8 Best Sobriety Apps for a Healthier, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

In recent years, there has been a concerning rise in alcohol and drug use among Americans, with a particularly alarming surge during the pandemic and quarantine periods. This trend is not limited to any specific demographic; it affects women, mothers, young adults, and older adults alike.

Now, as people take a closer look at their consumption habits, they are turning to sobriety apps on their smartphones for support. These apps offer a range of features to assist individuals on their journey towards sobriety. Some serve as simple trackers, helping users measure their sobriety duration, while others provide motivation, tips, and tools to monitor savings or improvements in fitness and health. For those seeking a sense of community, some apps connect users with like-minded individuals, though it’s important to note that some may access your phone’s contact list.

In this article, we will introduce you to 8 remarkable sobriety apps designed to provide different forms of support. These apps cater to various needs and preferences, offering features such as progress tracking, motivation, community connection, and comprehensive treatment programs.

Best Sobriety Apps

Discover Your Sobriety Solution: 8 Top Apps

1. Sober Sidekick

Sober Sidekick is a comprehensive sobriety app designed to assist individuals in their journey to overcome alcohol and drug addiction. It offers a supportive community, a sobriety tracker, and various resources for addiction recovery. The app is developed by Chris Thompson and is available for free.

Main Features:

  • Sobriety Tracker: Tracks daily sober time, helping users monitor their progress.
  • Sober Community: A judgment-free social network for sharing experiences and support.
  • Addiction Recovery Resources: Access to AA and NA meetings, motivational content, and blogs.
  • Direct Messaging: Enables users to connect privately with others in the community.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Strong community support, comprehensive tracking features, and easy access to recovery resources.
  • Cons: Limited functionality without an internet connection.

Best for: Individuals seeking a supportive community along with tools to track their sobriety journey.

Pricing: Free

2. I Am Sober

I Am Sober, developed by I Am Sober LLC, is more than just a sobriety counter. It helps build new habits, provides motivation, and connects users to a wide network of people aiming for sobriety. The app is highly rated for its comprehensive features and supportive community.

Main Features:

  • Sobriety Tracker: Visualizes sober days and includes a daily pledge tracker.
  • Motivation and Community: Offers daily motivational messages and a platform to share stories and insights.
  • Sobriety Calculator: Shows money and time saved by being sober.
  • Customizable Experience: Personalized settings and tracking options.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Extensive tracking options, motivational support, and a large, active community.
  • Cons: Some premium features require a subscription.

Best for: Those looking for a holistic approach to sobriety, including habit building and community interaction.

Pricing: Free with In-App Purchases (1 Month: $9.99, 6 Months: $27.49, 12 Months: $39.99)

3. Sober Time

Sober Time, developed by Sociosoftware LLC, is an app designed to help users track multiple addictions, stay motivated, and engage with a recovery community. It offers a personalized experience with various tracking and motivational features.

Main Features:

  • Multiple Addiction Tracking: Ability to track various addictions simultaneously.
  • Built-in Goals: Set and track personal recovery goals.
  • Community Forum: A vibrant forum for sharing experiences and advice.
  • Personalization: Custom backgrounds, icons, and timer options.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Versatile tracking for multiple addictions, active community support, and personalized features.
  • Cons: Some advanced features are locked behind a premium subscription.

Best for: Individuals managing multiple addictions and seeking a customizable tracking experience.

Pricing: Free with In-App Purchases (Premium Monthly: $4.99, Premium Annual: $29.99)

4. Loosid

Loosid is a dynamic sobriety app developed by Loosid App LLC, offering a vibrant community for those in recovery or choosing a sober lifestyle. It provides a platform for connection, support, and discovering sober activities. The app is free with in-app purchases and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 6.1K users.

Main Features:

  • Community Interaction: Create profiles, post updates, and interact with others.
  • Sobriety Resources: Access to daily inspiration, sober events, and meetups.
  • Diverse User Base: Caters to people in recovery and those choosing sobriety for personal reasons.
  • Sobriety Tools: Includes a daily sobriety counter, addiction mentors, and motivational resources.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Strong community focus, diverse user base, and comprehensive sobriety tools.
  • Cons: Some features require in-app purchases.

