Coral App Review-Is it The Best Sexual Wellness App?

We may all agree that communication is important for achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life. However, when it comes to our relationships and sex lives, silence prevails. Some of us may feel awkward and confusing to talk about sex with our partners.

That’s why we decide to review Coral, an interactive sexual wellness app designed to help couples enhance their sex lives. 

So what is Coral app and how it can help you make your sex life better? Keep reading this full Coral app review to find the answer.

Coral App Review


User Experience and Interface
Content Quality and Variety
Personalization and Interactivity
Community and Expert Interaction
Value for Money
Overall Effectiveness in Enhancing Sexual Wellness


Coral App is an innovative sexual wellness platform designed to enhance intimate experiences for couples. Its strengths lie in its high-quality content, including diverse courses, practical exercises, and real-life stories, all backed by expert advice.
The app’s user-friendly interface, coupled with personalized quizzes and a unique sex diary feature, offers a tailored approach to exploring intimacy.
While the free version provides limited access, the full experience requires a subscription, which might be considered slightly expensive.
Overall, Coral is a valuable resource for couples seeking to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of their sexual relationships, making it a worthwhile investment in personal wellness.


What Is Coral App?

Originally launched in 2019 by Isharna Walsh, Coral is an interactive sexual wellness app designed to help couples enhance their sex lives. It was created to help people explore intimacy and personal pleasure in an inclusive, accessible space.

Coral App

How to Sign Up and Use the Coral App?

After download the Coral from App Store or Google Play Store, you can sign up this app with your email or Apple ID. Then, new users will be asked to answer several questions related to their core demographics, like gender, age, sexual orientation, and relationship status. From there, coupled users are prompted to rank their desire levels toward their significant others: “Lower than I’d like,” “Just right,” or “Higher than I’d like.”

At the end of a few series of questions, users can set their “journeys,” a.k.a., goals, for using the app, like feeling more connected, feeling more confident or healing trauma.

If you’re in a relationship, the final step is connecting with a partner, which is done via a simple SMS code.

Use Coral App

What Does Coral App Do?

From personal quizzes and guided intimacy exercises to playful daily prompts and a weekly sex tracker, Coral is designed to help couples become more comfortable and confident discussing and exploring what they want and need from each other.

First of all, you can take personal quizzes to learn more about your personal sexuality, as well as tackling what you want out of your intimate life with your partner.

Then, the Coral app has a wide variety of courses and practical exercises on specific sensual subjects, like how to stop getting bored in the bedroom, how to improve your sexual performance, and how to increase your level of desire. These courses are each developed through joint contributions from the Coral community, comprised of:

  • Members of the Coral’s board of contributing experts
  • professional sex counselors 
  • psychotherapists 

As well as expert advice, there are also stories from real people, which can be really helpful when it comes to hearing how things work in the real world.

Coral also offers versatile user-generated features such as the discussion forum, where experts interact directly with users, answering questions and engaging more deeply with various topics.

Another vital user-generated feature is the “pulse” which is basically a personalized sex diary to help you track progress. With pulse, you’re able to note your sexual feelings and discover habitual insights over time.

Coral App Features

How Much Does the Coral App Cost?

Users can download the Coral app for free to access a limited number of steamy lessons, quizzes, and exercises. To gain unlimited access to Coral’s content and community, an annual subscription will run you $59.99.

Coral App Review: Is The Coral App Good?

It’s never a bad idea to be looking for ways to make your sex life better. So in the end of our Coral app review, we believe that it is worth taking Coral app a try. Carol tends to use science-backed methodology to give you and your partner a sort of roadmap to your best sex life. Take quizzes, play games, engage in guided self-care, listen to stories, or complete exercises to help you understand one another’s needs. In addition, you can anonymously ask Coral’s experts any questions you have through the app in a totally judgement-free zone.

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