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Riding a bike is a healthy activity that has many benefits for our body. If you like this sport, I have prepared a list of the best apps for cycling.

Whether you want to become a faster and more efficient cyclist, discover beautiful routes, check your progress after the ride or plan an epic multi-country tour, you can find the cycling app which is suitable for you on our list. All these apps are available for both Android and iOS.

Let’s check.

Best Cycling Apps

The 10 Best Apps for Cycling

1. MapMyRide

MapMyRide is one of the most well-known app in the cycling world. It allows you to track your activity in great detail by recording your pace, distance, calories burned and time traveled, heart rate, cadence, among other things. You can hear a GPS-like voice that reports all the details and explains the route and statistics in real time.

In addition, you can also use the GPS and share the location of your route in real time.


2. Komoot: Route Planner & GPS

Komoot is a versatile app for cyclists, explorers or runners that allows detailed planning and optimal route tracking on all types of terrain. Riders can choose among touring, mountain biking and road biking to find inspiration for rides. Before cycling, the route can be created and personalized with maximum precision thanks to the terrain data.

The good thing about Komoot is that it almost always specifies the type of terrain you are going to ride on: asphalt, trail, trialera or greenway. And then you can create authentic graphic adventures of your route. It is very good if you are adventurous, without a doubt.

Komoot has a blog where you can upload photos with the most incredible experiences and share them with other users. It can also help discover new routes and come up with more realistic ideas for upcoming routes.


3. Strava

Strava is the app used by the vast majority of cyclists to share their routes, analyze road sections and boast of being the local legend of their city.

On Strava you can track your activities, compare performance over time, and even engage with a community by sharing photos, stories, and highlights from your rides. In addition, it allows you to create personal challenges and compete in already created routes, to try to beat your friends or other users in the results tables.


4. Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS 

Wikiloc is undoubtedly the queen of route repositories. Available in a web and mobile version, it feeds on routes created and uploaded by the millions of users who are registered on the platform. Its simplicity and great functionality for sharing, searching, filtering and downloading routes from mobile phones and other devices make it one of the most successful apps among cyclists.

In addition, it is very valid for triathlon lovers, since the route can be differentiated according to the sport that is going to be performed (it offers 45 different sports activities to follow the routes).

At the functional level, it shows the time, coordinates, accumulated slopes, elevation, current and average speed and of course distance traveled.

When we finish a route, it allows us to add photos, ratings and degree of difficulty so that other users can find out about it.

Plus, it’s free.


5. Cyclemeter Bike Computer 

Cyclemeter is one of the most advanced cycling apps out there. It is a very contemporary cycling app that tracks weather reports for various sports purposes like running, skating, skiing, etc. Users can record their workouts and then view them for analysis.


6. Bikemap

Do you like discovering new cycling routes? Bikemap is a free app with which you will discover the best and most recent routes for any type of cycling.

This app creates specific cycling routes based on open-source technology. But just like Wikiloc, it has a repository with routes posted by users and a search engine to be able to select the ones that interest you the most.


7. Relive

Relive is a cool app that gives you the chance to “relive” your cycling experiences. Simply select your activity type and you’re done. By using GPS to track your activity, the apps create a custom video for you to watch over and over again after your ride. Using 3D map animation that shows your route and interspersing the video with your photos or points of interest along the way, you can experience your journey from a different perspective.

The results look fantastic – almost like a live graph from TV cycling coverage, but for your own personal rides. It is great for showing your friends where you’ve been cycling, especially if you ride a lot of steep mountain passes! The map offers more information along the way, including top speed and elevation.

The app integrates with Strava, Garmin Connect and other GPS trackers.


8. Trailforks

If you like mountain biking or gravel, this is your app.

In it, you will find more than 300,000 off-road routes and trails shared by users, trail builders and associations or entities focused on mountain sports. The tracks are classified by popularity, difficulty, type of terrain, current condition, best season to travel them, permitted activities…

You can easily find, plan and share a route. The app can record your activity and report the conditions of the trails you have just passed, in addition to offering other information such as points of interest. If you are a builder of mountain roads, an association or entity that has off-road trails, you can report their status in the app.


9. Bike Repair

As a cyclist, sometimes you may need to repair your bike by yourself. Then, the Bike Repair app is for you!

This app includes detailed guides that will help you carry out the most common repairs on a bicycle. You will be able to learn from how to repair a puncture, to common problems with derailleurs, brakes and more.

But that is not all. In addition, the app will help you keep track of the maintenance of the bicycle and each of its components. This will help you schedule services for your bike and schedule component changes before they fail.

Bike Repair

10. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

It’s not a purely cycling app, but we don’t care, because FollowMee can save your life. Literally. It is a red button. Press it and the world will start working to locate you and get you out of the jam.

FollowMee is free and, after downloading, requires you to provide some basic information. It not only access to your GPS position, but also to your speaker to talk to you without even pressing a button in case you need it. You can select emergency contacts for the app to call them if necessary. Now it also allows you to download the cartography of your transited area, so that even without coverage it can locate you.

FollowMee is about that, security in case something unwanted happens.


Do You Like These Apps for Cycling?

With these cycling apps you can go out on a bike without worrying about anything, other than having a good time and enjoying doing the sport you like.

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