11 Alternative Apps Like Replika for Engaging AI Chats

Replika has gained immense popularity for its personalized, interactive AI chatbot that replicates human interaction and provides emotional support. However, the world of AI-driven conversation apps doesn’t end with Replika. In this article, we will explore 11 alternative apps like Replika that offer unique features and engaging conversations. Discover the main features of each app and learn how they compare to Replika in terms of functionality and user experience.

Find Your Perfect AI Friend: 11 Replika-Like Apps

1. Chai

Chai is an AI chatbot platform that enables users to create and deploy their own chatbot companions. Powered by the GPT-J language model, Chai excels at mimicking natural conversations, providing an engaging and interactive experience. The app comes with five pre-made bots in categories like friendly, horror, romantic, well-being, and roleplay, which users can start chatting with right away. Chai also features a leaderboard showcasing the most popular chatbots and their developers.

Main features:

  • Build and deploy custom chatbot companions
  • GPT-J language model for natural conversations
  • Five pre-made bots in various categories
  • Chai leaderboard for popular chatbots

Comparison to Replika:

Chai offers a more customizable experience than Replika, as users can create their own chatbots. This flexibility may appeal to users who want to tailor their AI companions to their specific interests and needs. However, Chai may not provide the same level of emotional support as Replika, which is specifically designed for this purpose.


2. Mydol

Mydol is a unique chatbot app that allows users to create virtual boyfriends or girlfriends, often based on celebrities. Users can select from a list of pre-existing celebrity idols or register a new one. While Mydol is primarily intended for entertainment, it does offer engaging conversations with the AI-generated virtual partners.

Main features:

  • Virtual boyfriend or girlfriend chatbot experience
  • Selection of celebrity idols
  • Entertaining and engaging conversations

Comparison to Replika:

Mydol offers a more specific and niche experience than Replika, focusing on the virtual boyfriend or girlfriend concept. This app may appeal to users looking for a fun and lighthearted AI interaction, but it may not provide the same level of emotional support and deep connection as Replika.

3. Cleverbot

Cleverbot is a pioneer in the AI chatbot realm, with its origins dating back to 1997. Over the years, Cleverbot has evolved to become an intelligent conversational partner capable of understanding and responding to user input in a more human-like manner. Its vast database consists of millions of interactions, allowing it to draw upon previous conversations to craft unique responses.

Main features:

  • Engaging conversation with an ever-evolving AI
  • Vast database of user interactions
  • Free to use with optional subscription for ad-free experience

Comparison to Replika:

While Cleverbot may not be as personalized as Replika, it offers a similar experience of engaging in AI conversations. However, Cleverbot may fall short in providing the emotional connection and support that Replika excels in.

4. SimSimi

SimSimi is a user-friendly AI chatbot that offers engaging conversations and entertainment. With its simple interface and amusing responses, SimSimi is a popular choice for users seeking lighthearted interaction. Its AI algorithm learns from millions of users, constantly improving and evolving its conversational skills.

Main features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Entertaining and engaging conversations
  • AI algorithm that learns from user interactions

Comparison to Replika:

SimSimi focuses on providing entertainment and fun conversations, making it a more casual alternative to Replika. While both apps offer engaging interactions, SimSimi may not provide the emotional support and deeper connections that Replika is designed for.


5. Anima

Anima is an AI chatbot app that allows users to create their own AI friend with a customizable personality, appearance, and gender. Utilizing AI technology, Anima can engage in conversations and adapt to the user’s preferences and interests. Users can even change their relationship status with the bot to explore romantic interactions.

Main features:

  • Create a customizable AI friend
  • Adapts to user preferences and interests
  • Changeable relationship status

Comparison to Replika:

Anima is similar to Replika in its focus on providing personalized conversations and emotional support. Both apps aim to create a sense of connection and companionship for users. However, Anima’s customizable nature allows for greater flexibility in tailoring the AI friend to the user’s preferences.

