10 Apps Like Shopkick: Scan Receipts & Barcodes for Cash

If you earn cash from scanning receipts from your phone with apps like Shopkick, don’t stop there.

There are many other cash back Shopkick alternatives that will help you save big on everyday purchases.

This post will introduce you to some of the best free rebate apps, and will show you just how easy they are to use – from saving money in grocery shopping to saving money on online shopping. All of these apps are completely FREE to join!

Apps Like Shopkick

Best Cash Back Apps Like Shopkick

1. Ibotta

Best for: Cash back on a wide variety of shopping options.

One of the best apps that is very similar to Shopkick is Ibotta.

Ibotta is a cash-back app that grants you rewards on your everyday purchases, both online and in the store.

One of the most common ways to earn free money with Ibotta is through scanning receipts after an in store purchase. Here’s a quick rundown of how the app works:

  1. Download the Ibotta app for free.
  2. Open the app, browse through the rebates, and unlock the items you will likely buy by simply tapping the plus sign. Another way to do this is to select a retail store first, say Walmart, then browse through the rebates by category.
  3. Shop at the store like you normally would.
  4. Redeem the rebates by uploading the receipts.
  5. Get paid. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Venmo once your Ibotta balance reaches $20.

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2. Fetch Rewards

Best for: Those who are loyal to particular brands.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Fetch Rewards (formerly MobiSave) is a fast-growing consumer loyalty app. In April 2021, Fetch Rewards marked a milestone of one billion receipts scanned.

Fetch Rewards gives new users 2,000 points ($2 value) when they sign up with a referral code. To get started, download the app directly from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Typically, there are 5 main ways to earn points

1) Special Offers – There are usually several dozen Special Offers available from the Fetch Rewards app at any given time. Simply upload a receipt with a participating item and you’ll receive bonus points.

2) Participating Brands – Fetch Rewards also works directly with popular brands to bring you savings on thousands of products every day.

3) Groceries from Any Store – When you shop at any of the following stores, you’ll earn at least 25 points per receipt:

  • Grocery retailers
  • Supermarkets
  • Club stores
  • Home improvement and hardware stores
  • Pet stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas station receipts (from the inside register)

4) All Other Retail Receipts – You can also earn points with Fetch Rewards when you upload shopping or dining receipts from any other retailers.

5) Huggies Rewards+ Fetch – The final way to earn points is through the Huggies Rewards+ Fetch program. Fetch Rewards users who opt-in to this program can earn bonus points when they buy diapers.

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3. Checkout 51

Best for: Those who buy typical grocery store items at other types of stores, such as drug and convenience stores. 

Like Shopkick, Checkout 51 is a simple cash back app that rewards users for grocery shopping, gas purchases, and online purchases.

If you’re an Shopkick user, you’ll immediately understand how Checkout 51 works. In fact, the process is nearly identical. You can browse and choose offers within the app and then upload a photo of your receipt to verify your purchase. This earns you cash back rebates.

Unlike some other cash back apps, Checkout 51 features grocery offers that aren’t store-specific. You can fulfill an offer at any grocery store, drugstore, big-box store, or convenience store.

Checkout 51 also offers cash back for gas purchases. All gas station offers are store-specific. You can browse gas stations in your area and choose an offer that works well for you, add the offer to your account, and then upload your receipt.

You can cash out once you reach $20 in your account. 

Checkout 51

4. Receipt Hog

Best for: Those who aren’t particularly loyal to a particular store or brand when it comes to their shopping habits.

Receipt Hog is a free that helps you turn receipts into cash by uploading pictures of your shopping receipts and answering questions about your shopping trip. The idea is pretty self-explanatory, especially if you’ve used apps like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards before.

If you want to make extra money with Receipt Hog, this is how you get started:

  1. Download the free app on your mobile device.
  2. Create an account with your email address or Facebook.
  3. Shop and keep your receipts! This step is critical for using the app.
  4. Take a photo of your receipt by using Receipt Hog’s in-app scanner.
  5. Earn rewards for valid receipts.

Rewards include things like in-app bonuses, sweepstakes entries and “coins” that you can redeem for cash. The app gives coins based on how much was spent on the receipt. Here is the breakdown:

  • If you spend $10 you can earn 5 coins
  • If you spend $10-$50 you can earn 10 coins
  • If you spend $50-$100 you can earn 15 coins
  • If you spend $100+ you can earn 20 coins

Once you earn 1,000 coins, you’ll be able to cash out. $5 costs 1,000 coins.

5.  ReceiptPal

Best for: Those who are “just running in for” shoppers. In other words, if you just run in for one or two things several times a week, you can make a few cents for your plethora of receipts without having to worry about buying specifics items.

ReceiptPal is another app that lets you earn rewards for simply snapping pictures of grocery receipts and other receipts.

