Ultiself Review: Can It Help You Build Good Habits

The quest for self-improvement is a deeply ingrained human desire, and the Ultiself app is a cutting-edge tool designed to help individuals unlock their full potential. By offering a unique combination of habit tracking, personalized recommendations, and data-driven insights, Ultiself aims to transform users’ lives by fostering better routines and overall well-being.

In this thorough ultiself review, we will examine the features and capabilities of the Ultiself app, assess its effectiveness in promoting personal growth and self-mastery, and offer a balanced evaluation of its potential to help users achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Ultiself Review

Samuel White

Functionality and Ease of Use
Content Quality and Variety
AI and Personalization
Customer Support and Service
Overall Effectiveness in Habit Building
Value for Money


Ultiself is a dynamic self-improvement app designed to boost productivity and foster healthy habits through AI-backed suggestions and a comprehensive habit library.
While it excels in personalizing routines and enhancing time efficiency, some users have encountered issues with the app’s functionality, interface, and customer support.
The app’s effectiveness in habit formation is notable, but its value is somewhat diminished by additional costs and unmet expectations regarding AI features.
Overall, Ultiself has the potential to be a valuable tool for personal growth, but it’s important to consider its limitations and align it with individual needs and expectations.


What is Ultiself?

Ultiself, a cutting-edge self-improvement app, is the brainchild of renowned neuroscientists, psychologists, and successful entrepreneurs. This user-friendly app is designed to identify and boost your most effective habits, curate tailored routines, and deliver lasting results. Boasting over 150 beneficial habits spanning energy, confidence, mood, fitness, career, personal growth, and focus, Ultiself employs science and AI to create the ultimate routine tailored just for you. It’s like having a personal coach at your fingertips, empowering you to supercharge your productivity, sharpen your focus, and foster unwavering confidence to conquer your goals while keeping stress at bay.

Ultiself Review

How Does Ultiself Work?

Embarking on your Ultiself adventure is a breeze. Simply download the app, create an account, and select the aspects of your life you’d like to enhance.

With a diverse array of over 150+ habits to choose from, Ultiself personalizes your experience by suggesting targeted routines and habits based on your desired areas of improvement. The app takes personalization a step further by providing access to therapists and expert coaches who offer tailored support and guidance.

You can  choose between one-on-one sessions or group sessions to connect with others on similar journeys. Also, you can immerse yourself in the Ultiself community by joining groups or linking up with friends to share progress and draw inspiration from like-minded individuals.

Key Features of Ultiself

1. AI-Powered personal coach: Utilizes artificial intelligence to find habits that impact you the most and helps you build them quickly.

2. Simple 3-step process: Select habits, track daily progress, and let the AI create your optimal routine.

3. Smart Habit Builder: Keeps you motivated through user-friendly tracking, weekly targets, streaks, scoring systems, and stats.

4. Habit impact rating: AI-based system to focus your efforts on habits that matter the most.

5. Push notification reminders: Receive reminders to keep you on track with your habits.

6. Content library: Access to 250+ habit breakdowns to learn about various habits and their benefits.

7. AI Analysis: Discovers how each habit affects you and whether it belongs in your optimal routine.

8. Expert routines: Follow expert-made routines for mood, focus, creativity, and more, with new routines added monthly.

9. Ultiself Premium: Offers additional features such as unlimited habit tracking, in-depth stats, AI-based habit recommendations, premium routines designed by experts, and an intelligent sleep tracker.

How Much Does Ultiself Cost?

Ultiself caters to diverse needs with both free and premium versions. The free version grants access to essential features, including a habit library with video and infographic routines, daily ratings, basic results, habit tracker, and habit effectiveness breakdowns.

To unlock your full potential, consider upgrading to Ultiself Premium at a limited-time offer of $19. This premium version unveils a wealth of advanced features such as a sleep optimizer, personalized optimal routine, effective habits and biohacks, virtual coach, weekly cash prizes, premium routines, key stats and insights, AI results breakdown, and more.

Ultiself Review: Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Ultiself App

Ultiself App has received a mix of positive and negative reviews from its users. In an effort to provide a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the app, I chose to gather feedback from over 100 users across Google Play and the App Store.

By analyzing these reviews, I can provide you with a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of the app, helping you make an informed decision about whether it is the right fit for you.

Pros of Ultiself App

  • Boosts productivity: Many users report increased productivity and a decrease in procrastination due to the AI-backed habit suggestions.
  • Helps build healthy habits: Users have successfully established and maintained positive daily habits, leading to overall improvements in their lives.
  • Time efficiency: The app has helped users become more efficient with their time, allowing them to tackle and complete larger projects.
  • Habit library: Users appreciate the extensive library of habits and the detailed information provided for each habit.
  • Intuitive groupings and suggestions: The app’s habit categorization and suggestions are praised for their helpfulness and ease of use.
  • Educational courses: Some users recommend the app’s courses for setting up habits and achieving success.

Cons of Ultiself App

  • Difficulty with refunds and cancellations: Users have reported challenges in obtaining refunds or canceling their subscriptions, with some experiencing unresponsive customer support.
  • Limited functionality: Some users find the app to be nothing more than a glorified checklist and question its value compared to free alternatives.
  • Additional costs: Some users are frustrated by the need to pay extra for unlocking more features after already purchasing a premium version.
  • Interface issues: Users have reported difficulties with habit tracking due to the app’s interface, such as problems clicking circles and removing unwanted habits.
  • AI and gamification not as advertised: Some users feel that the app does not deliver on its promises of AI and gamification, leading to disappointment.

Ultiself Review Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Ultiself app offers a unique blend of habit tracking, AI-driven suggestions, and personalized coaching to help individuals achieve their self-improvement goals.

While many users have found success in boosting their productivity and building healthy habits, others have encountered challenges with the app’s functionality, interface, and customer support. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider the available features, pricing, and user experiences before deciding if Ultiself is the right tool for your personal growth journey.

Ultimately, the app has the potential to be a valuable asset in fostering better routines and overall well-being, but it is essential to evaluate if it aligns with your needs and expectations.

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