10 Best Apps to Hide Your Private Photos Safely

In specific cases, you may have to let other people take your phone. At the moment, you may feel a little uncomfortable or stressed if you have sensitive photos or videos saved on the phone.

In these cases, it is convenient to install an app to hide photos, videos, and other content on your mobile phone. Your secrets will be safe with these apps, since they have encryption technology to protect your most valuable photos and videos.

For this reason, we have prepared a list of best apps to hide photos in 2023.

Best Apps to Hide Photos

Best Apps to Hide Photos on Android and iPhone

1. Google Photos

Google Photos includes a native function called “Private Folder” that is basically responsible for removing and hiding any photo or video that we do not want to appear in Google Photos or in any other app on the phone.

You can move any file to the private folder by long-pressing on the image, and then, by clicking on the top 3-dot menu, choose “Move to locked folder”. You can check the contents of this folder from “Library -> Utilities -> Locked Folder”.

Google Photos

2. Keepsafe

Keepsafe is the most popular app on the App Store and Play Store when it comes to hiding private photos and videos. The app takes care of creating a photo vault that can only be accessed via PIN or fingerprint.

It works like this: you access your image gallery, share the photo or video with Keepsafe, and once it is saved in the vault you can delete the photo from the gallery and keep only the photo that you have sent to Keepsafe.

The app also allows you to sync photos and videos between devices from the cloud, and has some interesting extra features, such as the automatic lock of the phone in case the screen is upside down.


3. Private Photo Vault

This app allows you to block the viewing of photos by protecting them with an access password.

It also has other functions such as the possibility of taking a photo if someone tries to access a private album, and saving the GPS location of the phone at the time of “spying”. Apart from that, it also allows you to create decoy passwords with which the app is unlocked but the photo vault is empty.

Private Photo Vault

4. Calculator – Photo Vault

It looks like a Calculator but it secretly hides your confidential Photos, Videos, Documents, Passwords, Notes, Contacts and To Dos. 

There is a built-in secret gallery that allows you to organize, view and play all your hidden images and videos inside a protected and discreet interface. All the photos that we save in the vault will be encrypted, and even if we uninstall the app, the photos are not deleted: they are kept in their place with the same password, and we can recover them if we install the app again.

Calculator - Photo Vault

5. Simple Gallery

Sometimes you don’t need to install a dedicated app to hide photos, as many gallery apps already include this feature as standard. One of the best in this regard is Simple Gallery, which is enough to select an image and click on “Hide” so that it stops appearing together with the rest of the images in the gallery.

It also includes other privacy features, such as the ability to protect the app with password and lock specific functions (moving, deleting files).

Simple Gallery

6. LockMyPix

LockMyPix is a really powerful privacy app, with over 10 million downloads and a very high 4.8-star rating.

This app is responsible for encrypting all the content using AES encryption, hiding all our private videos and photos from the eyes of others.

The only way to access the content is by PIN or unlock pattern. It also provides other “tricks”, such as the possibility of creating a fake PIN to avoid opening the real chest where we keep all the photos.


7. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is an app to hide photos, videos and folders. You can lock it with password, TouchID, FaceID or a pattern. Believe it or not, the app takes photos of intruders who try to access it and sends them to your email.

You have the option to import all your protected files to your mail. And each photo and video can be separately encrypted for added security.

Best Secret Folder

8. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault has a very simple but nice design. It will allow you to encrypt the files you want to increase security. Also, you have the option to hide your icon to avoid suspicion.

The app allows you to transfer encrypted photos and files to the SD card, so they don’t take up space on your mobile phone. This feature undoubtedly gives it points of advantage over its competitors. It has no file limit in its free version, which your pocket will appreciate.

Gallery Vault also notifies us via email if someone tries to access our hidden photos on our phone. And you can generate a fake PIN to show fake photos in case someone demands to see your secret photos.

Gallery Vault

9. Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro, one of the best video and photo hider apps for iPhone and Android.

This app can hide photos, videos, documents, and notes. But if you are using an Android device, you get additional features like hide apps and music, file manager, video player and even lock apps.

Hide it Pro

10. InCalc

We finish our selection of applications to hide photos with this great app. InCalc allows users to protect their privacy with password, with Touch ID and with Face ID (as long as it is supported by the device).

In addition, the app provides unlimited photo storage for free. It also has a pretty handy feature where you can show secondary content to someone else by opening a completely different selection of photos than the ones you want to hide.



These are the list of 10 best apps to hide photos on iPhone and Android in 2023. Some apps may have fewer features or advanced features, but what matters is that all of them can hide your pictures.

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