10 Best Walking Apps for Android and iPhone

Walking is one of the healthiest and least harmful exercises for our body. It allows us to improve our cardio, lose weight and get in better shape. Also, there are many walking apps that not only serve to count how many kilometers we have traveled, but also allow us to keep a daily record of the distance we have walked, routines adapted to our needs and advice on health and nutrition.

If you are a lover of outdoor walks, it is very likely that you will be interested in the list of best walking apps. In this post, you will find the best walking apps and useful tips for you to walk in a better way.

Best Walking Apps

The 10 Best Walking Apps

1. MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk was created to monitor more than 600 physical activities and sports, including walking. With this app, you can measure how far you’ve walked, your average speed, calorie consumption, elevation, and active time. You can create your own walking route and also discover new places and paths suitable for walking.

With MapMyWalk, you can also share your results on Facebook or Twitter, see how your friends are doing compared to you, participate in various contests and win prizes.

This walking app is free but there is a paid version with a subscription cost of $5.99 per month.


2. Walking for Weight Loss

If you want to Walk to Lose Weight, this app is what you are looking for. This walking apps comes with a 3-month preset training plan that covers 5-7 training days per week and offers personalized programs according to your current fitness level.

There are different levels available, depending on your physical condition (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and vocal feedback to support you during your walks. Walking for Weigh Loss will track your entire physical activity, from distance to pace and time, and show you graphs of your weight loss progress.

The app is free but if you want to subscribe to the paid version, it will cost you $9.99 per month.

Walking for Weight Loss

3. ActivityTracker Pedometer 

Activity Tracker is an easy-to-use app to track how much you walk.

This app can measure steps taken, distance walked or run, flights of stairs climbed, total active time, and calories burned. It also encourages you to keep walking since you can set a goal per week and presents you with a goal per day with respect to that goal. You can set the goal for steps, distance or calories.

You can download this app for free, but it is priced at $4.99 for the Pro version which has upgrades and it is only a one-time payment.

ActivityTracker Pedometer

4. Sweatcoin

Do you feel that you lack any incentive to start walking every day? Then download Sweatcoin, an app that pays you to walk as a reward for your efforts.

The app is responsible for recording your steps and movements to accumulate points. With its integrated pedometer, you will even be able to run, jog, jump at home or do all kinds of exercises.

Every time you meet a minimum quota, these are exchanged for digital currencies called Sweat Coins. In turn, Sweatcoin will allow you to use these coins to buy a series of products and services that are available in the app’s own store or Marketplace.


5. Walkmeter

Walkmeter uses GPS to monitor your walking time, distance covered, calories burned, as well as average speed, split times, and elevation. You can also choose to receive voice announcements at set intervals on desired metrics: distance, time, speed, pace and more, and hear reactions from friends and followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


6. Pacer Pedometer

Some pedometer apps don’t record steps when you’re not holding the phone. This is not the case with Pacer. Whenever you carry your phone with you (in your hand, in your pocket, or even in your bag) while walking, running, exercising, or shopping, your steps will be recorded.

You can also use it with your friends or family and participate in the different challenges that Pacer offers.

Pacer Pedometer

7. Pedometer & Step Counter

Pedometer is an excellent app that goes straight to the point. It does not force you to register or login. It is dedicated to showing you directly what interests you. Through the sensor of your Android phone, you can determine the number of steps you have taken, the distance traveled, the time you have been walking and more.

Pedometer & Step Counter

8. Walker Tracker

Walk Tracker is a pedometer app developed to record your daily movement without a negative impact on your battery (does not use GPS). With the help of built-in sensors, the app records and displays the number of steps, distance, calories burned and active time. You can start and pause the activity whenever you want and even reset the number of steps.

In addition, Walk Tracker gives you the option to select your goal (lose weight, build muscle, or stay healthy) and provides a personalized daily exercise plan based on your selection.

Walker Tracker

9. Walkster

Walkster allows you to set a daily step goal and keeps you updated with the progress using real-time statistics and weekly reports. The app offers video-guided classes for walking, interval training, or strengthening your body. At the same time, it provides helpful tips to help you choose challenges based on your fitness level and health goals.

With the help of GPS, you can map each of your walks, and save and share your favorite routes with others.


10. Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the best apps to track each workout you do, both from your mobile phone and from your smart watch.

Using the sensors of these devices, the app records your speed, your pace, your steps, your route, the time spent, etc.

With Google Fit, you can analyze the progress of your walks, and set goals to meet day by day. Thus, you can obtain Cardio Points within the program created by Google and the World Health Organization to improve your health. Remember, just walking 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep better, and increase your overall mental well-being.

Without a doubt, Google Fit is one of the best walking apps, as it is easy to use, it can record your walks automatically and, above all, it can be downloaded and used completely free of charge.

Google Fit

Tips For Going for A Walk

After reading this article on the 10 Best walking apps, you may have motivated yourself to try these apps and enjoy a good walk.

However, before you go out for a walk, keep in mind the tips for going for a walk that we will give you below. With them you will not run the risk of injuring yourself and you will also carry out a correct physical activity. These walking tips are:

  • Do a few warm-up exercises and stretches first
  • Start with a 20-minute walk then increase gradually
  • Walk at a steady pace, swing your arms freely and stand as straight as you can
  • Wear sensible, comfortable and lightweight shoes
  • Drink water before and after your walk
  • Don’t overexert yourself

With these basic tips and the best walking apps, you can have a good walk.

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