Learning is Easy: Educational Apps and Websites for College Students

With technological evolution, students no longer need to have lots of books and other related resources for learning. The technology has made it possible for the students to carry out different experiments online, research, and edit their work easily.

As a result, learning has become easier than before as long as you take the necessary action. There is a huge selection of apps and websites that the students can choose from for additional learning. Here are the different educational apps and websites for college students.

Educational Apps and Websites for College Students

5 Must-Have Study Apps for College Students

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the websites that will let you explore and master new skills online. It’s one of the best websites that offer quality IT classes. The topics are logically arranged, and you can easily monitor how your study progresses through your account. 

Udemy covers a lot of fields of specializations, with different topics being taught by experienced professionals. Once you select a course and add it to your cart, you will be prompted to pay to access the learning resources inside. You can watch the previews provided to have a feel of how it is to use resources for learning. 

2. EduBirdie

With so many apps and websites that offer assistance to the students, it can be challenging to determine the appropriate platform that can be used for effective learning. EduBirdie is a perfect example of the best sites that students can use to complete their writing assignments.

It’s an academic platform where students can work with a range of professional writers to help with their writing assignments. Writing often requires a lot of planning, and it takes time to write and reread your work to make sure that you meet the requirements stated in the assignment. If you are looking for help with research paper, you can contact EduBirdie for paper writing or research paper, depending on how comfortable you are with the assignment. In addition, there are diverse forms of writing that are available and understanding all of them effectively seems to be a tremendous challenge for most college students.

Educational Apps and Websites for College Students

3. Upwork

Working with quality professionals feels safer than doing complex work alone. Upwork has one of the best professionals in almost all fields of specializations that are available on order. There are different categories under which you will find a professional who will help with your assignments.

You can let the professionals at Upwork do the work for you if you are too busy with other necessary things. This will provide high flexibility, but it will also ensure that you get maximum time to deal with all other types of assignments. In Upwork, you will access ghostwriting services or content writing experts for different projects that the students have created over time.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit website whose mission is to provide free, world-class education to everyone on the planet. Taking additional courses at the Khan Academy helps the students to learn with ease as they will be able to revise from well-organized tutorials. This website offers personalized learning – students practice at their own pace. The students can then fill in the gaps in their understanding and enhance their learning experience.

Experts create the contents from the Khan Academy according to the regulations. It’s tough to see content that doesn’t meet the requirements or is less researched to the extent that it cannot solve the student’s needs. Most of the lessons covered include math, science and other related disciplines.

5. Grammarly

For effective learning, college students should ensure that they have a good command of the language they are using. Grammarly is one of the best educational apps for college students that can make learning easy. It’s mainly used for correcting spelling and grammar everywhere you are typing on the web browser. Most students love it because it’s more advanced than a simple spell checker.

In most cases, it will indicate the words that you have messed with the spellings and suggest a better world for replacement. It also modifies the structure of the sentences you have used to ensure that fluffy content is accurately eliminated from your work. Every instructor loves quality work.


Learning has become remarkably simple with various websites and other educational apps. That’s because the students can seek help with their writing and other related services on the planet. The above apps and websites are great and an ideal source of revision materials for the students to use in their assignments and revision purposes. 

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