10 Must-Try Face Editing Apps Like Facetune

Facetune is useful to improve your selfies. This photo editor has a full set of features to touch up your photos for a natural beauty look. But if you want to redefine the photo editing experience, a wide range of apps like Facetune are available in the market.

In the Play Store or App Store, you can find a multitude of apps like Facetune to touch up your selfies and photos. However, the options are too many to take the time to review each one of them. Therefore, we offer you a list of 10 alternative apps to Facetune.

Apps Like Facetune

10 Apps Like Facetune for Android and iOS

1. FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the most downloaded beauty apps. It has powerful tools to revamp your selfies and create Instagram-worthy photos. Without the need to touch more, the face editor is completely user friendly for users of all levels.

How FaceApp perfects your captures? It comes packed with awesome tools for removing blemishes, wrinkles, and acne. You can also try colored lenses, minimize or enlarge facial features, and increase the volume of your hair. Not to mention, it includes filters for a flawless, naturally beautiful look.

Also, it’s a great app for having fun! You can try gender swapping to see how it looks like another gender. You can also see how your future baby looks like by uploading a photo of you and your lover or friend. And you shouldn’t skip your most favorite aging feature.


2. Facelab

Facelab is another great app like Facetune. This face editor is loaded with retouching tools and filters to get rid of blemishes. A complete set of editing tools such as face shaper, teeth whitener and blemish remover are added to help you with virtual face makeover.

In addition, Facelab lets you create artistic photos by sculpting your face, adjusting the size of your eyes, and enhancing your natural beauty with quick correction tools. Once you are done with face makeover, get awesome photo filters to add an artistic touch to your masterpiece.


3. VisageLab

It is a professional beauty laboratory app with which we can edit our selfies.

With it we can make complete changes in just a few clicks. Remove pimples and wrinkles, paint the eyes, whiten the teeth, apply makeup and smooth the skin. It is enough to take a photo with the mobile camera and VisageLab will take care of everything else, being able to improve our portraits with a touch of magic. Once the automatic correction has occurred we can compare the “before” and “after” photos to see the changes.


4. Selfie Editor

The developers of this app have not made it too complicated by giving it a name, since Selfie Editor is a basic editor, but with the most important functions such as teeth whitening, or the option to soften the skin. However, the free version comes with ads and the photos will be watermarked.

Selfie Editor

5. AirBrush

Powered by Pixocial Technology, AirBrush is an easy-to-use photo editor for perfection. This free app like Facetune is designed for users of all levels thanks to the easy tweaking tools and intuitive interface.

In this app you can find powerful features to perfect your skin like spot and blackhead remover and teeth whitener. It also allows you to brighten eyes and tone skin with just a few swipes.

There are also many other features to find such as beauty filters, real-time editing tools, and blur tool.


6. Pixl

Pixl might be one of the best Facetune-like apps. It comes packed with abundant features to touch up your photos instantly, from removing blemishes and blackheads to correcting blemishes. You can also add luminosity with the blush tool or smooth skin with the Skin Smoother tool.

It also works well to address beauty concerns like acne, red eyes, and yellow teeth. Powerful tools like teeth whitener, red eye remover, and blemish remover are all you need to get rid of those problems. And if you want younger-looking skin, it includes a skin rejuvenating tool for a flawless look.

On top of that, Pixl comes with a reshaping tool that helps slim down any part of your face. Just with a couple of swipes, you can get those big lips and a fine nose.


7. PicsArt

This app is one of the most popular photo editing apps today, with almost 500 million downloads.

If what you want is to ‘play’ with your photos, fun is guaranteed with this app. In addition to retouching the image, you can use filters, add frames, backgrounds, and edit very specific areas with a brush. There is no shortage of a collage creator, as well as the possibility of adding stickers and cliparts, and even creating your own.

With this app, you can also create a group chat where you can share your creations and edit photos together.


8. YouCam Perfect

If your goal is to achieve glamorous photos, YouCam Perfect can be your new best friend. With over 800 million downloads on iOS and Android, this photo editor has all the tools you need for a great selfie.

These are some of the main features of this app:

  • Magic brush and layers
  • Highlight or hide objects with a blur
  • Photo backgrounds and object remover
  • Collages, frames and effects.
  • Filters, adjustments, stickers and fonts.

YouCam Perfect’s quick editing features can be used to edit photos and videos with a single touch. You can also upgrade your plan to access great premium features, including over a thousand frames, fonts, stickers, and more.

YouCam Perfect

9. Beautycam

This app comes with a beauty camera, photo collage maker and photo editor, which you can use to enhance your photos.

This app has a rich list of features, including filters for photos, food, landscapes, art, and more that can be used instantly. It also has cropping options, double exposure, and various adjustment tools.


10. B612

This app doesn’t have as many specific options to edit the face as the ones we’ve seen so far. However, it offers us many predetermined filters and the possibility of changing the background of the image with one of its templates.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to make your filter, which you can use to take selfies through the built-in camera. This app has also recently included AR features, so you can expect some cool effects from it.



Now that you know the best apps like Facetune for perfect selfies, you can easily choose an app and edit your photos. Don’t worry, these apps are easy to use even though your editing skill is next to none.

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