Skout Review | Is Skout a Good Dating App

As new dating apps are popping up everywhere that let people swipe through each other’s profiles to chat, make friends and find dates, is it still worth taking Skout app a try?

Keep reading our honest Skout review to learn more.

Skout Review


User Base and Diversity
Features and Functionality
Safety and Security
User Interface and Usability
Pricing and Subscription Options
Overall Effectiveness for Social Networking and Dating


Skout is a versatile social networking app that effectively blends elements of friendship and dating. With a substantial user base, it offers diverse interactions and unique features like Shake to Chat and live streaming, making it engaging for users.
While it provides a safe environment, the presence of fake profiles and occasional technical issues can be a concern. The app’s free version is functional, and the premium subscription offers additional benefits at a reasonable cost.
Skout is more suited for those looking to expand their social circle rather than for serious dating, making it a solid choice for casual social interactions.

Skout Review

Skout Review: What is Skout Used for?

Skout is a social networking app which is used to connect to people nearby or all over the world. It helps people find relationships, friendship and networking circles.

With 10 million users from over 100 countries, most users of Skout are based in the United States, India, Philippines, Mexico and Brazil. However, due to the fact that this app shares a fairly accurate location, members can find a companion or buddy anywhere from local restaurants, local bars as well as a tourist attraction while they are traveling.


Skout Review: Main Features of Skout

Skout has tons of features, such as sharing photo, sending messages, going live, but probably the one Skout is most known for is Shake to Chat — which can get you talking to a random member at any time. Let’s check the main features of Skout app one by one.

Shake to Chat

This is a unique chat function on Skout. If you click on this feature and then shake your phone, you will be matched with a random user nearby. You can accept a chat or refuse that suggestion. Just shake for a different suggestion.

Skout Live

Like MeetMe, Skout Live gives users the ability to broadcast and also view live-streaming video. They can also invite other guest broadcasters into their own live-streams, and are able to earn virtual gifts. Users just have to log in and go Live to meet various new people and receive gifts such as virtual cars, candy, roses and more.


Buzz is a photo stream which shares member’s images and updates to users who live close by. It lets people know your personality beyond your profile. You can post interesting content such as photos or fun questions to engage people in conversation.


This is a feature allowing users to hide their photos from other members of the community. To open them, people have to pay from 10 to 10,000 points. For every user that unlocks your photos, you get a portion of the points earned. After unlocking pictures, members can give them from 1 to 5 stars. With this function, you can understand if a particular person truly wants to interact with you.

Skout Travel

Skout offers users to take a trip to different countries for 24 hours. When you purchase a 24-hour ticket, your phone will be set to the city you traveled to. This gives you the opportunity to experience the culture and meet people from different cities.  

Skout Review: Is Skout Safe?

Skout emphasizes the safety of its users.

Skout uses all safety systems of The Meet Group. All the information provided by the users is encrypted, and your exact location is not revealed as well. More than 350 employees protect members regularly. Moreover, the program checks thousands of comments regularly before other members can see them.

However, since the Skout allows users to start chatting with others even if their profiles are incomplete, there are some fake users and scammers in the platform.

If you are concerned about meeting a new friend, it is always highly advisable to check out the safety tips provide by Skout. Don’t share financial, passport, or other sensitive data under any circumstances.

Skout Review: Is Skout Free to Use

You can download the Skout app for free. Also, the free version of Skout allowed you to sign up on the platform, look for matches and browse profiles, and see who liked your account for free. Other than that, users can exchange texts, add each other to the “Favorite” list, like and comment on public pictures using the Skout free version. You can use the Skout live chat for free as well.

However, with a free version, you see ads frequently.

A premium subscription of Skout allows you to avoid pop-up ads. Moreover, with this version, you can:

  • Make your profile more popular
  • Raise your messages to the top of the inbox
  • View who adds you to their favorites

Skout Premium is available in one-month ($9.99), three-month ($24.99), and 12-month ($69.99) packages. 

Skout Review: Pros and Cons


  • Addictive Shake to Chat.
  • It promotes a sense of community.
  • Skout is a multifunctional online platform for communication, dating, and friendship.
  • A free version of Skout is available for everyone and provides lots of helpful features.


  • Overwhelming amount of pop up ads.
  • You’ll receive too many messages from members living in your neighborhood.
  • People can start using the app without uploading any photos, so that you constantly run into anonymous profiles.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Skout is a wonderful choice for people eager to meet their friends. I like the idea that it combines dating and social networking together. However, Skout could do many improvements, too. It is a useful app to make new friends, but it is not effective in dating. Even though it is primarily advertised as a dating service, Skout is also filled with people who are looking for something less romantic. If you don’t need Skout anymore, here’s the guide for how to delete Skout account.

Have you tried Skout? Share your experience with us!

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