Top 10 Best Short Video Apps In India in 2024

Times are tough these days for many Chinese applications in the Indian Peninsula. More specifically, about 60 Chinese apps like TikTok, WeChat, Likee were blocked here. 

Sure, Tiktok had a lot of users in India, but this blockade did not upset the Indians. It was clear that there was a lot of space for new, equally cool social media and snack video apps, which began to be actively used in India.

Let’s talk about 10 of the most promising and coolest short video apps gaining popularity in India. Here we go!

Best Short Video Apps In India

10 Most Popular Short Video Apps Like TikTok In India

#1 Kinnda

We’ll star our top short video apps that made in India with Kindda. You may have heard Indian short video apps like Josh, Moj, and Mitron a lot of times, but it is possibly the first time you heard Kindda.

Yes, Kindda is a new application that is gaining crazy popularity in India (3.5 million downloads). Hundreds of filters, effects, and a huge music library make the app a great tool for creating short and memorable videos which are so popular among teenagers and young people.

Then, is there any unique features of Kindda?

I would say that the rewaring system is addictive for both users and creators. With a unique reward system, users increase their credibility as content creators!

The unique logic of the app helps to level up while creating and posting short videos. Users also level up by participating in various quests. This is the most exciting part of Kindda! While completing mini-quests or missions, users expand their profile and receive special rewards for completed quests.

In the next updates, the application will have a unique monetization mechanism: the app will award active users with the app’s inner currency that can be exchanged for gifts, account promotion, or used for other purposes, and finally, they can be withdrawn, exchanged for real money.

In a word, on Kindda, things work for more achievements, more awards, and more popularity.

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#2 Josh – India’s Most Popular Short Video App

Owned by an Indian content curation platform Dailyhunt, Josh is TikTok’s Indian rival. This “made in India” snack video app gained huge fame especially when TikTok was banned in India, leaving a huge space for other short videos apps to rise. Even Google and Microsoft had invested more than $100mln making it one of the most highly valued Indian companies, worth more than $1 billion.

With more than 100 mln downloads in Google Play Store, the app works very similarly to TikTok. Tons of face stickers, makeup cameras, effects, huge music collection, helps easily to generate short videos in various genres like dance, music, humor, challenges, even duets.

What’s better, it provides contents in different languages including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and more. No surprise that Josh is so popular in India. 

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#3 MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak is a fun video maker and dialogue dubbing app developed by MX Media & Entertainment that allows the users to make short-form videos and funny dubbed videos. 

Popular creators like Badshah, Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, Angel Rai, Aashika Bhatia have joined this platform with millions of followers.

Due to its quick social platform sharing feature, MX TakaTak got immense popularity. In February 2021, it became the most downloaded app in India.

MX TakaTak

#4 Moj

One of the best-known original India short video apps is undoubtedly Moj. Having over 100mln active users today, Moj is a true TikTok replacement in India.

The bunch of special effects, emotional stickers, and the ability to upload short videos for up to 15 seconds make Moj teens a favorite. Young people especially love Moj’s desi stickers and AI-based editing tool that help to create trends with short videos. An average ranking of 4.2 by 8.55 lakhs users indicates the whopping popularity of Moj.

Like Josh, it supports main languages in India, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Odia, Tamil, etc.

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#5 Roposo

Founded in 2013, Roposo is another Indian short video platform that has garnered many users over a period of time. 

Initailly, Roposo is a social network that allows you to share photos and renders a chance to follow creative people while discovering new fashion trends.

After the ban of TikTok, Roposo has embedded ‘create video post’ feature as well, which lets the user capture up to 15 seconds of video feed. Additionally, Roposo also brings in posts according to user’s location as well. This is helpful in connecting with people in the vicinity.

In addition to video creation tools, the app also offers a TV channel like browsing experience and a chat platform.

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#6 Chingari

Chingari was the first made in India app launched after the ban of TikTok. It is an Indian video-sharing social networking service created by Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam of Bangalore. 

With Chingari, you can create original videos, dance to your favourite tunes, try funny and exciting AR filters, lip-sync to your favourite songs and dialogues.

It supports more than 20 languages, including English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

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#7 Trell – India’s No 1 Lifestyle Video App Vlog & Blog

With more than 10 mln downloads on Google Play, Trell is the fastest-growing Lifestyle community-commerce TikTok alternative platform in India, for sure.

It’s an Indian short video lifestyle social commerce platform with incredible filters and effects for sharing, liking, and discovering new talents. Here, in Trell,  users can play the games, invite friends from various platforms, and get rewarded for these actions. Bringing new users can reward users with premium subscriptions and coupons on such famous websites like  like Myntra, Swiggy, Ajio, OYO, Cleartrip, Mc Donalds, Foodpanda, Himalaya, Beardo, etc.

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#8 Mitron

Mitron is designed by MitronTv and the app has complete 100 Million downloads with archive 3.8 ratings in Google Play Store.

Honestly, the Mitron app is almost identical to TikTok. It offers pretty much the same interface and user experience. The app allows you to create short videos with the help of background sound bite and post it on the platform for others to watch. The Mitron app also has its own library to see what others are posting.

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#9 YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a new feature from YouTube, which was developed as a TikTok alternative. The working principle of Shorts is completely similar to the structure of a famous snack video app: memorable, short videos, no more than 60 seconds long, filmed on a smartphone, in which the authors, most often, sing, dance, do funny things, that is, try to match to the new trend …

According to Google officials, while the service is little known, everyone has the opportunity to promote their channel with Shorts. Since, in addition to the authors’ channels in YouTube Shorts, publications are shown in a special block on the main YouTube page. Therefore, at the moment, the service is a very effective mechanism for a good breakthrough, both in SMM promotion of your channel and in increasing the recognition of its author.

YouTube Shorts

#10 Instagram Reels

The launch of Instagram Reels by no means was fastened after ‎the Indian Government’s decision to block TikTok in the country.  ‎Instagram Reels actively work on winning the main share of ‎TikTok’s user base, trying to pull the top TikTok influencers to ‎Reels.

Instagram Reels is a feature of creating and manipulating ‎short videos of up to 30 seconds – an analog of TikTok inside ‎Instagram. With the same functionality – the ability to add music from a large database of tracks, users can adjust the ‎effect, make a remix of videos already uploaded by other users.‎

Instagram Reels is an add-on to the main social network, similar to Stories and IGTV. The added content participates in your statistics and promotion, but is placed in a special separate place. When publishing content created through Reels, it will be displayed in a separate tab in your Instagram profile. Also, users have the right to add their creations to stories or main feed.

Updated: 20 Most Downloaded Short Video Apps in India (September, 2022)

# App NameCompany NameCompany HQDownloads MillionCumulative Downloads Million
1NoizzJOYY Inc.CN9.38201.63
2Snack Video Maker App with SongMast TeamVG8.90158.78
4Public – Local VideosInshortsIN5.21181.27
6ViamakerMuisc Video LabSG4.5779.14
8InShotInShot IncCN3.74142.34
9ZiliPinecone Ltd3.68172.15
10Tiki – Short Video CommunityDOL TECHNOLOGYSG3.5889.50
12MX TakaTakShareChatIN2.83274.93
16BiugoJOYY Inc.CN1.2072.98
19ChingariTech4billion MediaIN0.12115.98


All of the above short video apps are good TikTok alternatives. Each short video app has a unique user base and set of features. 

Sure, these are not the only short video apps gaining popularity in India. If I missed any app you can mention it in the comments.

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