11 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS in 2024

CamScanner is a particularly useful app for being able to scan documents directly from your mobile phone. It is known for fast scanning hard copy so you can keep an electronic copy.

Among all the scanning apps, CamScanner topped the list, until it became known about the malware that targets the user’s smartphone. Then, you might want to use the CamScanner alternative.

There are many scanning apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store, but it becomes a bit difficult to find the right one. Therefore, this article will help you find the best CamScanner alternative.

The following are the 11 best CamScanner alternatives for Android and iOS.

Best CamScanner Alternatives

11 Free CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS

1. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is the first alternative to CamScanner, since it allows you to scan, crop and modify the documents so that they are better presented and more legible when sending them.

It is free, and among its most interesting functions are the possibility of automatically cropping the images taken to documents or whiteboards. In addition, it allows you to export the captures to Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents and includes synchronization with OneNote and OneDrive. Due to the latter, it is undoubtedly the perfect alternative for those who already use Microsoft’s office automation and cloud storage services.

Microsoft Lens

2. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a mobile scanning app available on Google Play and App Store with automatic text recognition (OCR). It is capable of automatically recognizing document texts through the camera. Then, you can export the captured content as PDF documents or images.

Like CamScanner, Adobe Scan can create multi-page documents or photos, scan business cards and receipts, make documents available on the cloud and on your device, and even separate documents and photos. Unlike CamScanner, however, there are no merge options, collaboration features, document passwords, or batch scanning options.

Another way this app differs from CamScanner is that you need to create a free Adobe account before you can start using the app, while CamScanner allows you to use the basic features without an account. But take our word for it, if image quality and clarity are a priority for you, there’s nothing better than Adobe Scan.

3. Google Drive

And if, instead of using the office apps from Microsoft and Adobe, you are immersed in the ecosystem of Google services, you may not even need to download an extra app on your mobile. For some time now, Google Drive already offers the possibility of scanning documents with the device’s camera.

Doing so is very easy: just open the Google Drive app, and click the “Add” button at the bottom right. Now, all you have to do is select the “Scan” option and point the mobile camera at the document you want to scan. Once the image is made, you can crop or rotate the content, change the color, add new pages to the document and, finally, store the scanned file in your Drive.

4. Receipt Lens

If your goal is to scan invoices and make payment reports or keep track of expenses and you use a scanner app for that, then Receipt Lens is for you.

This app will help you manage and digitize all kinds of invoices and expenses. It extracts the content of what it scans on paper and then stores that information in the app itself so that you can manage it when you need it without any type of limitation.

Receipt Lens

5. Clear Scanner

It is another app with which we can scan documents, business cards or whatever we need.

However, the advantages that Clear Scanner provides you go further than others of its kind. One of the most prominent is that batch scanning. And it is that, when you want to scan books, magazines, newspapers and other formats with multiple times, you only have to choose the perfect option and all the photos that you take will be saved in the correct order. In the end, they will be together and organized in PDF format, ready to be exported to your cell phone’s memory and accessed at all times.

6. TapScanner

Another alternative to the CamScanner app is TapScanner. This app allows you to scan, print and manage PDF documents with your smartphone. Just like CamScanner, TapScanner scans documents, receipts, QR, business cards and auto detects edges and allows you to apply different filters for perfection.

The distinctive feature of TapScanner is that it can digitally sign PDF documents that CamScanner did not have.

7. Notebloc Scanner

Notebloc is definitely a strong contender if you want a feature-packed CamScanner alternative.

First of all, you can scan different types of documents and create high-quality scanned images. There is smart edge detection that works well and can be easily compared to CamScanner. It also has support for OCR, batch scanning, document editing, and cloud integration within the app.

However, the best feature of Notebloc is that there is no watermark on the scanned documents, which is just great. Many people have complained about CamScanner’s unreasonably large watermark and Notebloc lends itself to it.

So if you are looking for a CamScanner alternative without the watermark, then Notebloc is a great option for you.

Notebloc Scanner

8. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is another decent alternative to CamScanner. You can scan documents ranging from notes to multiple pages at once. The post-processing process of this app is very fast and I was very surprised to see the level of detail in the scanned documents.

You can share the scanned documents directly via email or cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, etc. Also, you can save the documents to your gallery in JPEG format or export them as PDF files. All in all, Fast Scanner is an excellent scanner app and can be a decent alternative to CamScanner.

9. TurboScan

TurboScan is another decent scanner app that offers a ton of CamScanner features.

First of all, you can scan documents of all kinds, be it printed pages, whiteboards or notes. It has a unique sharpening mode that works wonders for scanned documents. Get clear scanned images that can be exported as PDF, PNG, or JPG. It also has automatic edge detection, multi-page scanning, Dropbox integration, and in-app email integration.

The only omission is that it doesn’t have an OCR feature that can be ported to most people.

In conclusion, you can go for TurboScan if you want a simple document scanning app.

10. SwiftScan

SwiftScan – formerly called Scanbot- is a premium CamScanner alternative that allows you to get professional-quality scans in PDF, JPG and QR codes, which is ideal for business sectors. Adding more pages is a matter of a few swipes too, making SwiftScan one of the most useful apps for scanning lots of documents quickly.

It also allows you to detect the edges of the document, crop it and enhance it like CamScanner does.

11. Tiny Scanner

We complete our list of alternatives to CamScanner with Tiny Scanner, with which you can save everything you scan on your phone as images or PDF files, whichever is more convenient for you.

Tiny Scanner is safe because it protects your documents with a password, a very useful feature if what you scanned is private. Better yet, you can use it not only on mobile phones, but also on tablets.

Tiny Scanner

What Is the Best Alternative to CamScanner?

Now there you have it! These are the best CamScanner alternatives. Google Drive for the casual user, Adobe Scan for the quality enthusiast, Microsoft Office Lens for Office 365 subscribers, and SwiftScan for the CamScanner power user. Based on your requirements, you can choose your desired app from the list.

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