ShutEye App Review: The End of Sleepless Nights?

Ever wonder why some nights feel like a battle with your own brain, trying to will yourself to sleep? I’ve been there, counting sheep, trying every home remedy, but nothing worked. That’s until I discovered the ShutEye app.

In this ShutEye app review, I’ll share how this app transformed my nights from restless to restful. You know how it feels to crave a good night’s sleep, right? Well, imagine finally getting it. That’s what ShutEye did for me, and I’m excited to dive into how it can do the same for you.

What is the ShutEye app?

The ShutEye app is a sleep tracker designed to help users understand and improve their sleep quality. It’s available for both iPhone and Android users and uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to record and analyze sleep patterns.

The app tracks various aspects of sleep, such as the time taken to fall asleep, time awake, and the duration of light and deep sleep phases. It also records sounds made during sleep, allowing users to playback these recordings.

ShutEye provides a sleep score after five nights of tracking, offering insights into sleep quality and suggestions for improvement. The app also includes features like a Smart Alarm, white noise library, sleep aids, and dream analysis articles. It’s available in a basic free version, with a VIP model available for a subscription fee.

ShutEye App Review

Who Is ShutEye app for?

The ShutEye app is suitable for:

  • People who sleep alone: Since the app uses sound analysis to track sleep, it works best for individuals sleeping by themselves.
  • Those concerned about snoring and sleep apnea: The app can help identify issues like snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Individuals needing help with falling and staying asleep: With its various features like white noise and sleep aids, it can assist those struggling with insomnia.

However, it might not be ideal for:

  • People who share a bed with a partner or pets: The app might pick up sounds from the partner or pets, affecting its accuracy.
  • Individuals with little to no sleep issues: Those without significant sleep problems might not find it as beneficial.
  • Those looking to save money: Since the full range of features requires a subscription, it might not be suitable for budget-conscious users.

How to Use ShutEye App?

Using the ShutEye app is pretty straightforward. Let me walk you through it like I’m guiding a friend:

1. Download and Install: First, grab your phone and download the ShutEye app from your app store, whether you’re on iPhone or Android.

2. Set It Up: Open the app and set up your profile. It’s a breeze – just follow the prompts on the screen.

3. Place Your Phone Correctly: Before you hit the hay, make sure your phone is charged and placed near your bed. This is crucial because the app uses your phone’s microphone to record and analyze your sleep sounds.

4. Start Tracking: Simply start the sleep tracking feature when you’re ready to sleep. The app will do its magic throughout the night, recording and analyzing your sleep patterns.

5. Review Your Sleep Data: In the morning, check out the detailed information the app provides. You’ll see graphs and charts about your sleep, and you can even listen to any sounds you made during the night.

6. Use Additional Features: Don’t forget to explore other cool features like the Smart Alarm, white noise library, and sleep aids. They’re really helpful in enhancing your sleep quality.

7. Repeat and Improve: Use the app regularly to track your sleep and follow the suggestions it provides to improve your sleep over time.

Key Features of the ShutEye App

The ShutEye app is packed with some nifty features:

1. Sleep Tracker: This is the heart of the app. It records and analyzes your sleep using AI, providing detailed insights into your sleep patterns.

2. Smart Alarm: This feature wakes you up gently during your lightest sleep phase within the time frame you set. It’s a game-changer for waking up feeling refreshed.

3. White Noise Library: Having trouble falling asleep? The app offers a variety of soothing sounds like rain, ticking clocks, and even ASMR sounds to help you drift off.

4. Sleep Aids: For those battling insomnia, the app includes relaxing music and bedtime stories. Plus, there are guided meditations to calm your mind.

5. Dream Analysis: Ever wondered what your dreams mean? ShutEye provides articles analyzing common dream themes, offering insights into your subconscious mind.

How Much Does the ShutEye App Cost?

The ShutEye app offers both a free version and a premium subscription. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Free Version: You can download and start using the basic features of ShutEye at no cost. It’s a great way to get a feel for the app and its basic functionalities.
  • Premium Subscription: For those who want to dive deeper into their sleep analysis, the VIP model is available. It costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. The premium version unlocks all the advanced features of the app, providing a more comprehensive sleep tracking and analysis experience.
  • Free Trial: If you’re not sure about committing to the subscription, ShutEye offers a one-week free trial of the premium version. Just remember, if you decide it’s not for you, cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged.

