14 Apps like Wizz to Make New Friends Quickly

Wizz is one of the best apps to make new friends. However, this app is only available on iPhone. If you are an Android user or even iPhone users who wants to make more new friends, you must be interested in apps like Wizz.

In this post, we present the best apps like Wizz to make friends on Android and iPhone. With these Wizz alternatives, you can meet people from your city, from your country or even talk to people all over the world.

Let’s go.

Apps like Wizz

14 Wizz Alternatives to Make New Friends

1. Wink

Wink is one of the saftest apps to make teenage friends, because it has security systems which protect your personal information.

This app is perfect for building friendships with the same interests. Its mechanism is similar to a game: for each activity you do, you will earn gems to send a new request. Swipe among the registered users and choose the one that most appeals to you to start a new friendship. You can send text, images, gifs and audios to your friends.

And how to meet people near you? Using the filters to find people based on their location.


2. Yubo

Yubo is another app that allows you to make friends with people who have the same interests as you. Also, you can find friends who are close to you since it has a GPS to know how many people who look like you are nearby.

In addition, it does not matter in which country you are, since within the app you can do video chat with up to 9 people. Therefore, you will always have your friends close.

There are already almost 20 million people who have joined Yubo and you can Swipe and send them a direct message now!


3. Swipr

Swipr is an app to make friends and meet people with the same tastes as you. You can make friends on Swipr by entering a profile, clicking on the “Like” button and sending a message in the chat room. As an addition, it allows you to connect with other social networks and with your list of Snapchat friends.

Swipr is also one of the best apps to make friends around the world due to its security system. Inappropriate images and negative comments are prohibited as it fosters respect and positive relationships.


4. Hoop

If you’re a teenager and you’re looking for apps to make friends at your own age, try Hoop. This app allows you to connect your Snapchat account to meet new people from Snapchat. All you need to do is to swipe through the profile you like and ask for their Snapchat username, add them on Snapchat and get a notification when they accept your request.


5. Ablo

Ablo is a spectacular app to meet people. It is unique and hilarious, because you can meet people while you are traveling around the world. In this way you will always have a local friend who can show you the hidden treasures of the places you visit. Also, meeting new people in new places always makes the experience much more meaningful. In addition, if you dare, you can go live and show off your talent to attract more attentions and make more friends.


6. Spotafriend

Spotafriend is an excellent app dedicated to teenagers from 13 to 19 years old to meet new friends. With this app, you can wipe pictures of other teenagers around you, and swipe right to become friends. If you both accept, you get a match and can start chatting privately.

With more than 2 million teenagers, you are sure to chat & meet with your next best friend!


7. Purp

Purp is another app that allows you to swipe right to send a friend request. You’ll get notified when your request is accepted. Then, you can chat with each other.

However, please note that you need gems to send swipes on Purp. Here are 3 ways you can earn gems:

– share Purp with your friends

– check-in every day

– make new friends on Purp!


8.  LMK

LMK is a social app to make new friends in a variety of ways! 

Instead of just the standard DM-style messaging seen in most apps, LMK has a variety of ways to connect with people, like voice chats for example. You can instantly call or chat with folks (whether 1-on-1 or in a group) who have the same interests as you

Since LMK is all about talking, you should not be too shy to start a conversation.


9.  IRL‎

IRL is the place for Social Messaging! Follow your friends, join groups you relate to, and chat!

With it, you can follow all your friends on IRL! Chat with them and see the events they are interested in. Use it to discover what you might have missed and plan something to do!

In addition, you can create groups around your interests and discover people that have the same interests as you. Make new friends, or get closer with someone you know already. Groups can be public or private, you decide who joins.


10.  Patook

Meeting people based on things you have in common is the best way to go.

Patook prides itself on being the Tinder of friendship apps. The main difference is, of course, that people come to Patook to make friends rather than seek romantic relationships.

Patook uses a potential friend scoring system based on interests and values. We recommend that you give this app a try and use it to meet potential friends in your area.


11. Paltalk

If you want an app that is not for flirting but only for making friends, Paltalk may be the one of best options for you. This app has the features of karaoke and video chat so that the interaction with other people is more dynamic and entertaining.

You can participate in both public chats and private conversations. It also allows you to customize your profile, send and receive virtual gifts, and access unlimited high-quality videos.



UNBLND is a social network that connects strangers worldwide through group chats. It makes you get in touch with like-minded people based on your interests and hobbies. Thanks to this app, you can get to know real people, unmasking (unblinding) their profiles.

Are you thinking about what makes this app different from others? First of all, your profile photo is not visible. You are anonymous. So you get to make friends based on your interests and preferences. With the UNBLND app, pretty photos, popularity and likes are useless. The only thing that matters is that it’s you. Secondly, you can’t search for users or groups by yourself, the sophisticated algorithm automatically suggests new groups based on your interests.


13. Vingle

This community-based app matches you with people with whom you share interests. As soon as you create your account, you can search for people according to your interests in the search section. You can follow people who like the same thing as you. Another feature of the app is that you can create your own communities if you want to be more specific about your interests.


14. Couchsurfing

It is very likely that you have already heard of Couchsurfing, and although it is known as a travel app, it also helps you meet people. Their main goal is to unite different people, travel and meet some very cool (and local) people. It was founded more than 15 years ago and since then it has more than 14 million users in more than 200,000 cities around the world.

Couchsurfing connects travelers with those who are willing to share their home, making the trip a true social experience.



As we can see, meeting new people every day is possible thanks to these apps like Wizz. You can download these apps similar to Wizz to make more and more friends on your Android phone or iPhone. Hopefully you’ll be always having someone to count on and also someone to listen to.

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