12 Best Ad-Blocker Apps for Android in 2024

Advertising is increasingly invasive. These excess of banners and pop-ups are annoying, distracting us and slowing us down when browsing the Internet. Also, it is even more worrying when we consider that many Internet advertisements present serious phishing and malware threats.

Do you want to get rid of these annoying ads? Take a look at the best ad blocker apps for Android and start using one to avoid annoying ads and popups while browsing the internet.

Top 12 Apps to Block Ads on Android

1. FAB Adblocker Browser: Adblock

Do you want an ad-free web experience? Then we present you FAB Adblocker Browser. It is a browser that automatically blocks the presence of ads and banner ads when using it.

FAB AdBlocker Browser allows you to access all Internet pages, eliminating and getting rid of any trace of invasive advertising, banners, screenshots, videos and pop-up windows. Also, Adblocker helps your battery consume less, since blocking ads does not overload the screen and obviously less consumption.

This app is designed to work automatically, without the need for configuration or customization because all the essential parameters are fixed.

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FAB Adblocker Browser

2. Adblock for all browsers

Another proposal to block ads, but in your mobile browsers is Adblock for all browsers (previously known as AdShield). This app is compatible with all major browsers and blocks intrusive ads that can ruin your browser experience.

It has options that close the ads in the form of banners, pop-ups and pre-loaded videos. Also, AdShield allows you to make the battery of your device more durable, since it only loads the content that can really interest you from a page.

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Adblock for all browsers

3. Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser (Previously known as Adblock Plus) is another famous Adblocker app for Android. It makes all kinds of ads a nuisance of the past. This app automatically blocks pop-ups, banners, pre-recorded videos and much more. Also, it makes you completely undetectable among advertisers, being impossible to follow.

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Adblock Browser

4. AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

Ads that appear without your permission can be removed in an instant with the help of AdBlocker Ultimate Browser app.

Adblocker app is the ultimate app you need to improve your phone’s productivity. It makes your phone safer and faster. Plus, it’s good for your battery life. The best thing about this app is that it is safe.

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AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

5. Adblock Fast

I am one of those people who ignore the ads most of the time, but sometimes I get irritated by the ads and it ruins my mood. So I turned to the Adblock Fast app. This app won’t stop you from using your phone by helping you get rid of unwanted ads and pop-ups.

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Adblock Fast

6. BlockSite

In many cases, I feel like throwing the phone away because my work is delayed by ads. Now, you can remove those distractions from your phone and your life with the help of the BlockSite app. This app helps you stay focused and blocks adult conten.

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7. AppWatch

Perhaps what you are looking for are apps to block ads from Android apps. In that case, it is timely for you to start testing AppWatch, which is an app designed to help you monitor all the pop-up advertisements that appear on your devices.

In addition, AppWatch will tell you which app has been causing the pop-ups, banners, or videos to run, so you can stop or uninstall it.

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8. AdGuard

AdGuard is dedicated to giving you a filtered environment by helping you get rid of ads from apps, browsers and other websites.

At AdGuard, protecting user privacy is top priority. The app protects you from other mobile apps that are just hungry for your private data. Block pop-up ads that force you to tap on them while playing. So damn annoying!

In addition, with AdGuard you can control cellular or Wi-Fi access for any app to control data transmission.

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9. Adblocker Plus app for Android

This Android Chrome Adblocker is one of the first to appear in search results on the Google Play Store. It is a convenient and powerful extension for your browser that enables a better browsing experience.

Adblocker Plus app for Android

10. Adult Block – Web Blocker

This is an advanced and fairly lightweight ad blocker that disables adult content, which means it’s kid-friendly and safe. This app identifies adult elements, performs an automated analysis and blocks it.

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Adult Block

11. Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

This app is probably the only brand-specific ad blocker on this list. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet allows you to surf and browse faster without ads. The app is designed to help save battery life by loading important content, so even embedded ads in browsers also disappear (Goodbye, Adsense ads). The app also comes with its own privacy protection feature with anti-tracking.

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Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

12. Ad Blocker Turbo – Adblocker Browser

While not exactly an ad blocker, Turbo Browser is on this list due to its built-in ad blocking feature in the browser. The browser is popular for faster page loading and gives you access and download of multiple files at high speeds.

Turbo Browser is designed to save as much data as possible, so you only get the content you need. Ads are blocked in this browser so browsing is faster compared to regular browsers. Due to its ad-blocking capabilities, Turbo Browser helps conserve mobile data usage and battery life.

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Ad Blocker Turbo

Which Adblocker App is Better?

Now there is no bombardment of useless content, when you have these 12 best ad blocking apps for Android by your side. All of the Android ad blocker apps mentioned above are good in terms of removing all kinds of ads.

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