17 Apps Like Instacart for Convenient Grocery Delivery

In the digital age, convenience is at the forefront of many innovations, and the grocery delivery industry is no exception. Instacart has been a leader in this field, bringing fresh groceries and everyday essentials to customers’ doorsteps. But as the demand for such services continues to grow, so does the number of apps that offer similar services. This rise in competition fosters diversity, bringing various unique features and options for consumers to choose from.

If you love the convenience that Instacart provides but are curious to know what else is out there, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will guide you through 17 remarkable apps like Instacart. Each offering distinct features and services, these apps cater to different needs and preferences, making grocery shopping a breeze.

Apps Like Instacart

Explore 17 Top-Tier Apps Like Instacart for Streamlined Shopping

1. Shipt

Owned by Target Corporation, Shipt offers delivery from various local stores in as little as an hour. Like Instacart, you can use the app to place orders from your favorite grocery store, and a personal shopper will pick and deliver your items. One difference between Shipt and Instacart is that Shipt requires a membership to use its service.

Main Features:

  • Offers same-day delivery.
  • Available in over 260 cities in the U.S.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.
  • Offers a subscription service at $99 per year.

2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery and pickup service available to Amazon Prime members. It’s similar to Instacart in that you can order from local stores, but it also provides access to Amazon’s vast inventory. However, it’s only available in select cities, and you must be an Amazon Prime member to use it.

Main Features:

  • Part of the Amazon Prime membership.
  • Offers a wide range of products beyond groceries.
  • Same-day and next-day delivery options available.
  • Integrated with Alexa for voice shopping.

3. Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery is the dedicated service for online grocery shopping from Walmart. While it doesn’t have personal shoppers like Instacart, the ordering process is straightforward, and it’s available in more areas, given Walmart’s extensive network of stores.

Main Features:

  • Offers pickup and delivery options.
  • No subscription or membership fees required.
  • Access to Walmart’s low prices and wide product range.
  • Offers both an Android and iOS app.
Walmart Grocery

4. Postmates

Postmates is known for its food delivery service, but it also offers delivery from grocery stores. Unlike Instacart, it provides a more comprehensive range of services, including food delivery from restaurants and pickup of purchases from stores. However, grocery selection may be limited compared to dedicated grocery services.

Main Features:

  • Delivers food, groceries, and alcohol.
  • Available 24/7 in many cities.
  • Offers a subscription service, Postmates Unlimited, for free deliveries.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

5. GoPuff

GoPuff is a unique player in the on-demand delivery business. Unlike Instacart and many other grocery delivery options that source items from various stores, GoPuff maintains its inventory in warehouses. This setup allows for quicker delivery as there are no store visits. GoPuff purchases directly from suppliers and operates hundreds of facilities, delivering to over 1,000 cities. Its subscription service, Gopuff Fam, costs $5.95 monthly, offering free shipping on all orders.

Main Features:

  • In-house inventory for faster delivery.
  • Wide-ranging products including snacks, makeup, alcohol, and household items.
  • Subscription service, Gopuff Fam, unlocks free shipping.
  • Available in over 1,000 cities.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

6. FreshDirect

FreshDirect specializes in delivering fresh food, which sets it apart from Instacart. It sources directly from farmers, fishermen, and artisans, which ensures quality. However, FreshDirect’s delivery area is more limited compared to Instacart’s.

Main Features:

  • Specializes in fresh food, including produce, meat, and seafood.
  • Offers next-day delivery.
  • Available in select cities in the Northeast U.S.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

7. Peapod

Peapod, owned by Ahold Delhaize, is one of the oldest online grocery delivery services. It’s similar to Instacart in that it offers a wide range of groceries for delivery. However, it’s only available in selected areas on the East Coast of the U.S.

Main Features:

  • Offers pickup and delivery options.
  • Features weekly specials and discounts.
  • Available in select cities on the East Coast of the U.S.
  • Has only Android app.

8. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit offers a broader range of services beyond grocery shopping. As a Tasker, you can run errands, fix things in a person’s home, and much more. Pay varies based on the type of work, with all payments managed through TaskRabbit. Unlike Instacart, TaskRabbit covers a wider scope of tasks, which aren’t limited to grocery shopping.

