Top 10 Red Eye Removal Apps for Android and iOS

You pose, a flash and a click… and instead of an ideal portrait, you have a photo marred by red eye. When taking photos, avoiding this is somewhat difficult. But you can easily remove red eye from photos in post-production. And don’t worry, you won’t have to use complicated and expensive programs like Photoshop. Do it with free red eye remover apps!

There is a long list of red eye removal apps available in the market. If you don’t have enough time to compare them, you can get a little help here. We’ve looked at dozens of apps and found the top 10 red eye removal apps to try.

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Red Eye Removal Apps

Part 1: What Causes Red Eye in Photos?

The red-eye effect is common in photography. When you use the photo flash on the camera lens very closely in low light, you can see that there are red dots in the eyes of humans and animals. Flashlights happen too fast for a pupil to close. Light reflects off the fundus at the back of the eyeball and exits through the pupil. Red eyes in photos are strange, which will add magical feelings, just like vampires.

There are several methods to prevent the appearance of red-eye effects during shooting. You should take photos without a flash to reduce red-eye, or you can use the off-camera flashlight to take photos.

If you have taken a photo marred by rea eye, you can download red eye remover app on smartphones or you can also use online red eye correctors.

Part 2: The Best Red Eye Remover Apps

1. Picsart

With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, PicsArt should be on the list of the best free red eye removal apps. This easy photo and video editor has everything you need to enhance photos, even get rid of vampire eyes.

You can try cool filters and unique photo effects, erase backgrounds and crop photos, or remove objects. It also allows you to create stickers from your photo collections or create a beautiful collage for the adorable Instagram feed.

Do you want to get a stunning makeover? PicsArt has a Beautify feature that comes with tools for changing hair color, putting on makeup, and much more.


2. Facelab

Facelab is a red eye remover that offers all the features to retouch your selfies. It allows you to remove red eye, eye makeup, and even enhance colors within taps.

  • Integrate dedicated red-eye removal function to remove red-eye.
  • Eye retouching in your selfies includes eye makeup with advanced filters.
  • Automatic portrait retouching on your photos based on metadata.
  • Extensive facial makeup tools to remove blemishes, smooth skin, etc.
  • Easily detect all faces in a photo and batch retouch them.

3. Cymera

Cymera has been designed for instant photo retouching. By the way, due to its facial recognition features, photos can be edited automatically. You only need to tap once to remove red-eye from a photo. If you’re not happy with a result (which is unlikely), you can also tweak everything manually.

Other than this, Cymera is an all-in-one beauty camera. This app provides you with access to thousands of virtual makeup items. Also, you can make a person in a photo slimmer and whiten, smooth skin, change hair color, make a person in a photo smile, etc.

One more advantage here is that the app includes more than 130 photo filters and effects to apply. Additionally, a user can also use them live while taking a photo using the app’s camera.

Finally, if you like collages, you will definitely like the app’s ability to combine photos into different types of grids. This app supports adding up to 9 photos to collage templates.

After editing a photo, you can save it to your device or share it directly from the app on your favorite social networks and messengers.


4. YouCam Makeup

Another red eye remover app is called YouCam Makeup. Being one of the best photo retouching apps, it will definitely solve your problem as well.

As the app can correct all the flaws related to the face and body, it will also remove the red eye without difficulty. Simply open the “Eyes” section and make adjustments. After that, if you want, you can also retouch your skin, teeth, smile, and even reshape your face, change your hair color, or change your hairstyle.

The real pride of this app is tons of makeup items that can be applied to any uploaded photo. The collection includes various types of foundations, concealers, highlighters, and products for lips, cheeks, eyelashes, and brows. Alternatively, open the app’s camera and see the applied makeovers live. After that, take a selfie with perfect makeup.

YouCam Makeup

5. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is the next app worth including in our list. Just like other apps, it will be very effective in removing red-eye from a photo.

After installing the app, you will be provided with 50+ powerful photo editing tools. Red eye remover will be among them. So, feel free to use any of the tools to beautify your photo, smooth your skin, increase your height, lose weight, remove acne, enlarge eyes, whiten teeth, apply makeup, etc. Speaking of removing, the app is also capable of removing unwanted objects from a photo.

Thanks to the app’s artificial intelligence and facial recognition system, the result will surely surprise you.


6. Pixlr 

Pixl is one more multifunctional app that meets your requirements. Just like the above apps, it works perfectly when it comes to removing red eye.

You will have all the necessary tools at your fingertips to make red eyes in a photo look normal. Apart from this, you will also be able to remove wrinkles and blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, etc. In a word, it serves to remove all defects from a photo.

As usual, the app also contains numerous photo filters and effects. For your convenience, they can be combined into packages or added to the “Favorites” section. At the same time, you can also adjust colors and tones manually.

Additionally, this app also supports creating collages, adding text and stickers to a photo, cropping and rotating it before saving or sharing on social media.


7. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo editing apps for Android and iOS devices. In addition to enhancing your face, it can help you remove red eye in a short time.

This photo editor and collage maker app can edit your photos in the best way. Upload a file from your device or cloud storage and seamlessly edit it to remove red eye.

Photoshop Express

8.  Lensa

Lensa highlights the eye correcting function that helps eliminate vampire eyes. Once the red eyes are removed, you can adjust the eyes to your preference.

  • Get rid of the eye bags with a single slide;
  • Emphasize on your eyes by adding contrast to them;
  • Thicken your eyebrows by moving the slider to the necessary point.

9. Visage Lab 

It is one of the best free red-eye remover apps available, with which you can perform photo retouching in just a few steps.

It not only completely eliminates red eye in a photo, but you can also smooth the texture of the skin, correct excess shine, and even whiten teeth. The entire retouching process is automated, detecting red eyes by scanning and correcting them immediately.

Among the options that Visage Lab offers, it is possible to compare the photo before and after. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can share it through social networks.

Visage Lab

10. Eye Colour Changer

If modifying the eyes in the photo is your biggest concern, you can opt for Eye Color Changer. Thi app can change your eye color with ease. Removing red eye from images is also easy and hassle-free. With just a few taps, you can make changes to your eye.

There are multiple features that you can use to change the color of the eyes. For example, you can opt for various eye effects, such as cat eyes, flag eyes, animal eyes, etc.

Eye Colour Changer

Which App Should You Choose?

We have listed the top 10 red eye removal apps for your ease. Among all the photo editing and red eye remover apps mentioned above, which one do you think can work best for your photos? Try any or all of them and compare the results to make sure you’re using the best app.

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