11 Best Wedding Planning Apps as You Wish

When we hear wedding planning, words like party, invitation, paperwork, decoration, preparations, dress, suit, photos, among many other things, come to mind. At first it can be exciting and at the same time it can be overwhelming to think about all these.

If you dedicate yourself to plan a wedding but don’t know how to start, don’t worry! In this post, we will take a tour of 11 of the best apps to plan an unforgettable wedding. Let’s start.

Best Wedding Planning Apps

11 Best Wedding Planning Apps

1. Wedding Planner by The Knot

Founded in 1996 as the first digital wedding planning brand, The Knot provides millions of couples each year with the opportunity to plan a completely personalized wedding.

From the inspiration for the decoration of the event to the contact with suppliers, Wedding Planner by The Knot has everything you need to plan your wedding and stay inspired while you do it.

This wedding app includes planning tools like a checklist, timeline, budget, and guest list manager. There are even vendor recommendations for your area and the ability to create a wedding website from within the app. It is also a great app to find the perfect wedding dress – this app contains hundreds of photographs with wedding dresses and their designers.

All is all, Knot is a great wedding planning app that every bride should have on her phone.

Wedding Planner by The Knot

2. Wedding Planner by WeddingWire

WeddingWire also has a wedding planning app that includes a guest list planner, vendor manager, checklist, budget planner, and registry. Beautiful photo galleries for wedding dresses, flowers and honeymoons will give you fresh ideas and help you focus on what you like.

A fun feature of the WeddingWire app is that the in-app forums are easy to use and will keep you connected with other brides planning their weddings.

Wedding Planner by WeddingWire

3. Wedding Planner by MyWed

Planning and organizing a wedding are easier with MyWed.

This modern app will help you to carry out an orderly work and allows you not to forget any important detail. You can synchronize your mobile contacts to choose who to send an invitation to, create a task list, establish a budget for expenses, and more.

Something interesting and very useful is that MyWed will guide you through the organization process, telling you when you should do what you have proposed, so that you don’t forget anything and have everything up to date.

Wedding Planner by MyWed

4. The Big Day: Wedding Planner

Do you already have a date scheduled for your wedding? Then start planning this important event right now with The Big Day app. With this app you can schedule the days until the big event.

Among its most outstanding features, we find much of what has been previously described in other apps, such as a budget function that helps you save money and keep everything within what you can afford, a guest list, a to-do list and an agenda to better manage all the tasks to be done to have everything up to date when the time comes.

Beyond being an app that offers you the basics and necessary to organize your ideal wedding, it is one that has a countdown function that counts the days, hours, and minutes remaining for that big day.

The Big Day

5. Zola

The Zola Weddings app has everything you need to plan your wedding. Start with your basic planning tools like checklists, guest lists, and schedules, and then move on to creating a wedding website and registry.

Zola Weddings also has a Zola Registry app where you can create a universal gift registry of whatever you want, without having to specify which store you want it from.


6. Zankyou

Zankyou is another very good app that will help you plan your wedding easily, quickly and simply.

Zankyou allows you to access a list of specialized providers, magazines, wedding websites, gift lists and much more from your phone. In this way, if you need some inspiration, you know where to look.

There are also functions such as a wedding budgeter, which will help you save everything and keep track of the money you spend on organizing and contracting services, and hairdressing and accommodation recommendation sections.

In addition, thanks to its modern system, the guests will have the option of sending monetary gifts directly to the bank accounts of the bride and groom.

With this app you will also have guides and articles that will indicate and help you step by step on how to create, organize and manage your wedding.

But it does not end here, you can also request completely free advice from the team of professionals where and when you need it so that your wedding is a dream come true.


7. The Guest – Photo Sharing

During a wedding, almost every guest takes tons of photos, and often the bride and groom never get to see them. With The Guest app, these photos are automatically shared with everyone at the wedding, including the couple.

The Guest app also gives people who were unable to attend the wedding the opportunity to view all the photos and videos live while the wedding take place.

The Guest - Photo Sharing

8. Appy Couple Wedding App

Appy Couple brings together everything you need to share information about your event through your own website. You don’t need to know about design or programming to create it, you just have to customize one of the templates that you like the most with your data and the details that you want to share. Its designs are modern and super chic, and you can change it as many times as you want if you are not completely convinced.

With Appy Couple you can send your guests the Save the Date, the attendance confirmations and even your gift registry. You can also share photos before and after the wedding and your guests will be able to leave you congratulatory messages.

In addition to being updated on any changes in schedule, hotel reservations and transportation for the event are also available.

Appy Couple Wedding App

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is an app that we all know very well here, but it is worth remembering. This is a place where you can find and save wedding ideas that you want to use in your wedding. Pinterest is a great place to look for not only DIY wedding projects, but also wedding dresses, engagement rings, and decorating ideas. You can save all these ideas to Pinterest boards that you can easily find and use later.

10. Airbnb

The well-known accommodation platform is proving essential for many types of trips. In this case, it can be a magnificent accommodation alternative for guests who will arrive from other destinations to participate in your wedding.

In Airbnb you only have to register the city, as well as the number of guests and the dates to find the most suitable home, according to the filters of your preference. Once the owner accepts your request you can make the respective reservation. Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings of the place you choose before selecting them.

11. Instagram (Live)

Yes! Although Instagram is an app that we all already have on our phones, we can use it more when it comes to our wedding. Not only can we make a Hashtag of our event to be aware of the photos that our guests upload, but now with Instagram Live we can share our event with those who are in the distance.

Don’t you want all your followers to see it? Don’t worry, you can make a Best Friends list that includes only the people you want to share the broadcast with, so you can keep your big day private.


Planning weddings requires time and dedication, so if you are about to get married or you are simply a decoration lover, be sure to try one of the apps that we have described in the list. Do not hesitate to download them on your Smartphone.

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