Main Features:

  • Offers a wide range of services beyond grocery shopping.
  • Allows Taskers to set their rates.
  • Manages all payments, no cash exchanges.
  • Available in many cities.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

9. Cornershop

Cornershop is an app that allows you to order groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep in as little as one hour. It also offers a pickup option from partner stores. Like Instacart, Cornershop provides convenience, but its services extend beyond the U.S., including Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Main Features:

  • Fast delivery, as quick as one hour.
  • Pickup option available from partner stores.
  • Available in various countries.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

10. Safeway

Safeway offers its own grocery delivery service in select areas. Like Instacart, it offers a wide range of products, but availability is limited to areas where Safeway stores are present.

Main Features:

  • Offers same-day delivery in some areas.
  • Features weekly deals and a Just for U rewards program.
  • Available in areas with Safeway stores.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.
Safeway Delivery & Pick Up

11. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a well-known food delivery service that lets you order food from a variety of restaurants. It offers a broader selection of restaurants and faster delivery times than Instacart, primarily focusing on restaurant food rather than groceries.

Main Features:

  • Wide variety of restaurants to choose from.
  • Fast delivery times.
  • Available in many major cities.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.
Uber Eats

12. GrubHub

GrubHub is a food delivery app that allows you to order from local restaurants. Unlike Instacart, it doesn’t focus on grocery delivery but offers a vast selection of cuisines, including hard-to-find ones. GrubHub also permits alcohol orders with food.

Main Features:

  • Wide variety of restaurants and cuisines.
  • Alcohol order option available.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

13. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a UK-based food delivery app that operates in multiple countries. It offers both standard and express delivery options. Unlike Instacart, Deliveroo focuses on quality control, partnering only with restaurants that meet its strict criteria.

Main Features:

  • Quality control for food and hygiene.
  • Standard and express delivery options.
  • Available in multiple countries.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

14. Target Same Day Delivery

Target offers same-day delivery of groceries, essentials, and more through its acquisition of Shipt. It’s similar to Instacart but is limited to products available at Target.

Main Features:

  • Offers same-day delivery.
  • Access to a wide range of Target products.
  • No membership required for same-day delivery, but fees apply.
  • Integrated with the Target app on Android and iOS.
Target Same Day Delivery

15. Dumpling

Dumpling offers a personal shopper service for groceries and everyday essentials. Similar to Instacart, it allows its users to connect with personal shoppers. Dumpling’s full-service shoppers can work according to their preferred schedules and earn up to $32 per order.

Main Features:

  • Personal shopper service for groceries.
  • Shoppers can set their availability and preferred stores.
  • Earnings of up to $32 per order.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

16. Waitr

Waitr collaborates with local restaurants to deliver meals to customers. Delivery drivers must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours a week, earning between $13-$17 per hour. Unlike Instacart, Waitr focuses on restaurant meals rather than groceries.

Main Features:

  • Collaborates with local restaurants.
  • Delivery drivers can earn between $13-$17 per hour.
  • Requires a minimum of 20 work hours per week for delivery drivers.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.

17. Boxed

Boxed focuses on delivering bulk-sized packages, making it a good option for large households or businesses. It’s different from Instacart in that it doesn’t offer fresh groceries, but its bulk delivery service can be handy for stocking up on non-perishable items.

Main Features:

  • Specializes in bulk-sized packages.
  • Offers free shipping on the first order and on orders over $49.
  • Available nationwide in the U.S.
  • Has both an Android and iOS app.


As we’ve journeyed through the digital grocery landscape, it’s clear that there are numerous alternatives to Instacart, each offering unique features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for an app that focuses on speed like GoPuff, a wide range of services like TaskRabbit, international availability like Cornershop, or restaurant delivery like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Waitr, there’s an app tailored for your needs.

Technology has made it possible for us to have the supermarket at our fingertips, and these 16 apps like Instacart have taken full advantage of this. While Instacart remains a formidable player in the grocery delivery scene, exploring these alternatives can open up new avenues of convenience and efficiency in your shopping experience. Remember, the best app for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs, preferences, and location. Happy shopping!

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