10 Best Golf Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Are you a fan of golf?

Do you want to know what is happening in the world of professional golf?

If yes, then below is the list of best golf apps for Android and iPhone. Whether you’re a beginner or a master, these golf apps will allow you to easily keep score as you play, find instructions, improve techniques and much more. Plus, you can follow the action from some of the biggest golf tournaments on the sports calendar, bringing you the latest golf news or just the rules of the game.

Let’s dive in.

Best Golf Apps

Top 10 Golf Apps

1. Hole19 Golf GPS Score Tracker 

Hole19 is a free app that contains around 40,000 golf courses in its database. Thanks to the use of the Phone’s GPS, the app calculates distances from the tee to the green and allows you to write down yours and your teammates’ scores. In this way you not only keep track of the game, but you can get statistics of your game. Hole19 also analyze the shots you need to improve on.

With this free app, you can see your distance to the front, center, and back of the green on tons of courses. You also get a bird’s-eye view of the field, not a cartoon rendering, which allows you to see hazards, dog-legs and anything else the field may be hiding.

Main Features:

  • Discover golf courses around the world
  • Measure distances with maximum precision
  • Track your scores and stats, along with those of your friends
  • Make live broadcasts and enjoy those of your followers
Hole19 Golf GPS Score Tracker 

2. V1 Golf 

V1 Golf is a wonderful app to improve your swing. This great app analyzes your swing and allows you to record your shots to upload them and be able to observe them more closely. In addition, you will be able to see another 50 swings by professional golf players such as Adam Scott, Angel Cabrera or Ben Curtis.

Main Features:

  • Record, capture and analyze your shots
  • Manage your swings, lessons and content
  • Extensive pro model swings & content library
  • Receive video analysis lessons from a v1 pro coach
V1 Golf 

3. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

If you’re looking for a golf app that offers comprehensive game tracking, GPS tracking of your shots, precise distance calculation, and very detailed statistics, then you’re probably thinking of the Golfshot app.

This app has more than 44,000 golf courses loaded in high resolution and with 3D animations, allowing you to calculate your goals in a very efficient way.

In addition to the functions already mentioned, it allows you to see the availability of nearby golf courses and the score received from recent visitors. In this way, you may be able to locate nearby courses that you did not know about and even make reservations directly from your phone.

Main Features:

  • Get best-in-class GPS distances
  • Track your shot distance, direction and club used
  • Score for yourself or your foursome with Stroke Play and Stableford
  • Save time and money with GolfNow tee times booked with Golfshot
Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie


This is an official PGA Tour app with no in-app purchases so you can enjoy all of its features completely free of charge. It includes a real-time leaderboard with player profiles and scorecards, live stats, shot trails, location information, and brackets with tee times.

Other features include the season schedule, course details with hole descriptions, live video of PGA Tour events and the latest golf news.

Main Features:

  • Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video
  • Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS
  • Access to LIVE video for every PGA TOUR event
  • Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole

5. GolfLogix 

GolfLogix is also one of the best golf apps in my top 5 picks.

In this app, the aerial photo gives an amazing view of each hole and the summary screen shows the distance to the center of the green, the distance to hang and the distances to hazards. With this app, users will be able to achieve even the most difficult goal.

Main Features:

  • 3D Flyovers of every hole using your personalized club distances
  • Precise GPS distances with slope adjustments
  • Full-color 3D course maps showing the contours of the fairway
  • Color heat maps of the green slopes so you know where to land your approach shots

6. Golf GPS SwingU

SwingU is a hugely popular golf app with millions of users all over the world. It works as an accurate GPS rangefinder that shows the distance to the center of the green or course hazards.

The digital scorecard is another feature that allows you to keep track of your progress on the go. The app is also integrated with TeeOff, which allows tee time bookings. You can also get a personalized online account to share scores with friends and view your past and present scores, as well as stats, graphs, and more.

Main Features:

  • GPS rangefinder that works on every course in the world with distances to greens and hazards
  • Digital scorecard that easily tracks your score & putts and auto advances hole-to-hole
  • Track your shots and gain insights on how far you hit your clubs
  • HealthKit features have been included when using the Watch on the course; e.g. track calories burned
Golf GPS SwingU

7. 18Birdies

18Birdies is another GPS rangefinder app that includes a digital scorecard and stats tracker for your games, leaderboards, and more.

Also, it offers side games, rewards and lots of news about the world of golf. Users can share rounds and compete for a place on the leaderboard. Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatches are supported.

Main Features:

  • GPS rangefinder: find your distance from anywhere on the course.
  • Stats & round history: track your stats in a few taps and view all your past rounds – forever.
  • Auto hole switching: less taps, more golfs.
  • Side games: play 9 different games like skins, wolf, dots, and points for free!
  • Tee times: book your next round with 18birdies – over 6,000 courses available nationwide!

8. Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf is one of the best free golf apps available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

If you’re new to golf and can’t afford outrageously expensive lessons from a tutor, this app will at least correct your swing. However, this app needs a motion sensor band to work to its full potential. Although buying one is not a requirement, having a motion sensor band can be a great addition. It’s great for students and beginners because it could help you improve your strokes.

Main Features:

  • Automatic swing video recording and editing
  • Smart Coach Training System
  • Complete real time swing metrics
  • Zepp social community
Zepp Golf

9. TheGrint

TheGrint is a course tracking app for golf lovers. Its GPS rangefinder allows you to access more than 37,000 courses from all over the world. In addition, TheGrint offers a free golf handicap tracker of USGA registered clubs. It’s easy to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your game with the comprehensive statistics. With live scoring, users can also compete with four in real time.

Main Features:

  • Shot tracking and distance calculation on nearly every course worldwide
  • Link your GHIN# and manage your scores from TheGrint directly into the USGA servers
  • In-depth look into your golf habits, distances of swings, and past scores
  • Get instant Push Notification of what your friends are doing live on the golf course

10. TAG Heuer Golf 

The TAG Heuer Golf app tracks your rounds, offering the ability to get 3D fly-over of every one of the 39,000 courses. With the app, you get distance to the green and hazards, shot measuring, scores and insights and a real-time club recommendation feature.

Main Features:

  • Enjoy exclusive 3D maps of more than 39,000 golf courses around the world
  • See distance to the green and hazards
  • Measure your Golf Shot distance with impressive accuracy
  • Save your scores and get pro-level insights to improve your game
TAG Heuer Golf

What Are Your Favorite Golf Apps?

So, these are the best golf apps that incorporate GPS rangefinder feature and let you know about golf courses to help you improve your golf skills.

If you regularly play golf, consider yourself a fan of this sport or simply like to practice it from time to time, surely you will have an app that we have not included in the list. If so, recommend it to us in the comments. Thank you very much!

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