Top 10 Apps like Periscope – Best Periscope Alternatives in 2024

Looking for apps like Periscope? Six years after its launch Periscope, the app that popularized live streaming video from user’s smartphones was shut down on Thursday, 1st April, 2021. Then, what app you can use as an alternative to Periscope?

Here we prepare a list of 10 best apps like Periscope for you. Hopefully you can defeat quarantine boredom and loneliness.   

Apps like Periscope

Top 10 Periscope Alternative Apps for Android and iOS


Has more than 400 million users across 150 countries, BIGO LIVE is another best app similar to Periscope that supports talented performer shows and personal live-streaming. Streamers broadcast live videos of themselves doing everything from singing to cooking to stand-up comedy, and get paid to live stream with digital gifts that their fans buy using virtual currency.

The most exciting live streaming in BIGO LIVE is called “PK”. This feature brings together two live streamers and their audiences for a live competition. A category for the Battle is selected (like best comedian, musician, dancer, etc…) and a time limit (usually a few minutes). The winner is the streamer who earns more diamonds by receiving gifts from the audience during the battle period. In “PK”, you can meet many talented streamers.

However, BIGO LIVE is more an app like periscope for adults. Though it’s rated “Teen” on the Google Play Store, App Store rates it 17+.

Key Features:

  • You can invite your friend to co-host the streaming.
  • Real-time chat with viewers and other broadcasters.
  • The “Multi-guest Room” features allows people to chat or play games together.

2.  Facebook Live

Facebook Live is first periscope alternative you can consider in 2021.

Released in April of 2016, Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature on Facebook that allows you to broadcast a live video out to your audience through your company page or personal profile.

It is quiet convenient compared to other platforms like BIGO LIVE because you get the live streams directly from your Facebook application without switching and it is very easy to find out which live streams are happening or even access saved streams.

Key Features:

  • No need to download any additional app other than the official Facebook app for use.
  • Much easier to connect with large numbers of followers with engaging videos.
  • Facebook Live is free, which is great for people looking to start streaming as a hobby. 
Facebook Live

3.  Instagram Live

Instagram launched the Live Stories feature in late 2016. Like Facebook Live, the Live Stories feature comes baked into the default Instagram app. To broadcast a live video, just swipe over to the right on Instagram and tap on “Live” option. When you start a live stream on Instagram Live, your followers will automatically receive the notification informing them that you are live streaming.

Different from Facebook Live, Live stream on Instagram live is treated the same way a story is, vanishing after 24 hours rather than being saved and available for followers for later viewing.

Key Features:

  • Interact with your audiences in real-time through engaging sessions and even chat live.
  • Instagram Live is an incredible channel for driving new followers, engagement, and even selling products.
  • Hosting an Instagram Live can also help boost your discoverability on Instagram. 
Instagram live

4.  YouTube Live

YouTube Live assists users to live stream their video content to millions of viewers without making more efforts. Content creators for businesses and personal brands can take massive advantage of this platform. Many users go on YouTube to search for videos related to their interests, so the platform works as a search engine.

In order to go live on YouTube, you have to first activate the feature — this takes 24 hours to complete and requires you to have a verified account. Then, you can go live on YouTube on your computer or the mobile app, but only those with at least 1,000 subscribers can use the mobile version of live-streaming.

Key Features:

  • It is the ease to monetize your live stream.
  • YouTube Live lets you schedule your next live stream.
  • It can capture videos from webcam as well as from desktop.

5.  Twitch

A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is a powerful live-streaming and broadcasting app, especially for gamers. It is an amazing game live-streaming platform where you can watch your favorite gamers stream their games, interact with them on a real-time basis. Many people will agree that there is no better interactive platform for gaming on the internet, than on Twitch TV. 

More than a streaming service to watch your favorite gaming pros, recently Twitch has grown into a great place to watch all sorts of unique live content including sports games, singing, dancing, and cooking shows.

Key Features:

  • Twitch was the first, and it is still the most recognized video game streaming platform out there.
  • Twitch made it very easy to earn money through the platform, and it’s actively adding new revenue channels for streamers.
  • Creating on-demand content has been made very easy by Twitch, allowing you to get the most of both VODs and live streams by increasing your audience.
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6.  MeetMe

MeetMe is many things accumulated in a single platform which includes live streaming, texting, voice calling, and video calling and top of all, making new friends.

You can start your own live video stream on MeetMe very easily. Once started, anyone can join. You can invite friends to help grow your audience and popularity. If people like your stream, they can send you virtual gifts and gifts of Diamonds which you can then later convert to cash. With your video stream, people can text chat with you and others just like any other video stream on MeetMe.

Key Features:

  • It is a platform that combines social media and online dating. 
  • Can view live video streams and start your own one on one or one to many video streams.
  • Chat messages can be sent to and received from all members, regardless of their subscription status.

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7.  YouNow

To be honest, YouNow is an app which is not as popular as all the previous ones. But it is also a great app like Periscope.

Launched in 2011, YouNow is a social network that lets its users broadcast themselves to peers and fans in real time. Here you can stream videos, watch live content and enjoy active chat forums.  It is popular among creative people like artists and musicians.

Key Features:

  • YouNow lets users live stream, join communities, and chat with others. 
  • It is much easier to find your favorite personalities, musicians, artists and creators on this platform.
  • You can easily share your streams within social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat). 

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8.  FaceCast

FaceCast is a trending app that you can go live, watch short videos and video chat with random people. Unlike other apps, there’s no level or number limit on livestreaming, so you can freely broadcast your live stream. You can also create short creative videos spanning over 15 seconds and share on the platform, allowing others to follow you. The talents can hit the top topics, the short videos and live broadcast both can obtain the fans and reward gifts. 

Key Features:

  • GPS tech helps you find your soulmate nearby.
  • Massive and various styles of broadcasting rooms for you to join and Chat freely.
  • The live streaming is available for everyone. No followers’ requirement and level limits.
  • Over 10+ Languages (English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi)
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9.  Tango

Tango is a good platform to view live videos and for instant communication at the same time. With Tango, you can live stream and earn easy money. As a viewer, you can follow your favorite broadcasters and chat directly. As a streamer, you can show off your talents and get discovered online: singing, dancing, cooking, traveling, gaming.

Key Features:

  • Free text, voice, and video over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G.
  • Users who live-stream can receive gifts from their fans which can be redeemed for actual cash.
  • Tango also has a social network where users share photos, videos with their followers and see updates from users they follow.
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10. Livestream

We pick up Livestream as the last one app like Periscope.

Livestream is probably the market leader in the live video broadcasting sphere and most of its users are using it for professional purposes with high-end video cameras and webcams.

It allows you to discover, experience, and broadcast live events to encounter a more social live event service and broadcast in HD quality direct from iPhone or Android. For viewers, there is something called Popular Area where you can find trending live and upcoming broadcasts or might use the categories to search for streams on different topics like music, animals, sports, entertainment etc.

Keep in mind that it is a paid-for tool, so be ready to make some investments. Livestream provides a 30-day trial for free. After that, you must pay from $75 to $199 per month to use it. 

Key Features:

  • Livestream ensures that your viewers get high-quality video at any place.
  • Livestream supports new users 24/7, which is very helpful at the beginning.
  • With Livestream, you can broadcast video to friends on Facebook or place stream on your webpage.
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Wrapping Up

We have described 10 of the best live streaming apps like Periscope in our opinion, but there are many others out there. For example, if you live in Japan, 17 Live and Pococha Live would be the better choices as Periscope alternatives.

Whether you are a live-streaming videos viewer or streamer, we hope that our information will help you find the best platforms for you to have a happy time.

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