Badoo Wants to Chat? 2 Ways to Chat on Badoo

Badoo was launched in Central London’s posh community of Soho in November 2006 and boasts over 418 million users worldwide in over 190 countries. Like Tinder, Bumble, POF and Lovoo, Badoo is a place where you match people, chat and date.

However, is it there really someone that wants to chat with you when you received “wants to chat” messages? Probably no!

What does “wants to chat” mean on badoo app?

Every single time I’ll get an email saying 3 or 4 girls want to chat on the website Badoo, so I sign in and send a message to them and they don’t reply every single time.

On Badoo if you don’t log in a few days you may receive lots of unsolicited messages from hot girl saying that they want to chat with you. However, when you look in your inbox, you will find that there is no one messages you, except the Badoo official. Even you find someone wants to chat with you, 99% you get no response from them after you send a message.


  • There are too many fake profiles.
  • There’s a lot of bots too.
  • A lot of dormant accounts and few apps allow you to filter these out.
  • Even if you match with some and eventually start a conversation, most of the time, you will stop responding eventually. After all, there are too many other choices.

Don’t get excited when you received a message saying that someone “wants to chat” with you, unless you see a REAL message from a girl in your inbox. Otherwise, THESE GIRLS HAVE NOT VIEWED YOUR PROFILE, NOR DO THEY WANT TO CHAT WITH YOU.

Badoo Chat

2 Ways to Chat on Badoo

The key differentiator about Badoo: you can chat to people without matching with them first. Therefore, though most of the time, the “wants to chat” are fake, you can still start REAL chat in Badoo.

WAY 1: Instant Message with Badoo Contacts

When you visit another Badoo user’s profile, you have the option of adding them to your favorites, viewing them in the Encounters game and sending them a message.

Badoo Messages

WAY 2: Live Video Chat – Meet Before Chat

Badoo has added a live video chat feature in 2017. This gives users the chance to talk face-to-face with matches from the comfort of their own home. However, you should know that this feature will apparently be switched on only once both parties have matched and exchanged at least one message each. Different from the first way, you cannot video chat with anyone you want.

Badoo Video Chat

More about Badoo

  • Over 400 million users worldwide
  • More than 40 million users in the United States
  • Most of the member base are late teens to young adults
  • The app is recommended more for the younger generation
  • Majority of users come from European countries, which includes Germany, France, and Russia. I have picked it one of the best dating apps in Germany.

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