Udemy VS Coursera [2024]: Similarities & Differences

If you’re going to invest time and money in learning something new, the online learning platforms Udemy and Coursera may come up in your mind. In the debate of Udemy vs. Coursera, the question isn’t about which is better. Each platform is geared toward a different audience, and that’s especially clear with Udemy and Coursera. Therefore, we’ve compiled this guide to help you answer this: which website best meets your learning style and needs? 

Udemy VS Coursera

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What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various topics such as programming, design, marketing, and more. It allows instructors to create and share their own courses with students from around the world, and provides students with the opportunity to learn new skills at their own pace. Udemy’s courses are available in video format, and students can access course materials, quizzes, and projects on the platform.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online education platform that partners with top universities and organizations to offer courses, specializations, and degrees online. It provides a wide range of courses in various fields such as computer science, business, arts, and humanities, among others. Courses on Coursera are taught by instructors from reputed universities and institutions and are available in video format, along with quizzes, assignments, and interactive elements. Coursera offers both free and paid courses, and provides the option for users to earn a certificate upon completion of a course or a specialization.

Udemy VS Coursera: Similarities

Both Udemy and Coursera are very big online learning platforms but they cater to completely different learning needs. There are a few similarities between them:

  • Both sites instruct students using video lectures.
  • Both sites do have free courses as well.

Udemy VS Coursera: Differences

Education Goals

  • Udemy is a unique global course marketplace for anybody who wants to teach or learn online. 
  • Coursera is an academic education platform that partners with top universities and educational organizations such as Stanford and HEC Paris, as well as corporations such as IBM, to offer curated courses. 
Coursera Partners

Number and Type of Courses

  • Udemy offers over 100,000 highly diverse courses in dozens of languages from beginner to advanced levels. 
  • Coursera offers around 3,300 courses with over 250 “specialization” tracks, such as Data Science.


  • Udemy is targeting the diverse global masses in terms of course topics offered, level of education, motivation to learn, instructor background and more.
  • Coursera students are generally more academically-minded and looking for a more structured and accredited learning program and/or access to top-notch professors.

Course Availability

  • On Udemy all courses and content can be accessed at any time and once you purchase a course, you own it forever. 
  • On Coursera, many courses have specific start and end dates. Some courses only make their material available when the course is running.

Course Completion Certificates

  • Udemy does not offer accredited certificates, only a certificate of completion upon finishing a course.
  • Coursera offers recognized certificates from an accredited institution. It is structured when it comes to the certification process and even offers degree programs. 

The Verdict On Udemy and Coursera

So there you have a round-up of the similarities and differences between Udemy and Coursera.

In summary:

  • Choose Udemy if you have a specific learning interest or a non-academic hobby, such as yoga or programming, and want to try out the subject. 
  • Select Coursera if are looking for a structured and accredited learning experience that allows some freedom and access content from top universities and instructors that they may otherwise not have access to.
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