Top 5 Supercar Apps That Every Luxury Car Lovers Should Know

The car gives its owner a sense of freedom and the ability to independently plan any of their movements. But time does not stand still and the vehicle can and should be not only 4 wheels, but also something innovative. That is why mobile applications have appeared that, thanks to talented programmers from various car manufacturers, can make traveling much easier and even save time and money. We have collected in one text not just classic car apps, but supercar apps that you will definitely be curious about.

Best Supercar Apps

5 Best Supercar Apps

1.  McLaren Racing

The McLaren application was established with the goal of bringing fans closer to the club. It provides clients including exclusive access to Grand Prix racing events. Fans will be able to interact with key McLaren members of the team in real time, as well as examine race and driver’s information, live polls, and race reports. Fans can also win a team introduction, a visit of the iconic McLaren Technology Center, and official McLaren merchandise.

And if you are a devoted fan of McLaren but you do not have your own car of this manufacturer, then McLaren rent Dubai will be a brilliant opportunity for you. Car rental services, especially luxury ones, have become more accessible and understandable than ever. You can rent absolutely any car and enjoy the experience of driving the supercar of your dreams instead of daydreaming about buying a car that you can’t afford to buy.

2.  Porsche Track Precision

The free Porsche Track Precision app may now be clearly seen on the sports vehicle display and managed via Porsche Communication Management, expanding the potential of Porsche’s virtual driving instructor on racetracks (PCM).

The app contains information on 300 foreign routes in total. Individual entries also allow you to easily enhance the amount of data that has been programmed.

Individual data from the track is collected, analyzed, and displayed through the Porsche Track Precision app. The purpose of the driver is to improve his or her driving abilities. This is done by collecting data such as longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking force and engine speed in real time while driving.

3.  Tesla

Tesla automobiles have numerous advantages. One of them is software. The manufacturer is continuously looking for ways to improve the car’s usability and introduce new features.

The TezLab app’s creators worked hard to make it as basic and user-friendly as possible. The user interface has been changed and now appears to be more intuitive. TezLab shows data on charges, power reserve, distance traveled, work efficiency, and other topics. Other tabs contain a list of travels as well as information on charge usage. The battery statistics page gives data on battery efficiency and power utilization while the car is idling. The trip data page shows the efficiency, cost, average speed, and elevation differences on the roads. Tezlab even has a competitive element. Users are given rewards based on the way they drive.

4.  Ferrari

Ferrari, like many other automakers, is showing great interest in using virtual or augmented reality. The famous Italian supercar manufacturer, with the help of augmented reality specialists, created the Ferrari AR Showroom app. The app uses 3D analysis technology to recognize real Ferrari cars and share virtual processes or overlay custom car parameters ranging from paint color, rims, brakes and other special features. you might expect to see with a $300,000 car.

There are a total of seven “virtual tours” that the customer can choose to view while using the app: a 3D breakdown of a custom brake mechanism, a wind tunnel rendering of the car, an x-ray of the car that allows you to see all the components, and other custom views designed to help you buy a car.


5.  TrueCar

TrueCar is an automotive technology platform that connects car buyers with car dealers. The digital automotive marketplace makes it possible to buy used and new cars, research car values or list your own car for sale online — all without leaving your home.

You can use TrueCar to shop for new, used and certified pre-owned supercars or research the value of your own supercar before you sell it.

Top 10 Best Supercars 2022

If you don’t own a supercar, you can take the following cars into your consideration.

1. McLaren 720S

2. Ferrari SF90 Stradale

3. Ferrari F8 Tributo

4. Lamborghini Huracán Evo

5. Ford GT

6. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

7. Noble M600

8. Aston Martin Vanquish

9. Aston Martin Valhalla

10. BMW M1



Now, you know what apps you can have on your phone if you own a supercar or rent a supercar. Do we miss any cool supercar apps? Tell us in the comments.

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