6. Wysa

Wysa is a free AI chatbot app designed to help users deal with anxiety and other mental pressures. It offers clinically-proven self-help techniques and allows users to write their own responses instead of choosing from pre-written options. While not a replacement for professional help, Wysa can provide valuable support for users struggling with mental health challenges.

Main features:

Mental health support through clinically-proven techniques

Users can write their own responses

Free to use

Comparison to Replika:

Wysa is more specialized than Replika, focusing specifically on mental health support. While both apps provide emotional assistance, Wysa’s clinically-proven techniques may be more beneficial for users seeking targeted help for anxiety and other mental health issues.

7. Evi (True Knowledge)

Evi, previously known as True Knowledge, is an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It focuses on answering user questions and providing information on a wide range of topics. Evi’s knowledge base is extensive, making it a valuable resource for users seeking accurate and relevant information.

Main features:

  • AI-powered virtual assistant
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Provides accurate and relevant information

Comparison to Replika:

Evi differs from Replika in its focus on providing information and answering questions, rather than engaging in emotional support and personal conversations. Users who prioritize knowledge-based interactions may prefer Evi over Replika.

8. Wati

Wati is an AI chatbot app designed to help businesses manage their WhatsApp customer service. It offers easy integration with Google tools, Shopify, and more, allowing businesses to streamline their customer support processes.

Main features:

  • AI chatbot for WhatsApp customer service
  • Easy integration with various tools
  • Streamlines customer support processes

Comparison to Replika:

Wati differs significantly from Replika in its primary purpose and target audience. While Replika is designed for personal use and emotional support, Wati focuses on assisting businesses with their WhatsApp customer service needs. Users seeking a personal AI companion will likely prefer Replika, while businesses looking for AI-driven customer support solutions may find Wati more suitable.

9. Elomia

Elomia is an AI chatbot app designed to provide mental health assistance and support. Although not a substitute for professional help, Elomia offers a listening ear for users experiencing depression or loneliness. The app also provides exercise recommendations to help users improve their well-being.

Main features:

  • Mental health assistance and support
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Provides a listening ear for users

Comparison to Replika:

Elomia shares a similar goal with Replika in providing emotional support for users. However, Elomia is more specialized, focusing specifically on mental health assistance. Users seeking targeted support for depression or loneliness may prefer Elomia, while those looking for a broader AI companion experience may find Replika more appealing.


10. Kuki Chatbot

Kuki, formerly known as Pandorabots, is an AI chatbot platform that enables users to create, customize, and deploy chatbots for various purposes. With its powerful AI engine and versatile tools, Kuki allows for a high degree of personalization, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

Main features:

  • Create, customize, and deploy chatbots
  • Highly customizable AI engine
  • Suitable for personal and professional use

Comparison to Replika:

Kuki differs from Replika in that it allows users to build their own chatbots rather than interacting with a pre-built AI companion. This makes it a more versatile option for those who want to customize their chatbot experience or deploy AI solutions for professional purposes.

11. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a widely-known AI-driven virtual assistant that can recognize and respond to voice commands. Available on both Android and iOS devices, Google Assistant can help users with various tasks, from setting reminders to answering questions. It can be easily accessed by saying “OK Google” on compatible devices.

Main features:

  • AI-driven virtual assistant
  • Voice command recognition and response
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Comparison to Replika:

Google Assistant is more task-oriented than Replika, focusing on assisting users with various tasks and providing information. While both apps utilize AI technology, Google Assistant is not designed specifically for emotional support and personal conversations like Replika. Users seeking a versatile virtual assistant may prefer Google Assistant, while those looking for a more personal AI companion may find Replika more suitable.

Google Assistant

Which app is Your Favorite Replika Alternative?

In conclusion, the world of AI chatbots and virtual assistants offers a plethora of options for users seeking companionship, emotional support, or assistance with various tasks. Our list of apps like Replika showcases a diverse range of alternatives, each with its unique features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for a customizable AI friend, a chatbot focused on mental health support, or a virtual assistant for day-to-day tasks, there’s an app out there to cater to your needs. By exploring these options, you can find the perfect AI companion to enrich your life and provide the support or engagement you seek.

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