What Is Best iPhone App for Watermarking Photos? 11 Options

Watermarking photos is a great way to protect your images and show your creative vision. But it can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive, especially if you want to do it on a smartphone.

For computers, the whole thing is much easier. The best photo editing for Mac or MS Windows software makes it simple. But what about smartphones? Can you achieve the same as an iPhone owner, for example?

Fortunately, with the abundance of iPhone apps available today, watermarking photos has become more convenient and affordable. Here are 11 of the best apps for watermarking pictures on your iPhone.

iPhone App for Watermarking Photos

Secure Your Creative Work: Top 11 Watermarking Apps for iPhone Photography

1. PhotoMarks

This app makes it easy to add text or image watermarks to your photos with just a few taps.

You can customize the font size, color, transparency and position of your watermarks. It also offers several presets to help you quickly apply a logo or text without requiring any adjustments.


2. Watermarkly

With Watermarkly, users are free to easily create professional-looking watermarked images. You can select from various styles of fonts as well as choose from more than 40 types of graphics and logos to add extra appeal to your pictures.

The free version allows up to 10 watermarked photos per month while the premium version unlocks unlimited usage along with additional features like batch processing and image resizing options.


3. LogoLicious

If you’re looking for an app that focuses solely on adding logos to your images, then LogoLicious is the ideal choice for you.

Users may change size, position, and transparency of the logo overlay as per your needs and even simulate several physical materials like wood or steel to give an extra edge to the output images.


4. Marksta

This app allows you to add both text as well as graphic overlays to images.

You can specify custom positions for each element in order to achieve perfect alignment within seconds, while there are several preset overlays that make it easier to apply ready-made designs without any manual tweaking required whatsoever.

5. iWatermark Pro

As its name suggests, this app puts you firmly in control over every aspect of creating a watermarked image by means of dragging-and-dropping elements around onscreen to create the desired layout within seconds flat.

Plus, there’s support for importing multiple photos from iCloud at once which helps boost productivity significantly when working with bulk batches of images simultaneously instead of manually processing them one at a time as is usually done otherwise.

6. PicMarkr Pro

This app enables users to create customized text logos that instantly embed themselves into their own images so that they’re visible even after cropping or sharing them elsewhere online without needing any manual setup.

It also packs in several preset templates along with support for batch processing which further bolsters its feature lineup nicely enough.

7. ezStamp Pictures

This tool takes a different approach towards watermarking by placing stamps across multiple pictures at once instead of applying them separately, one by one, which is a more common method.

You can choose from numerous preloaded stamp designs or upload custom ones yourself in order streamline processes like copyright protection significantly when dealing with massive sets of data all at once.

8. Artwork Marker Pro

The app lets users draw their own personalized logos directly onto their photographs rather than relying upon preloaded templates provided by other similar apps out there like ezStamp Pictures did earlier itself.

It also gives greater control over adjusting colors and opacity levels along with providing access to powerful software tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud apps too, thereby enabling professionals who work primarily within such environments greatly benefit from its presence here itself.

9. Photo Watermark

Just as the name implies, this app helps photographers quickly insert personalized digital signatures onto their output works almost effortlessly yet still remain completely hidden after sharing them online, too; something which again becomes highly essential when you have to worry about copyright issues.

10. Visual Watermark Professional Edition

Acting somewhat akin towards being called “Photoshop For Watermarks” due its sheer amount of features packed into a single package, the app provides everything starting right from ten distinct styles belonging classifications based upon text-only, photograph-based, graphical animations plus many others alongside complete independence.

The tool does not require an internet connection, so you can rest easy knowing that poor Wi-Fi will not disrupt your work.

11. Phonto

This lightweight yet incredibly powerful app provides possibly the most comprehensive set of options available.

Effects including color filters, frames, and backgrounds and an already stored library further enhance customizability, and importing images to edit them later is hassle-free as well.


If you’re an iPhone user who wants to protect your photos from unauthorized use or distribution, adding a watermark is a great solution.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 11 top apps for watermarking photos on iPhone, including options for both beginners and professionals. From simple watermarking tools to advanced editing features, these apps offer a range of options to suit your needs. With the right app, you can quickly and easily protect your creative work and ensure that your photos are attributed to you.

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