The 7 Best Meditation Apps for Beginners and Advanced

Accessible to everyone and even from your smartphone, meditation requires little time but allows you to achieve many goals: live in the present moment, listen to your body, relax, develop self-confidence, find meaning in your life, and more. This summer, relax with our top 7 editorially tested and approved meditation apps!

Here we bring a selection of what we consider to be the 7 best meditation apps. They are selected by following different criteria which include quality, usefulness, ease of use, and quantity of content. All of these meditation apps are both good for those who are starting meditation and those who are already familiar with it.

Best Meditation Apps

The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2022

#1 Headspace

Headspace, founded in 2010, is now a world leading app for meditation and mindfulness.

It offers very successful programs to meditate, take care of the quality of your nights and concentrate. Depending on your preference and your habits, Headspace suggests new modules and experiences every day, from the discovery of mindfulness meditation to more specific modules such as “getting through a difficult time”, “sleeping in peace”, “saying goodbye to stress” or “fall back to sleep”. Over 70 million users have already downloaded the app and the reviews are very positive.

Headspace is ideal for beginners, or more advanced, as it has all kinds of practices, as well as a course to learn the most basic concepts of meditation in 10 animated episodes. It has meditations on different themes, and you can download your favorites to listen to them offline.

The application is free to download, so you will have access to several basic meditations. The premium subscription will allow you to explore more specialized exercises.

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#2 Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the quintessential meditation apps. It is designed to function as a social network focused on meditation since it allows you to participate in discussion groups with other users and share experiences and advice.

With over 100,000 titles, it’s the largest free library of guided meditations in the world. Insight Timer can teach you how to meditate and offers a wide variety of sessions: sleep meditation, mindfulness meditation, morning meditation. The application also includes relaxing music as well as modules to fight against anguish and anxiety.

Insight Timer is the only truly free meditation app offering quality content. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that 20 million people regularly use this app to meditate, better manage their breathing and take care of their health.

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Insight Timer

#3. Calm

Calm is defined as the number one app for meditation and sleep in the world, with millions of users who already enjoy less stress, anxiety and above all, a much more restful sleep.

This partially free application mainly focuses on relaxation and sleep. It helps you fight daily stress, anxiety and offers you breathing exercises. Sessions and podcasts range from 3 to 25 minutes for beginners to more advanced levels. It’s up to you to choose your pace and determine your level. Designed for adults and children alike, Calm is the perfect app to get to sleep quickly, with bedtime stories to “put you into a deep, restorative slumber”.

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#4. Aura

If you only have three minutes to breathe during your work day, Aura app is for you. It can help you calm your nerves, relax, or take a break with one of its three-minute meditations when you need to distract yourself, before heading back to work, or just to give your body that much-needed breathing time. If you have a little more space in your schedule, you can try longer guided meditations with different themes, and if you don’t even have 3 minutes available, their 30-second anti-anxiety sessions will help you release some stress.

By entering a few details, Aura can identify what you’re struggling with and can suggest the best possible guidance with the help of mindfulness meditations, stories, life coaches, and more. It also has thousands of powerful audio tracks, gratitude journals, nature sounds, and music.

Whether you are having a difficult day, feel stressed or can’t sleep, you can use Aura to instantly feel much more relaxed and better than before.


#5. Smiling Mind

Developed by psychologists and educators, Smiling Mind can help you practice mindfulness and meditation, no matter your age. They have programs for children, adults, families, classrooms, at work, and other settings.

You can start for as little as 10 minutes a day to build a habit with this app and even set timely reminders, so you get to your sessions on time. You can also easily track your progress and see how much you have evolved since you started using Smiling Mind.

#6. Breathe

Breethe is a meditation app designed to improve your mindfulness and a day and night inner wellness partner for your anxiety, stress and sleep.

It helps users embrace meditation and adopt it into their daily lives by emphasizing brief sessions no longer than 5 minutes. These guide you throughout your day, beginning the moment you wake up in the morning and ending when you go to bed. With more than 1,500 tracks, you will never run out of guided meditations to help you through life’s challenges and soothing music to sleep better.

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#7. Buddhify

The Buddhify app is said to be ‘the only meditation app designed to fit into a busy modern lifestyle.’ It doesn’t ask for any of your extra time on already busy days. That’s because you can use this app at any time and at any pace you are at – Buddhify provides the user with over 200 audio tracks of guided meditations for use in many different situations and environments. 

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Buddhify App

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Now that you know the best apps to meditate according to your needs, you have to start meditation! For this, I advise you to follow the following tips.

➜ Pick A Time

Meditation requires regularity to feel the benefits of this practice. Determine a time of day that you could dedicate to your meditation sessions. Generally, it is best to choose in the morning when you get up or in the evening when you go to bed. These options will allow you to create habits that will become your ritual to start or end the day well.

➜ Set A Goal

For example, you can start with 3 meditation sessions each week. Then, when you feel comfortable, you can go to 4 sessions and then to 5. You can use apps to determine these goals and stay motivated in the long term.

➜ Try for 30 Days

Go for it and try to stay the meditation practice or course for at least 4 weeks. This is how you will be able to fully experience the benefits of meditation.

And now, it’s your turn! Do not hesitate to share your tips if you also know of other apps for meditation and mindfulness.

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