Dlive vs Twitch 2024: The Livestream Gaming Showdown

We once compared Twitch with Mixer. However, Mixer have been shut down. Now we want to introduce more game streaming platforms for our readers and start the topic of “Dlive vs Twitch”.

It goes without saying that Twitch is the gold standard of all available game streaming platforms, but Dlive has its advantages.

Today we are going to compare Twitch and Dlive as game streaming platforms and try to answers the questions of “Why should you choose Dlive but not Twitch” and “Why should you choose Twitch over Dlive”.

Dlive vs Twitch: Popularity Comparison

What is DLive?

DLive, the “world’s first and largest streaming platform on blockchain” launched in 2017 as a way to help people that make content for platforms like YouTube keep more of the earnings from advertisers. The platform is built upon the Lino Network blockchain, uses its own currency system, and doesn’t take a sizable cut of the revenue generated by streamers. DLive even has a mechanism for rewarding viewers, who can earn something called “LINO Points” for engaging with their favorite streamers (88 Lino Points translates roughly to $1.22, according to the company).

Why Should You Stream on Dlive but Not Twitch?

Reason 1: No platform cuts from creators

DLive is built on top of the Lino Network blockchain-based currency system. It doesn’t take a cut of the earnings generated by live-streaming creators through subscriptions or digital “gifts” and it pledges that it never will.

DLive is currently giving streamers 90.1% of all the subscription and gift revenue in the form of Lino Points. To reward the most popular live-streamers, the other 9.9% goes into a pool that rewards people based on their contributions to the network on a daily basis.

However, its competitor – Twitch will keep 50% of channel subscription revenue until you become partnered where you’ll then be able to negotiate a different contract.

Dlive Make Money

Reason 2: Viewers can get rewards, too

Viewers who subscribe to steamers and avidly converse with DLive’s community will gain a little reward in the form of Lock LINO Points every day. Based on their engagement rate, a small sum of the online currency will be redeemable by simply logging in and clicking the yellow “Redeem Now” button in the notification window at the top right of the site.

These points can be immediately gifted to a streamer or transferred to PayPal or into Bitcoin if they want to cash out.

Reason 3: Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the world’s largest YouTuber, has chosen to live stream on Dlive

PewDiePie kicked off his first official DLive stream on Sunday, April 14, 2019, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, at dlive.tv/pewdiepie and the DLive app. If you are the fans of PewDiePie, you have no choice but choosing Dlive. At the time of writing the post, PewDiePie has 827,240 followers on Dlive.

Another notable Dlive account from a famous former Youtuber is that of political commentator Nick Fuentes.

PewDiePie Dlive

Why Should You Choose Twitch Over Dlive?

Reason 1: More people are streaming on Twitch

Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform, more viewers, but also more streamers and more content. As a viewer, you’d like to choose Twitch.

Key Twitch Statistics

  • 3.8 million unique broadcasters over February 2020
  • 1.44 million concurrent viewers on average, as of March 2020
  • 41,100 Twitch Partners, as of March 2020
  • Twitch users watch 95 minutes per day on average

Reason 2: Better monetization options overall

Twitch is a lucrative platform for influential and entertaining gamers. Streamers make money on Twitch through several avenues. Some of the best ways to make money streaming on Twitch include:

  • Twitch Subscriptions
  • Bits (Twitch’s premium emoticons)
  • Donations
  • Video Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Links
  • Selling Merchandise

Reason 3: Community

Twitch excels at building community not only between streamer to viewers, but from streamer to streamer.

Dlive vs Twitch: The Verdict

  • For a new streamer, neither Dlive or Twitch will be a quick way to build large audience and neither of them will be a quick way to make money.
  • For an influential streamer, Twitch would be better choice as there are more viewers and more ways to earn money.
  • As viewers, we can follow the streamers we like on each platform. There is no lose for us!

Both Dlive and Twitch have their benefits and downsides, just select the platform right for you!

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