12 Best Workout Apps for Beginners You Must Try

Physical exercise is essential to improve your health and reduce the risks of various diseases.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best workout apps to help you do exercise anywhere. Whether you are looking for apps to follow a weightlifting routine, diet plan, or get started with daily running, you can find the right app in the list below.

By committing to the best workout apps, you can stick with a daily exercise routine and it will help build your confidence.

Let’s explore the apps…

Best Workout Apps

12 Best Fitness and Workout Apps

1. Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout

Who says it takes a long time to complete a full workout? This app offers us the possibility of getting a complete workout in just seven minutes. We don’t need anything else. In addition, there are not a few options that it gives us, since we can find more than 200 exercises, many of them suitable even if we are a beginner.

This app is based on the HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) methodology which they claim has been proven to be the most “safe, effective and efficient” method of improving muscular and aerobic fitness. Basically the sessions are divided into 12 exercises of 30 seconds each, with 10-second breaks between exercises. As you can imagine, they are 7 minutes of quite intense.

If what motivates you is competition, you can challenge yourself and share – and compare – your achievements with those of other friends.

Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout

2. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit is a personal trainer that combines quick routines, health tips and a meal plan with more than 400 recipes. It is not a simple training program to exercise. Rather it focuses on a total change in your lifestyle.

With this personal trainer on your phone, you will find workouts lasting between fifteen and twenty minutes that you can do at home without the need for specific equipment. The biggest advantage that you will find in this app is that, in addition to different routines and exercises, it also offers you interactive sessions. This can make it much easier for you to follow the exercises and make sure you’re doing them right.

Also, based on your food preferences and needs, the app offers you meal plans with delicious and nutritious recipes.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

3. FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

If you want to watch online workout classes at home, you should consider downloading the FitOn app. It is a perfect app if you’re thinking of committing to a long-term goal.

First of all, you need to register in the FitOn app and create a profile of yourself. The profile would include various things, such as your preferred level of intensity for each workout, the types of classes you enjoy the most, your fitness goal, how many sessions you’ll take per week, and how long each session is going to last. There are different styles to choose from such as HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, strength, cardio, barre and many more.

The app also offers personalized classes to meet certain specific needs such as prenatal and low-impact. If you want to focus on your mental health, you can even have a meditation session.

The full app is available for free, but you must purchase a paid subscription if you want to join virtual group classes.

FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

4. Virtuagym Fitness

Getting in shape without going to a gym is easy with Virtuagym. This app assigns you a personal trainer in 3D to create complete routines and reminders, as well as providing detailed instructions on each exercise.

You can set goals ranging from losing weight to gaining muscle mass. And you are not limited by your location or time, as it is available to you at all times. You can do more than 500 exercises at the gym, your home or a hotel. The underlying concept is to exercise wherever you are so you don’t miss your training.

Virtuagym Fitness

5. Workout for Women: Fit at Home

Do you feel that you are not achieving the expected objectives? Try some of the training exercises in this app. Despite being called “Workout for Women”, the reality is that anyone can use the app.

There are routines of a few minutes a day that serve to burn abdominal fat, get slim legs, reduce the waist and get in shape.

Workout for Women

6. Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is part of the lives of many of us, but right now it is not possible for everyone to attend the usual classes. If this is your case, this app is suitable whether you are just starting out or if you have already given some classes and want to continue advancing from your own home. It allows you to choose between three different Yoga practices and has videos that we can follow.

Yoga for Beginners

7. Sworkit Fitness & Workout App

In some cases, what we want is to be able to have different workouts in a single app, without having to accumulate thousands of different apps depending on the activity that we are going to do. This is the case of Sworkit, where you can find cardio exercises, Pilates, Yoga, strength, and much more.

Sworkit focuses on effective and simple training plans that depend on your fitness goal. The app diversifies fitness goals into three categories, where you seek to become slimmer, stronger, or fitter. Users can take 6-week plans to train with beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises. You’ll find training guidance videos for almost every workout.

The great thing about Sworkitw’s workout plans is that no equipment is required and it can be done anywhere. The training varies from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The app also has a section for kids’ workout sessions so you can include your whole family and make exercise a daily routine for everyone.


8. Push ups: 100 pushups trainer

Push ups is an app that will act as a real personal trainer. It will help you count the push-ups you have done, calculate the number of calories you burn exercising, etc. The complete plan consists of 6 levels with different ways of doing the exercise. Practical and fun!

Push ups

9. Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach

Freeletics Training Coach is another interesting workout app to keep fit. This app mixes high-intensity HIIT training with more personalized work through a digital personal trainer.

With this app, you can train wherever and whenever you want regardless of your fitness level. With a system of short workouts, you will achieve your goals and adopt healthy habits.

Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach

10. 30 Day Fitness – Home Workout

As its name suggests, the main differentiating element of 30 Day Fitness is that it offers training routines for 30 days. Within the app, you find various challenges (cardio, buttocks and legs, arms, etc.) and, when you select one, you find a 30-day fitness calendar.

In addition, it is a very simple app. You just have to watch the explanation of each exercise, do all the repetitions and keep track of your progress. Yes, we already know that it is a bit of a long challenge, but it is worth it!

In addition to the monthly plans, it offers a wide catalog of tables with 420 workouts that you can select according to the time you have available, your level and the area you want to exercise.

30 Day Fitness

11. Sweat: Fitness App For Women

Sweat offers a broad suite of challenging, yet achievable programs with workouts you can do anywhere, anytime to progressively build your fitness. You can find a training style you enjoy with easy-to-follow beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts, including hiit (high-intensity interval training), circuit training, bodyweight exercises, power building, strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, recovery, and cardio.

In addition, you will be able to keep track of your training, so you will see your progress and motivate yourself day by day.


12. Total Fitness

With Total Fitness, you will get a complete training guide with more than 100 different exercises with detailed explanatory videos of each one. It offers different guided routines, both to create a training plan in the gym or to do it from home.

Meet various challenges to motivate yourself in training, receive nutrition advice, keep track of your progress through detailed graphs, use the built-in calculator to find out your BMI (body mass index) and much more… Without forgetting that it is totally free.

Total Fitness


Whether you’re at home or at the gym, you can create a daily exercise routine if you stick to it. With the help of the best fitness and workout apps available online, you can start your fitness training journey and conquer all your fitness goals.

So go and get fit!

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