With ReceiptPal, you earn points every time you scan a receipt. You can submit pictures of any receipt from stores where you purchased things. Retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores and clothing stores all qualify.

And as an added bonus, all of your receipts are stored on the mobile app so you can keep track of your spending too.

Once you earn enough points you can cash out for rewards. Their rewards system is broken down into 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – $5 gift cards (2,200 points minimum)
  • Level 2 – $10-$25 gift cards (4,000 points minimum)
  • Level 3 – $50-100 gift cards (17,250 points minimum)

6. Shopmium

Best for: Those in Europe. The app is currently available in the UK, France, and Belgium.

Shopmium works exactly like Shopkick. Just scan your receipt and they will give you money if your purchases qualify for their offers.

To get in on the goodies, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Install the app on your smartphone.
  2. Select a product offer from the Shopmium list. Find the product in any store
  3. Buy the product and make sure to hang on to your purchase receipt.
  4. Scan the product bar code and take a picture of your receipt
  5. Request your cash back rebate
  6. Upon request verification, receive your cash back rebate

The amount you can earn from Shopmium will mostly depend on how often you avail of their offers. In case it is not clear, you will have to spend money to earn money from this site.

The best part is there is no minimum payout. So as soon as your purchases are verified and approved, your money will be sent to PayPal or directly to your bank account.

7. Rakuten

Best for: Frequent online shoppers, as Rakuten has thousands of partners.

If you are searching for the best apps like Shopkick to do online shopping, then Rakuten is your go-to app.

Rakuten is a large e-commerce and internet company based in Tokyo. Since its founding in 1997, it has shaped the way people shop online. It offers not only cashback but also various deals and rewards on a large selection of products and services.

Rakuten members can shop at their favorite online stores and marketplaces via a link found on the Rakuten website or app. These stores then pay a customer referral fee to Rakuten, and you, as the customer, are paid a portion of this merchant payout by Rakuten. In other words, you earn cashback on each purchase.

Rakuten has partnerships with over 2,500 stores. This includes big names like Nordstrom, Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, and Target. Almost anything you would shop for on a regular basis can be eligible for cashback through Rakuten.

Bonus: You can earn $10 when you first join Rakuten by making a $25 purchase within 3 months through Rakuten.


8. Dosh

Best for: Credit or debit card user

This app is a bit different than others on this list and it’s a good thing, it’s because Dosh gives you cash back automatically when you shop, dine, and book hotel with a linked card!

You don’t need to activate offers or scan receipts, all you need to do is shop and you’ll get cashback. 

Download the app, securely link your credit or debit card, and shop as you normally would. As you start making purchases at participating stores, any points earned are immediately added to your Dosh Wallet. Once your balance reaches the minimum of $25, you can cash out via direct deposit or PayPal.

9. Honey

Honey is a free mobile app and online browser extension that helps you find savings on products from over 30,000 online retailers.

Once you’ve downloaded the Honey mobile app or online browser extension, it’s time to start using it to save money on your online purchases. Here are some of Honey’s best features and how they work:

  • Coupons – Honey’s most attractive feature is finding coupons for you to use at your favorite online stores. Since there’s no cost to use Honey, you get the opportunity to save money whenever you shop online at any store where Honey works.
  • Honey Gold – Honey Gold lets you earn rewards whenever you make a purchase at one of more than 4,000 participating online stores.
  • Droplist – With the Droplist, you can have Honey monitor the price of an item for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. You can monitor any number of items you want and receive notifications in your email when your item’s price drops to the target you initially set.
  • Honey Tips – Honey Tips are designed to help you learn how to manage your money more effectively and make the best buying decisions possible as you’re doing your online shopping.

10.  Coupons.com

Coupons.com is another free website and app like Shopkick that helps you save money on groceries and other items by providing coupons, linking your loyalty accounts and giving you cash back for uploading your receipts after certain purchases.

You can download the app or visit the website and browse coupons, promo codes and cash back offers to save on eligible purchases.

Specifically, Coupons.com offers free printable and digital coupons on its website and cash back offers in its app. Both resources are free to use. If you use printable coupons or promo codes, you’ll be able to save instantly when you make a purchase. You can also link a store’s loyalty account to use digital coupons or manually upload receipts to earn cash back.

Coupons.com only pays through PayPal, so you’ll need to either have an existing PayPal account or create one and tie it to your Coupons.com account.

Final Thoughts

These 10 apps like Shopkick are a great way to earn some extra side cash just for scanning receipts or just for shopping.

I highly recommend signing up for more than one of these receipt cash back apps so you can maximize your cashback earnings! Sometimes, you can scan the same receipt with many of these apps to get cashback from multiple places!

Do you see an app that’s not on this list yet needs to be? Feel free to let us know down below.

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