVANCED USER FEATURES (Requires Jailbroken Device)
Read/write to device’s real root directoryYESYES
Mount device’s root directory to Finder & Windows ExplorerYESYES

iExplorer Review: What are the alternatives to iExplorer?

To be honest, iExplorer is a qualified iPhone Transfer but not excellent. If you find that you are not confident about this program, there are 3 best iExplorer alternatives.  

  • AnyTrans

AnyTrans has proven to be an efficient tool in transferring your files between iOS devices to computer with ease. Among so many iTunes alternatives or iPhone Transfer tools in the market I have tested, AnyTrans is the easiest-to-use one. Also, it has so many other features such as ringtone maker, video downloader, app downloader and more that other software doesn’t provide.

  • Apowersoft

Unlike other transfer tools, Apowersoft is free and comes without any hidden charges and restrictions. However, this tool can also finish the task of transferring files between iOS devices and computer. Additional features of Apowersoft include managing your media files and apps on your iOS device.

  • iMazing

This is also file management and transfer program that lets you transfer music, access your photos, and a free iPhone backup. Also, this software allows you to manage your iOS device apps directly from a computer. 

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

iExplorer Review: The Verdict

Till now, we have made a full iExplorer review. It does work efficiently in transferring photos, videos, songs and more which would be difficult to transfer if you are not familiar with iTunes.

However, compare to its competitors, it has no advantage. For iExplorer alternatives, I will strongly recommend AnyTrans or Apowersoft.

You can download the free trial version of iExplorer and have your test and share your experience with us.

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