Ibotta Review 2023 | How Does Ibotta Work

Are you a coupon and money-saving fanatic? Do you love to shop at major retailers like Walmart and Target? If so, Ibotta is probably for you.

In this Ibotta app review, we are going to walk you through what Ibotta is, how Ibotta works, how to use it, is it legit and safe and most importantly, how will Ibotta save your money.

Ibotta Review


Ease of Use
Variety of Offers
Earning Potential
Payment Process
Security and Privacy
Overall Value


Ibotta is a practical and efficient cash-back app that offers users an easy way to save money on everyday purchases. With its user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of finding and redeeming offers across a variety of retailers.
While the earning potential per item is relatively small, the wide range of offers available makes it a valuable tool for regular shoppers. Users should be mindful of the app’s data collection practices and the minimum balance required for cash withdrawals.
Overall, Ibotta is an excellent choice for those seeking to effortlessly earn cashback on their regular shopping trips.


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Ibotta Review

What Is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a cash-back app that grants you rewards on your everyday purchases, both online and in the store. This app can be downloaded on your phone via Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone. You can also use Ibotta on your computer with Ibotta Browser Extension.


How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta is easy to use and here’s a quick rundown of the app works:

  1. Download the Ibotta app for free.
  2. Open the app, browse through the rebates, and unlock the items you will likely buy by simply tapping the plus sign. Another way to do this is to select a retail store first, say Walmart, then browse through the rebates by category.
  3. Shop at the store like you normally would.
  4. Redeem the rebates by uploading the receipts.
  5. Get paid. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Venmo once your Ibotta balance reaches $20.
Ibotta Work

Different Ways to Earn with Ibotta

You can earn cashback from Ibotta in a couple of different ways and I’m going to explain each fully in this part.

Earn In-Store

To earn cash back at your favorite retailer, open up Ibotta app > Click the “Find Offers” button > Add the offers you’re interested in into your account > Go shopping > Upload receipt. When Ibotta finds a match between your receipt and the offers you added before, you’ll be asked if you want to redeem the offer for cash back.


  1. Nearby Offer Alerts

Enable Nearby Offer Alerts and never miss an opportunity for cash back! To enable, navigate to Account > Settings > Preferences and turn on Nearby Offer Alerts. Then, you’ll know when you’re near an Ibotta retailer so you can earn when you shop.

Ibotta Nearby Offer Alerts

2. Connecting Loyalty Accounts

If you often purchased from a target store, you can link with their loyalty accounts. To link a loyalty account, open the app and select the retailer you plan to visit. Next, click the Link Account button at the top of the app. Once the process is complete, Ibotta automatically gives you cash back for purchases made at that store without uploading receipts manually.

Save Money for Online Shopping

You can also use the Ibotta app to instantly save money at over 140 online retailers, like Nike, Instacart, Grubhub, Casper, Advance Auto Parts, and Kohl’s.

To save money online, open up the app, and select Online Shopping. You’ll then be presented with a list of currently available offers. At that point, click Shop and then make your purchase online just like you normally would.

Once the purchase is complete, cash will automatically appear in your account.

Pay with Ibotta – – Earn Cash Back Instantly

When you use the Pay with Ibotta feature, you’ll instantly earn cash back and discounts on in-person purchases right from the Ibotta app. If you frequently dine at Chipotle, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Steak and Shake, Peet’s Coffee, or Texas Roadhouse, you might find this feature especially appetizing.

Here is how Pay with Ibotta works:

  1. First, you link a credit card by going to Account > Payments > Payment Methods within the app.
  2. You can view the list of all the retailers you can use the new Pay with Ibotta within the app.
  3. When you are ready to make a purchase, select the retailer, and enter the total amount of purchase.
  4. Then select Review > Pay. Once you select Pay, the credit card you linked within the app will be charged, and you will earn cash back instantly for the percentage offered by that retailer.
  5. Now you will have a gift card code that you can present to the cashier. Once the cashier scans this code, you’ll pay for your items and instantly earn cash back.

How to Make Extra Money with Ibotta

Refer Friends

Once you create an account, you will see the area where you can send referrals codes to friends and family via email and social media. You earn $5 for every successful referral.

Team up

You can earn even more extra money by teaming up with your friends.

Your Facebook friends and anyone who used your Ibotta referral code will be included in your team. And by completing monthly goals, (like redeeming a number of offers), you can earn even more sweet cash money.


Bonuses can vary from earning extra money for completing a certain number of offers in a period of time, enhanced rewards for certain items, or additional incentives for mobile shopping. It varies from month to month. You can check their current bonus offers in the app by going to account and then selecting bonuses. 

ibotta Bonus

How Ibotta Make Money

Knowing that Ibotta is free and that you earn cash for shopping like you normally would, you might be wondering: is Ibotta legitimate?

If you know how Ibotta makes money, you’ll know that Ibotta is totally legit.

To make it simple, Ibotta make money because they have partnered with over 300 brands and stores to send us, the customers, to the stores and promote products. When you find and redeem your offers on the App, the store gives Ibotta a commission.

Also, since they have millions of users, Ibotta gets paid by brands who want to get their products listed or promoted on the app.

How Much Can You Save With Ibotta?

It all depends on the product and store you are shopping at. The offers usually range from a few cents to several dollars cash back. On an average grocery trip where a user would spend $100, she/he usually saves $5 or more. Better yet, Ibotta gives a $10 sign-up bonus when a brand-new user signs up.

If you want to save more, you can check more apps like Ibotta that can help you save more on everyday purchases.

How Do You Get Paid from Ibotta?

After you hit the $20 threshold, you can receive your cash via PayPal, Venmo, or be given a Gift Card for the cash value you are withdrawing. Ibotta officially says you will receive payments within 24 hours. 

Ibotta cash out

Does Ibotta cash expire?

Ibotta cash does not expire. However, if you discontinue using the app for 12+ months, your account can be charged a maintenance fee ($3.99)

Is Ibotta Safe

There’s no catch with how Ibotta works. It really is free and they really do pay you money. Generally, it is safe to use.

However, if you’re the type of person who’s very concerned about data privacy, you might want to consider the fact that Ibotta is collecting data from users, and this is standard practice from most of the apps you’re already using. If you cannot accept this, you should stop use the app and maybe many of other apps.

According to their privacy policy, Ibotta and its partners use your information to:

  • Infer the location of the places you visit most often, determine your frequency or the amount of time spent at these locations, and send notifications when you arrive at or leave those places;
  • Provide advertisements and marketing solicitations to you through the Services, email messages, text messages, push notifications, applications, or other methods of communication.

Is Ibotta Worth It?

Overall, Ibotta is worthy to try – it is a great way to make extra money.

However, since most grocery items only offer between $0.25 and $5 cashback, you can’t expect to earn hundreds in a month using Ibotta, unless you referred a lot of people to use the app.

Also, keep in mind that don’t buy something because of the offer. Spending more money to save a little bit isn’t a good way to manage your money.

We hope that our Ibotta app review gave you all the information you need to get started saving more.

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