14 Goodreads Alternatives: Expand Your Reading Horizons!

Welcome to a literary adventure beyond Goodreads!

If you’re a book enthusiast seeking fresh platforms to explore, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through 14 exciting Goodreads alternatives that will revolutionize your reading experience. From interactive book clubs to personalized recommendations and innovative features, these platforms offer a world of possibilities for every avid reader.

Get ready to dive into a realm where books come alive and communities thrive. Let’s explore these captivating alternatives and unlock a whole new chapter in your reading journey!

Goodreads Alternatives

14 Goodreads Alternatives for Book Lovers!

1. Booksloth

Booksloth is a vibrant, community-focused platform, reminiscent of an Instagram for book lovers. This application is designed for book enthusiasts who love sharing their reading experiences, giving detailed ratings, and engaging in bookish discussions. Booksloth provides a refreshing, personalized approach to book recommendations, similar to Goodreads but with a more refined focus on community interaction.

Key Features

  • Explore new books and receive personalized reading suggestions.
  • Participate in community discussions about books.
  • Detailed book rating system with badges for fantastic world-building or characters.

2. Basmo

Basmo is a novel approach to the digital reading experience, focusing on developing reading habits through interactive features like digital annotations. Like Goodreads, it allows you to track your reading journey, but it also goes a step further by providing features for tracking your emotions and insights during your reading journey, effectively creating a reading journal.

Key Features

  • Digital annotation features.
  • Emotion tracking during reading.
  • Annual reading challenges.

3. Libib

Originally designed for libraries and institutions, Libib is a comprehensive tool for cataloging your own book collection, as well as DVDs, vinyl records, and board games. This application provides a more extensive cataloging system than Goodreads, making it an excellent choice for those with diverse collections.

Key Features

  • Create and share multiple collections of books, movies, and video games.
  • Cloud sync for accessing collections from anywhere.
  • Libib Pro for lending, barcode management, and single-click restorations.

4. Bookly

Bookly is like a fitness app but for reading. It encourages readers to stay focused by tracking reading sessions, providing personal reading statistics, and offering a convenient way to note down thoughts and favorite quotes. Its unique reading timer and focus on reading as a healthy habit set it apart from Goodreads.

Key Features

  • Real-time reading tracking.
  • Monthly performance reports.
  • Reading time estimates and goal setting.

5. StoryGraph

StoryGraph is a newer platform, launched in 2021, offering a highly personalized book recommendation system. Compared to Goodreads, it stands out with its unique feature of a “Did Not Finish” button and provides more comprehensive reviewing options.

Key Features

  • Track your reading and pick your next book based on your mood.
  • Insights on reading habits using charts and graphs.
  • Personalized reading recommendations using AI.

6. BookTrib

BookTrib goes beyond being just a book cataloging platform. It sets itself apart from Goodreads by providing in-depth news, live chats with authors, and book giveaways.


  • In-depth book-related news and articles.
  • Opportunities for live chats with authors and book giveaways.
  • Marketing opportunities for authors.

7. aNobii

aNobii is similar to Goodreads in functionality but with an additional feature of allowing users to link their profiles to their blogs. This platform also has a robust community component with discussion groups and invites for Facebook friends and email contacts.

Key Features

  • Ability to connect your profile with your blog.
  • Community features like discussions and groups.
  • Comprehensive book database with reviews and ratings.

8. Revish

Revish offers a platform to share reading experiences and thoughts, create reading lists, and maintain a reading journal. Its API and widgets add an extra layer of connectivity, enabling users to share their Revish content on their personal websites or blogs.


  • Allows sharing of reading experiences and thoughts.
  • Maintains a reading journal and list.
  • Provides its API and widgets for personal website or blog.

9. Riffle

Riffle, like Goodreads, provides a platform for reviewing and rating books, creating book lists, and posting questions. However, it focuses more on community and human-made recommendations rather than relying solely on algorithms.


  • Community-driven book recommendations.
  • Create and share your reading lists.
  • A vibrant community for discussing books and sharing reviews.

10. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is another robust alternative to Goodreads. It stands out due to its ability to catalog up to 200 books for free, provides recommendations, and allows users to participate in a wide variety of discussions. It also has unique features such as a book swapping system and the ability to tag books with custom labels.

Key Features

  • Cataloging system for books, with up to 200 for free.
  • Book swapping system.
  • Participate in discussions and user groups.

11. Litsy

Litsy is a mobile app that merges the concepts of Instagram and Goodreads, offering a visually-oriented platform for sharing reading experiences. Its focus is on user interaction rather than just book tracking.

Key Features

  • A visual platform for sharing book experiences, like Instagram for books.
  • Engage with other users through comments and likes.
  • Easy-to-use mobile platform.

12. BookCrossing

BookCrossing takes a unique approach to book sharing and tracking. It encourages users to “release” books into the wild by leaving them in public places for others to find and enjoy. Each book is labeled with a unique identification number, allowing users to track their books’ journeys as they are discovered and passed on by other readers.

Key Features

  • Release books into the wild for others to find.
  • Track the journey of your books as they are discovered and read by others.
  • Join a community of book lovers engaged in book sharing.

13. Readernaut

Readernaut offers a simple and elegant platform for tracking your reading, sharing book reviews, and connecting with other readers. It provides a visually appealing interface with options to rate books, create reading lists, and engage in discussions about books.

Key Features

  • Track your reading progress and maintain a reading history.
  • Rate and review books to share your thoughts.
  • Connect with other readers and participate in book discussions.

14. Notion Reading Tracker System Template

Notion, a versatile productivity tool, can be used as an alternative to Goodreads by utilizing various user-created templates. The ReadingHub template, in particular, allows users to organize their books, track reading progress, add tags and notes, and customize their reading experience according to their preferences.

Key Features

  • Customizable reading tracker using Notion’s flexible templates.
  • Track reading progress, add tags and notes, and set reading goals.
  • Personalize your reading experience based on your preferences.

Expand Your Reading Horizons: Embrace New Adventures!

As we conclude our expedition through these 14 captivating Goodreads alternatives, we hope you’re feeling inspired to embark on new literary adventures. Whether you’re seeking personalized recommendations, engaging book communities, or innovative features, these platforms have something unique to offer.

Remember, the joy of reading extends beyond a single platform, and with these alternatives, you have a treasure trove of opportunities to enrich your reading experience. So, bid farewell to the confines of a single website and embrace the diverse world of reading that awaits you.

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