Ashley Madison Reviews-Is Ashley Madison a Scam

Today we are going to review the notorious affair app – Ashley Madison. If you’ve heard of Ashley Madison, you probably know it as an affair app. However, the app has definitely come a long way from being mostly for affairs to become a great place for a host of all different types of consensual non-affair relationships like non-monogamous couples who are just looking to have a discreet sex life.

Want to know if Ashley Madison is worth it? Here’s an in-depth Ashley Madison review which includes everything you need to know about Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Reviews


User Base and Demographics
Privacy and Security
User Interface and Experience
Cost and Subscription Model
Effectiveness for Casual Dating
Customer Support


Ashley Madison is a well-known dating platform catering to individuals seeking extramarital affairs and casual encounters. With a large and diverse user base, it effectively fulfills its niche in the dating app market. The app’s interface is intuitive, offering various features for discreet interaction.
While it’s free for women, the credit system for male users can be expensive. Despite significant improvements in security post the 2015 data breach, privacy concerns remain.
Ashley Madison is a suitable choice for those seeking non-committal relationships, but users should be mindful of potential costs and privacy implications.

Ashley Madison Reviews

What is Ashley Madison?

“Life’s short. Have an affair.” – This is the Ashley Madison slogan.

Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating platform launched back in 2001. It is known as a quick hookup app for people who are married or otherwise engaged in another relationship. While the majority of the members on this hookup site are married individuals looking for discreet affairs, there are also tons of separated or recently divorced people looking for casual, non-serious relationships.

In 2022, Ashely Madison hit more than 75 million members.

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

Using Ashley Madison is pretty straightforward. You’ll first need to create an account.

Ashley Madison registration is quick and free of charge. You only need to provide the basics: age, marital status, height, weight, and a short bio if you want. Though a photo is not required, it’s a good idea to upload one if you’re serious about meeting someone on this app. Also, you are required to provide an email address. However, for advanced security, Ashley Madison recommends signing up with a different email address from your main one.

Then, you’re free to browse profiles to find someone to hook up with.

Next, how to use Ashley Madison to find a quality hookup?

First, you can browse profiles and look around the app with the Basic account.

Then, depending on your preferences, you can search users and see which users are ready to interact in your area. You have the usual filters that allow you to whittle down your search based on location, age, and when certain members have come online. 

If you find someone is attractive and if you’re a woman, you can send chats, open chats, initiate conversations, and more. However, if you are a man, you can send only one free message upon registration. If you want to continue the conversation after the first message, you’ll have to buy credits.

There are also some useful features that might be helpful for you to find a quality hookup quicker:

  • Travelling Man: If you travel a lot, you can send messages to 30 females who live in the area you’re visiting, ready for your arrival.
  • Priority Man: This paid feature makes your profile stand out to other members.
  • Discreet Photo: Some people don’t like showing their real identity, and it is understandable. Then, you have an option to upload a discreet photo of yours.
  • Wink: If you are sending a wink to someone, it means that you are telling that you are interested.
Ashley Madison

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

Yes, Ashley Madison is legit.

Ashley Madison is a dating app that does not break any regulations, laws, or promote sex work. This online dating app allows singles and married people to meet the person they’ve always wanted to date and enjoy discreet dating. The company just provides them with all the tools they need to meet someone—the rest is up to users. Suspicious accounts, as well as the accounts of sex workers will be suspended.

Is Ashley Madison Safe?

In 2015, Ashley Madison had a security breach, which you may have heard about. The database of the website was hacked which leads to 37 million users’ information got out into the public.

However, just like any other company that gets hacked, Ashley Madison tried their best to fix the problem. Security features like two-factor authentication, anonymous billing, and strong data encryption mean your personal details are safe, allowing you to flirt away without any worries in the world. Over the past few years, they’ve made significant progress and regained their reputation.

How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost

Ashley Madison is completely free for women to get all the site’s and app’s features. However, if you’re a man trying your luck on the platform, you’ll need to purchase credits to initiate and respond to messages.

Buying credits is fairly straightforward as Ashley Madison sells them in three bulk packages:

Elite – 25 cents per credit. You buy 1,000 credits for $249.00

Classic – 30 cents per credit. Purchase 500 credits for $149.00

Basic – 49 cents per credit. Get 100 credits for $49.00

Once you purchase credits, Ashley Madison will prompt you to sign up for a Member Initiated Contact Fee. This allows you to view and respond to messages sent to you by other members for free.

MIC is free for the first month and costs $29.99 per month after that. It is optional and you can choose to use credits to respond to these messages instead. 

The good news is that Ashley Madison promises that if you don’t find a match within the first three months of signing up, you will get a refund.

Ashley Madison Review: Pros and Cons


  • Large member pool
  • Free for women seeking men
  • Allows you to select partners based on marital status
  • There are numerous features for interacting and communicating
  • It’s great for browsing anonymously and keeping your details hidden.


  • There are scammers on Ashley Madison
  • Credit system can be costly
  • Slow customer support
  • Data breach occurred in 2015. It has since been resolved, but users are understandably wary

Ashley Madison Review: Is Ashley Madison Worth It?

Is Ashley Madison worth it? Well, if you’re looking for an extramarital affair, then yes! Ashley Madison is also a great place for recent divorcees and singles to try their luck with short-term flings.

If you are a woman, then Ashley Madison is really worth it to hookup, because it is totally free for women. However, if you are a man, Ashley Madison is expensive to use, so be prepared for that.

Happy hunting!

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