Best for: Individuals seeking a robust community and diverse tools for maintaining sobriety.

Pricing: Free with In-App Purchases (e.g., Dating Pro 1 Month: $19.99)

5. SoberTool

SoberTool, developed by Blitzen, LLC, is a comprehensive sobriety app designed by a Harvard-educated counselor. It’s a toolkit for habit building, motivation, and community support, with a 4.7 out of 5 rating from 4.5K users. The app is free and offers a range of features to assist in the sobriety journey.

Main Features:

  • Sober Day Tracker: Tracks sober days and visualizes progress.
  • Sobriety Calculator: Calculates money and time saved.
  • Motivational Messages: Daily motivational messages and reminders.
  • Relapse Avoidance: Unique question-based process to navigate cravings.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Expert-developed content, comprehensive tracking, and motivational support.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features in the free version.

Best for: Those looking for a scientifically-backed approach to sobriety with community support.

Pricing: Free

6. Drinker’s Helper

Drinker’s Helper, created by Drinker’s Helper, LLC, is an app for those looking to stop or moderate their drinking. It offers personalized support, an alcohol tracker, and motivational exercises. The app is free with a premium subscription option and has a 4.6 out of 5 rating from 7.7K users.

Main Features:

  • Alcohol Test: Assess drinking habits.
  • Sobriety Counter: Track drinking or sober streaks.
  • Support Group: Join a personalized, anonymous group for encouragement.
  • Motivational Exercises: Over 100 exercises based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Personalized support groups, extensive motivational content, and effective tracking.
  • Cons: Some key features are locked behind a premium subscription.

Best for: Individuals seeking to quit or moderate drinking with a focus on community and personal growth.

Pricing: Free with In-App Purchases (1 Month: $14.99, 3 Months: $38.99, 6 Months: $59.99)

7. Sobriety Counter

Developed by Mario Herzberg, Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking, also known as EasyQuit, is a versatile app designed to support individuals in their journey to quit drinking. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a variety of features to help users break their alcohol habit. The app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 154 users and is available for free.

Main Features:

  • Quit Slowly Mode: Customized plan for gradually quitting alcohol.
  • Health Statistics: Tracks health improvements over time.
  • Money Statistics: Monitors money saved from not drinking.
  • Cravings & Trigger Statistics: (Pro Version) Analyzes triggers for effective management.
  • Memory Game: A game to distract from urges.
  • Badges: Motivational badges for various milestones.
  • Relapse Assistant: (Pro Version) Provides guidance post-relapse.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Comprehensive features for quitting, privacy-focused, no login required.
  • Cons: Some advanced features require the Pro version.

Best for: Individuals looking for a gradual approach to quitting drinking with privacy and comprehensive tracking.

Pricing: Free (Pro Version available)

8. Nomo

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks, created by Parker Stech, is a personal project turned into a popular sobriety app. It’s designed to help individuals track their sobriety journey across various addictions. The app is highly rated with a 4.7 out of 5 from 12.4K users and is free to use.

Main Features:

  • Multiple Sobriety Clocks: Track different addictions simultaneously.
  • Accountability Partners: Find and connect with partners for support.
  • Milestone Awards: Earn chips for reaching sobriety milestones.
  • Community Encouragement: Access to a supportive community.
  • Mini-Distraction Exercises: Tools to refocus during temptations.
  • Privacy Features: Secure PIN and Face/Touch ID options.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Multiple tracking options, community support, and privacy features.
  • Cons: Some users report issues with the accountability partner function.

Best for: Those seeking a versatile and community-focused tool for tracking multiple sobriety goals.

Pricing: Free

Conclusion: Embrace Sobriety with the Best Sobriety Apps

These eight best sobriety apps offer a range of features and support to help you maintain your sobriety and build a healthier, alcohol-free life. Whether you need daily motivation, a sense of community, or tools for tracking your progress, there’s an app that can cater to your specific needs.

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