3 Ways to Get Instagram Auto Likes without Login or Token

Every day, billions of people post photos and videos on Instagram to share their daily life, develop personal brands, and promote their goods and services. We all want to get a lot of likes to make our post stand out and appear in followers’ feed. However, most of us ended in with less than 10 likes.

Then, how to get Instagram auto likes? You are here at the right place. Use the best Instagram Auto Liker tools mentioned in this post to quickly increase your Instagram likes automatically without login.

Let’s dive in!

Instagram Auto Liker

Instagram Auto Liker: 3 Methods to Increase Unlimited Likes On Instagram Without Login

Method 1: Get Instagram Auto Likes without Login for Free

The first way to get Instagram likes, I want to try a free Instagram Auto Liker Tool – Greatonlinetools. This tool can increase your posts, reels, or video likes and increase your post’s reach. More importantly, they provide likes from real users.

STEP 1: Go to Greatonlinetools website.

STEP 2. Just enter your Instagram username without login to your account. Then, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

STEP 3: You will have to earn credits by liking and following other users on site. This is why the tool can provide likes from real users. Actually, this is an online platform where people exchange likes.

STEP 4: You can use those credits to get likes and followers on your Instagram account. I earned 2 credits and I use 1 credit for testing. For sure, I get 1 likes in seconds.

Get Instagram Auto Likes without Login for Free

Method 2: Buy Instagram Auto Likes from AutoLikeIG (without login)

AutoLikeIG is one of the best services you can buy auto-like for Instagram. One feature that you will like about this service is its free views which it provides for those that paid for the auto-likes. With the free views, you not only get likes, but also the likes are matched with a certain number of views which makes it more natural and less suspicious. For this service, you can get auto-likes for up to 3 posts per day.

STEP 1. Register on AutoLikeIG or log in with your account.

STEP 2. Go to Auto Subscriptions -> New Subscription and select your package.

STEP 3. Add your Instagram username and confirm that it’s the correct one.

STEP 4. Set up your Randomizer settings (different amount or likes in every post), Set up your likes speed settings (Split Options) and activate Automatic views and/or Impressions (optional)

STEP 5. Click on Proceed and Buy to complete the payment.

STEP 6. Automatic likes will be set up and active!

Buy Instagram Auto Likes from AutoLikeIG

Method 3: Get Free IG Auto Likes with Poprey without Token or Login

Don’t want to follow or like others to earn credits?

Don’t want to pay for Instagram likes?

We have an excellent free Instagram likes trial service that we would love to share with you. That’s Poprey. With this tool, you can get 25 likes on Instagram free of charge. All you need to do is to:

STEP 1. Type in your Instagram account and make sure it’s not set on private.

STEP 2. Enter your email address.

STEP 3. Choose the post you want to promote and click “Free Test”. Now, you can go to your Instagram account to check the likes.


Bonus: More Instagram Auto Likes Tools in 2022

1. TurboMedia

The TurboMedia is a popular service in the market when it comes to purchasing Instagram automatic likes. It allows you to quickly and easily receive 10 free Instagram Followers and 10 free Instagram Likes every 48 hours! Paid plans are available, but the free plans are still very effective at growing your profile.

2. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is another website you can buy Instagram auto likes from. 1,000 likes are sold for $25 by this platform and that get delivered automatically to your new posts.

3. Stormlikes

Stormlikes is an excellent Instagram auto liker because you can buy both automatic likes and normal likes, without having to like other people’s content to get your engagement. 1,000 likes are sold for $11.99 by this platform which is cheaper than Mr. Insta.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Auto Likes

Who doesn’t want millions of likes on Instagram? If you upload amazing content on Instagram but nobody is commenting on it or liking it, you can try some Instagram Auto Liker tools to help you get auto likes online easily and boost your post’s engagement.

If you have budget, you can choose those premium services which will save your time. If you cannot afford to pay for those because of their expensive pricing, then go for the trial version of the tools or use the free Instagram Auto Liker tool.

Finally, please avoid sending too many likes within a short period of time. Also, you can learn some expert tips to get more real likes on Instagram.

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