ShutEye App Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Sleep Tracking: The app uses AI to provide detailed analysis of your sleep patterns, which can be incredibly insightful.
  • Non-Wearable Technology: Unlike many sleep trackers, you don’t need to wear anything. Just keep your phone nearby while you sleep.
  • Variety of Features: From the Smart Alarm to the white noise library and sleep aids, ShutEye offers a range of tools to help improve sleep quality.
  • Dream Analysis: The dream analysis feature is a unique addition that provides interesting insights into your subconscious.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all tech levels.


  • Accuracy Concerns for Bed-Sharers: If you share your bed with a partner or pet, the app might pick up their sounds, affecting its accuracy.
  • Subscription Cost: While there is a free version, the most beneficial features are locked behind a subscription, which might not be ideal for everyone.
  • Potential Privacy Concerns: As with any app that records and analyzes personal data, there may be concerns about data privacy and security.

What Users Are Saying About ShutEye App?

Reviews from the Apple App Store

1. App Rating: The ShutEye app has an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store. It has garnered over 208,200 ratings, indicating a significant user base and engagement.

2. Positive Feedback: Many users express gratitude for the app, highlighting its effectiveness in improving sleep habits. One user mentions how the app’s features like music, meditation, and stories have helped them sleep more consistently and for longer durations. They appreciate the personalized assistance and detailed analysis of their sleep habits provided in the premium version.

3. Developer Engagement: The developers seem responsive to user feedback, indicating a commitment to improving the app based on user experiences.

Reviews from the Google Play Store

1. App Rating: On the Google Play Store, ShutEye has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.The app has received around 42,500 reviews.

2. Mixed Reactions: While some users find the white noise sounds useful, others raise concerns about the accuracy of the sleep data. For instance, one user notes discrepancies in the time it reportedly takes them to fall asleep and the app’s failure to record sleep for playback as advertised.

3. Technical Issues: There are reports of technical problems like the app continuing to record without the ability to stop it and erasing previous night’s data. Users also mention the lack of a feature to edit sleep data for accuracy.

Evaluating ShutEye App: A Complete Review

Wrapping up this deep dive into the ShutEye app, it’s time for my final verdict. I’ve rigorously tested this app, keeping an eye on its features, usability, and overall impact on sleep quality. I’ve sifted through user feedback and weighed the pros and cons to give you a well-rounded, trustworthy review. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes ShutEye tick and whether it’s the sleep solution you’ve been searching for.

Here’s a breakdown of the scores for each evaluation criterion of the ShutEye app:

1. Functionality: 4.5/5

The app effectively tracks and analyzes sleep patterns using AI, providing comprehensive insights. It loses half a point due to accuracy issues in certain scenarios.

2. Features: 4.5/5

With its range of features like Smart Alarm, white noise library, sleep aids, and dream analysis, ShutEye offers a versatile sleep improvement experience. It falls slightly short of a perfect score as some users might not find all features equally useful.

3. User Experience: 4.5/5

The app’s user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it accessible and easy to navigate, ensuring a positive experience for most users.

4. Accuracy and Reliability: 3.5/5

Generally reliable, the app’s accuracy can be compromised in shared sleeping environments. This is a significant consideration for potential users.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: 4/5

ShutEye provides a free version, but the premium features, which are more beneficial, require a subscription. The pricing is reasonable, but it might not be affordable for all users.

Summary and Recommendations

Overall, the ShutEye app is a robust tool for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals who sleep alone and those struggling with sleep issues like insomnia or sleep apnea. The variety of features caters to different needs, from soothing sounds to sleep tracking.

However, for those who share their bed, the app’s accuracy might be a concern. Also, the subscription cost, while offering good value, could be a barrier for some.

My Recommendation: If you’re serious about understanding and improving your sleep, and you fit the app’s ideal user profile, ShutEye is definitely worth trying. The free version is a great starting point, and if you find it helpful, the premium subscription could be a valuable investment in your sleep health.

Remember, while ShutEye is a fantastic tool for understanding and improving your sleep, it’s not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for serious sleep concerns. Happy sleeping! 🌙✨

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