15 Best iPad Productivity Apps in 2024

What are the best productivity apps iPad and iPad Pro? Since the launch of iPad, everyone is wondering if it can be a substitute for a computer like Apple’s MacBook…

I admit that I wasted a lot of time to get the iPad ready and configure it to be as productive as possible. This is one of the main reasons why I write this post, to try to save you some time when choosing the best productivity apps for your iPad.

Now I provide you with the apps that I am using the most so that you can take them into account if you want to start being more productive with your iPad.

Let’s dive in.

est iPad Productivity Apps

Best Productivity Apps for iPad

1. Microsoft Office

When it comes to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, Microsoft’s offerings remain far ahead of the competition. You can write reports, manage your data and dazzle your business colleagues in style with the complete Office suite.

The bad news for iPad owners is that you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to get full editing access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The good news is that these are great apps with split view support and loads of features. The best deal is probably $100 for 12 months, because it lets you install the software on five different devices, while giving you 1TB of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of free Skype calls.

2. PDF Expert by Readdle

If you have to read, edit, and possibly annotate PDF files, then this is the only app you need. It is very easy to use and allows you to highlight text, fill in forms, create notes and sign documents. You can even replace images and hide sensitive data. It also supports a bunch of different file formats, features integration with major cloud services, and provides a handy review mode that lets you track changes similar to Word.

3. Duet Display

If you’re used to working with a dual-screen setup, trying to switch to a single-screen laptop can be stressful. Duet Display can help you by turning your iPad into an extra screen for Mac or PC.

Once the app is installed, your iPad will act as a second monitor, giving you more space on your desktop and making it easier for you to multitask. You can also use your iPad as a professional tablet with the Apple Pencil if you go for the $25 Duet Pro.

4. Scanbot Scanner App

If you ever need to scan documents or QR codes, then Scanbot is your best option. This free app can create good quality PDF or JPG files from any document you want to scan. You can save them directly to the cloud via iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and others, or even send documents directly as faxes. You can also use filters to improve the readability of the documents you have scanned. Upgrade to Scanbot Pro for $7 and you can have the app extract text, sync across devices, and more.

5. Evernote

If you use your iPad to take notes, Evernote is a good note-taking app.

Evernote is an application that aims to replace the paper notebook or traditional notebook and make note taking more productive. Using the app, you can annotate documents and images, write quick notes by hand, or make quick sketches. It also offers a quick way to copy and paste something from another app into Evernote.

Synchronization between all devices is another of Evernote’s strengths. It doesn’t matter if you wrote it down from the iPad, the note will be on your iPhone, Android or computer synchronized at the moment.

Evernote iPad

6. 1Pasword

iPad comes with its own iCloud Keychain, which works fine to autofill passwords. However, you cannot view the passwords on iCloud Keychain anytime. For this reason, apps like 1Pasword are essential. You will only need to remember a single password to access all the passwords you use often.

We live in a world in which any website or app asks us for a password and, often, these must be updated regularly. Thanks to 1Pasword you will not forget any of them and you will be able to access the passwords, copy them or share them very easily.

The app is free to download and has a 30-day free trial. After that, the subscription fee starts from $3.99 to $7.99.

7. Spark

If you use more than one email service, then Spark is the must-have app on your iPad.

The Spark app allows you to manage email from iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and many other email accounts. With all mail services, the application can work without any hang issues. All emails are organized into categories like Personal, Notifications and Newsletters for easy reading. You can also schedule emails at a specific time.

8. Mint

In the field of money management, Mint is the best productivity app for your iPad.

With the Mint app, you can manage your income and expenses like a pro. It collects the data of your bank and credit cards, and classifies them in different categories. In the app, you can set budgets for your activities, set financial goals, and make an entry in your expense lists. The Mint will send you personalized alerts to maintain your financial health.

9. Google Drive

Not every one of your friends will have an iOS device. Google Drive is the best way to share files between iOS and Android devices. You just have to upload the files to Google Drive and share the link with your friends. The highlight of Google Drive is that you can upload any type of file to it.

The app is free and you get 10 GB of free storage. If you want more, it costs $1.99 per month for 100GB.

Google Drive iPad

10.  Forest

Forest is one of the best productivity apps for work and study.

Forest app encourages you to use your iPad less when you are studying or working. To get rid of your iPad or iPad Pro for a while, you can plant a seed in the app. When you’re away from your iPad, the seed begins to grow. If you don’t open your iPad any longer, the seed will grow into a tree. When you open your iPad in a quick session, the tree will fall down. If you use the app for a longer time, it will grow a forest of its own.

11.  Pocket

The pocket app allows you to store any information on your iPad. The app is like an enhanced version of the clipboard.

In a day, you come across at least one interesting piece of information on your iPad. To store this information, Pocket can help you. You can store information such as images, videos, audios, gifs from websites, applications or any other source. When you save something in this iPad app, it can also be accessed on other Apple devices. You can also use the app in offline mode.

The app is free and the Pro version costs $4.99 per month and $44.99 per year.

12.  Asana

Asana is a platform that aims to bring workflows together in a simple and easy way, so you can see and sort all the tasks associated with a project.

As a work management tool, it works very well in teams, although you can also use it personally. Without a doubt, Asana is the ultimate tool for scheduling goals and organizing projects.

13.  Clockify

If you want know how much time you spent on a job, you can use the Clockify app on your iPad. This time tracking app lets you know how many hours you spend on each project or task with a single click. You can keep track of time with a timer in timer mode, or add it manually.

At the end of your tasks, you can generate reports to see how much time you spent on each project, client or whatever you are recording.

14.  Slack

Slack is a set of collaboration tools and services, where you can easily communicate with everyone on your team.

You can create different channels for different projects and topics, and then invite everyone to join these channels. Later, you can send each other texts, images, videos and other important files.

Slack is especially useful for teams that work remotely, because it allows communication as if all team members were in the same place.

In addition, to improve productivity, this tool allows you to integrate other tools, such as DropBox, Google Drive or Asana.

15.  Procreate

Procreate is an app that really shows how efficient productivity can be on an iPad. It’s a sturdy, professional, quality art tool and probably overkill if you’re just looking to doodle with it. It features support for ultra-high definition 4k canvases, up to 128 layers, 250 levels of undo and redo, and over 100 customizable brushes. From transformative tools to workflow video capture, multi-touch gesture commands, and GPU-accelerated filters, Procreate delivers impressive performance. It’s a must-have for artists and designers. Also, it can do wonders if you have an Apple Pencil.

The Bottom Line

These are the best productivity apps for iPad. Install these apps on your iPad and use your iPad productively from now on. If we’ve missed any of the best productivity apps for iPad, let us know in the comments below.

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